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posted on: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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I love Summer, almost to the point that by the time October rolls around I am ready to pack our bags and head South. So when this Summer turned out to be more serious-home-building and not so much Summer bucket-listing-busting I kind of got a bit sad that we'd missed out on so many family memories. But by golly those little munchkins sure know how to make lemonade at out lemons. I would venture to say that Brecken has not only grown attached to the large dirt mounds in the back yard, but he has mentioned in a not-so-obvious way that he would forego the grass to keep the dirt. Typical I suppose for a four-year-old boy. Addy on the other hand lives to clean and what better area to thrive than in a home being built. I would say free child labor, but that might sound like I'm breaking some child labor law and believe me she lives for this kind of junk. 

No matter the case John promised us a Memorial Day to Labor Day house baby. So with it's due date approaching like super fast I'm coming to terms with it being overdue (pregnancy analogy for a house may be a little much..) Anyway, I hope that all the pool time missed and the hours of watching movies in the car as we've worked on the house will pay off. Because it better. Because I really cherish my pool time. And house or no house...we like swimmin' and tannin' and eating melting popsicles and then jumping in the pool to clean off. Really, we (as in babes and I) were meant to live in California....

We (as in John) decided to save ourselves a little money (as in a lot of money) and to tackle all the painting on our own. Not sure if it was worth the money because I've stormed out on John a handful of times.  Who knew how much painting actually went into a home?! It's like the entire thing inside and out needs to be taken care of--sarcasm aside, we're finally near the end of painting careers. I hope. And to commemorate the end of painting our lights will be hung next week. #6 is my favorite! It, along with it's brothers and sisters will be hung nice and tight on my ol' sitting porch. Beauty, right?


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