This Bug.

posted on: Thursday, April 11, 2013

The last three weeks or so have been one for the books. We got a bug, it went away, then morphed into a different bug, and somehow it disappeared just in the nick-of-time for us to enjoy the warm weather for a few days. But Karma decided justice was necessary so it came back for a third time to give a whooper-of-a-finale (we must be just that fun to be around I guess). So we slept a lot. Ate lots of chicken noodle soup. Caught on all our favorite television shows. And I even attempted to clean the house one particularly grey afternoon, which resorted to no real cleaning and lots of hot cocoa drinking. 

I am happy to report we are now on the mend (crossing my fingers). Bed sheets have been thoroughly sanitized, showers and baths have been had by all, and my head feels about twenty pounds lighter. While I loved the extra cuddle sessions, and the endless supply of 7-Up I am now ready to move on to sunny days and playing outside. Thanks for the reality check, you sick bug, hopefully, we don't see you again until next year (say whaat?!).


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