Eleven Months

posted on: Monday, April 22, 2013

You turned eleven-months-old last Thursday. We were out of town and away from our everyday routine--of which you made me pay for dearly. You really are a great baby, but holy cow, you become a force to be reckoned with when your schedule is changed. And after spending six exhausting hours at the car dealership on Friday night you really hit the ball home by taking three itty bitty steps all by yourself. Naturally, you were less concerned with walking and more intrigued with the toy Brecken had stolen from you earlier. Nevertheless, three steps and I'll take it! Of course you wouldn't repeat the walking for your Dad, and yes, I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures, but we're making progress I (dare) say!

And as if my little baby girl is slipping through my fingertips, three more teeth joined the party! Now it's all sippy cups and eating by yourself which really makes me crave (and cherish) those moments where you still need (and like) me to feed you. Your Dad cautiously suggested I wean you by your birthday. Quite frankly, I think we both enjoy our little moments together too much to call it quits. yes? 

Oh Addy, you really are the apple-of-my-eye. It's the simple things like your tousled bed head each morning and your dainty little fingers that play with my face that make me smile. One more month down baby girl, can you believe it?!

Love, Mom


  1. That red hair is to die for! She's absolutely precious.

  2. Can't believe she's almost a year old...sheesh, the time flies!


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