No sleep and a winner!

posted on: Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey Friends! Hope you are a having a fantastic morning/afternoon/evening wherever you may be. I have been up since the crack of dawn trying to maintain some sort sanity due to my lack of sleep. 

Wait. I do that everyday actually. 


Anyway, I am off to a three day show at the mall. So if any of you are in the Bozeman area stop by and say "Hi." I would love to chat!

And if you can't get enough of me yet come visit me at Southern Lovely today where I will be guest posting for the ever so talented Lindsay.

Also we have a winner for the CanOrganizer.....drumroll.....

#5 Rebecca

You're one lucky chick! Email within 48 hours to get further details!



  1. I saw you at Southern Lovely. What an awesome article. Thanks for the info.

  2. I emailed you on the 21st...but didn't get a response :(


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