posted on: Monday, April 15, 2013

What a day, I puttered around the house as usual--cleaning, feeding, tending to the kids oblivious to the outside world. It wasn't until John returned home from work that I learned about the awful news in Boston.  My sweet cousin and her husband were at the marathon when it happened. Luckily they're both safe. The whole event has left me a bit anxious, perhaps it's motherhood and the carnal nature to protect my children or any child for that matter I suppose. I guess in some respects it's also due to the day-in-day-out news of bad things happening to good people. Simply, it makes my heart hurt so much.  


Earlier tonight I was looking through pictures from weekend and I came upon this beauties. Even though there is still snow on the ground (say what?!) the ice has finally melted off the lake making it adequate boating weather. I've often referred to John's little boat as a death trap seeing as it only fits five and if it hits a three inch wave it's bound to sink. All joking aside it has served as a great escape for our little family. Brecken loves to sit with gleeful eyes all the while laughing as the wind blows across his face. Now that his life jacket fits a bit more snug and he has mastered the art of sea legs he can usually be found navigating with ease around the boat. This was Addy's first time out on the boat and she was beside herself with excitement when the boat would skim across the water, jostling her little body back-and-forth. I guess it was a win-win afternoon for us as parents. 

Hip-hip-hooray for more boating excursions and if we're lucky the arrival of Spring. #wishfulthinking

that's all. 


  1. Ooooooh Spring...wishful thinking indeed. We just got another 7 inches last weekend :(


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