Cody, Wyoming

posted on: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A few weeks ago we went to Cody, Wyoming to see my sister and her husband. Have you been there? I'm sure I've mentioned it quite a few times because we often find ourselves traveling there more than anywhere else it seems. It's this quaint cowboy town that boasts itself on the shoulders of Buffalo Bill, all things western, and the Cody Night Rodeo. It's also home to a Rib n' Chop House which has always landed itself on our top choices of eateries, fried green tomatoes with a cajun aoili? Yes, it's to die for. 

Supposedly from our house to theirs the fastest route is through Yellowstone National Park but I'm a bit skeptical, everyone seems to screech to a sudden and abrupt stop at the siting of every bear, elk, and  Uinta Ground Squirrel so the drive usually takes three times as long, but again I'm told it's the fastest route. Once there we had the good fortune of going to the Buffalo Bill Museum, which if by happenstance you seem to find yourself in the Northern parts of Wyoming it's a must see.  It just so happens that my brother has been working there this Summer before he jets off to England for grad school so our tour guide unfortunately had to succumb to a vast amount of questions that really had no relevance to Buffalo Bill and most of which centered around the obscure uses of guns, particularly a gun with a bayonet made specifically for the Boy Scouts of Australia. Can you imagine giving boy scouts bayonets? It really was a mind boggling predicament that we debating for way too long.  

Our trips to Cody usually are so short that we come and go in a matter of two days  so we always try to pack them with as much fun as possible. Kambrie and Joel took us into the mountains to check out an abandoned goal mining town called Kerwin. The drive is accessible by truck but we took the four wheelers to make it a little more fun. I wish I would have taken my camera along the drive but Brecken decided to tag along which turned out to be much better than picture taking anyway. He just kept giggling and peering under John's arm trying to get a glimpse of where we were going. Each time we would hit a bump he would lean his head back against my chest laughing until the wind caught him off guard. It was so a great memory that I don't even think picture taking would have done it justice. It was a great weekend. Go to Cody. Book a flight. Rent a car. Whatever you do, put it on our Bucket List for your Wild West Exploration. And try roasting Starbursts over the campfire. mind. blown. That's all.

Now I'm off to systematically keep packing each room in our house. We still have a month to go in our rental, but when you get the itch you get the itch? You know what I mean. 


  1. Can I just say, that picture of Ridge and Addy is prrreeeetttttyyy much the cutest thing ever? That is all.

  2. I used to live in Casper many years ago and your pictures brought back such wonderful memories. Thank You. Dru

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