posted on: Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birchbox. Birchbox. Birchbox. If you say it enough times it turns into a jumbled mess that sounds faintly like bird box, try it you'll see. Anyway, for those of you who have lives and don't tinker around on social media or blogs all day long Birchbox has kind of made a name for itself around blog-sphere  The basic concept is that you can pay for a box of free samples to be delivered to your home each month (ingenious, right). Sometimes the boxes are themed such as this month which focused on well-being, hence the raw vegan macaroons #yikes. 

After my hair fiasco and the barrage of unsuccessful attempts at finding the perfect shampoo, gambling on samples each month just seemed like the obvious choice. This past week I received my  first box. Honestly, my expectations weren't very high. I was paying ten dollars for a box of samples and the likelihood of getting products that would cater specifically to my needs and wants seemed low. Nevertheless, I have been pleasantly surprised, the nail polish from Ruby Wing dried in less than a minute (seriously cool) and the hair serum from Nexxus obviously caught my eye, and while I haven't seen a complete transformation I'm optimistic. 

And honestly, what girl doesn't enjoy getting a box in the mail each month chuck-full of surprise goodies? I mean that right there is totally worth paying ten dollars. Want to sign up and try it for yourself? Go here, you won't be disappointed!

*note: this is not a sponsored post I'm just a girl as frustrated as the rest of you with paying full price for products that end up not working. #aakkk 


  1. I love getting my birchbox each month to. That nail polish is so pretty. I host a birchbox link party, so people can see what others got. If you want, you can link your box up here:

  2. Love mine, Just got it last week for the first time and it is the BEST!!!

  3. I haven't signed up yet...still holding out!!


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