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posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One//I'm sure you've already seen the newest beauty campaign video released by Dove. But if you haven't please watch it. John will attest to the fact that I am not a crier, really, it takes a lot for me to shed tears. Prepare yourself for a tear-jerker with this video however. Whenever I watch this video I become a blubbering basket case. 

Two//One of my favorite shops is having a 50% off sale. And they are discontinuing some of my all time fave t-shirts. Run fast and get one or two or three...

Three//It may still be snowing here but we brought out the kick/balance bike. This weather will not stop us from "imagining" that it is Spring (and bike weather). And so far Brecken is loving his "new" bike (I prematurely got it for his second birthday). He is still learning how to balance, but his speed is kind of getting scary (yikes). The frame is metal (crash-proof), there is a foot rest for balancing, and an adjustable seat (great for my short stack). It really is an amazing bike, find it here.

See you tomorrow!


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