A few of my favorite art pieces right now

posted on: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I never really viewed my parents as artists until much later in my adult life. My Mom has always been an amazing seamstress with a specific knack for developing patterns and putting them into motion. Need a BBQ cover? check. Want a cover for a kindle that will also house cords and a phone? check. She really is amazing. In addition to her sewing skills she has also been blessed with an amazing mind that can draw almost anything from memory. My Dad while also amazing at drawing has a unique set of skills for putting those images on leather, whether it be making a saddle or designing a pair of chaps. Now that I'm older I look back and see how each of their unique skills transcended down to each of their children in one way or another and it really feels me with a sense of pride and a checking accounting that spends way too much at Joanns....

In addition to being creative my parents also owned a blossoming archery business in the heart of Utah County when I was young. My Dad spent a good portion of the winter traveling around the country to trade shows and while gone he seemed to always acquire a new piece of artwork whether it be a bronze sculpture or painting on each trip. Each item would arrive home in either a well traveled tube or already matted to a perfectly fit frame. I never viewed having nice artwork around our house as anything out of the ordinary and it wasn't until I went to college and took a few pieces with me that I understood--college kids don't have nice artwork in the homes. For a few reasons... :)

Today, John and I still appreciate the value of good artwork. Even though we live in a rental where the thought of putting a hanging display on the wall would send our landlord into frenzy it hasn't stopped our love of finding unique pieces for our home. And let me tell you, it's a crime we can't decorate these walls--stark white, perfect natural lighting--it's a match made in heaven really. 

So I've settled for more creative measures of decorating, and most of them require resting the artwork on mantles and credenzas. Whatever the case, when we do finally get back into a house of our own again each of these beauties will have a special place. 

 here's my two cents:

one//Caitlin Connolly is by far one of my favorite artists. This piece entitled "I'm tired. I'm tired too." was hot of the press when I bought it and there was something about it that just spoke to me as a parent of young kids. Every time I look at it I envision a scenario that plays out daily with John and I. The way the woman's hand rests on her knee and how the man in gently leaning in towards her just speaks leaps and bounds to the relationship of this couple and their enduring love even though the restless (and sleepless) times. I could probably go on and on about my favorite pieces but I would say it is well worth your time to view them for yourselves here

two// I own this moose. It's not white but it is the same moose. It hangs in our kids play area and there is just something about it that screams modern//funky//Montana. I figured I could get away with putting it in our house because a) it's a moose b) John has a thing for taxidermy c) this is kind of like taxidermy but cheaper. He would say no to that rationale. But it's in the house and for a woman who would prefer to not be completely rustic this still provides a little bit of a "natural" element with a modern touch. Find it here.

three//So I stumbled upon Lady Noel a few months ago on Instagram. The juxtaposition of flashy colors used to turn an ordinary bear into something with flare is just too cool to pass up, right? Again, I think I could get away with this in my house for the same reasons as above bear=Montana. Montana=manliness. manliness=John. Find said bear here.

four//I have big plans for this print. When we finally are in a house of our own again and I have the liberty to go a little crazy this bad boy will be in Brecken's room. Because this kid is all about warm fuzzy feelings and hugging. Lots and lots of hugging. I mean lots. Find it here.

There you go folks. enjoy.


  1. Just had to comment - I stumbled upon your blog trying to find something via pinterest and got sucked in as soon as I saw 'montana' in your search words. :) I'm a Bozeman-born and bred girl and love finding others who love it as much as me. My life as a Navy wife has me always moving but MT will always be home to me. Congrats on doing a great job with your blog - so happy I found you!


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