I loathe thee...

posted on: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun fact of the day: I hate cats.

I think they are pests that stink and whine a lot. When they starting using Punk's sandbox as their own personal dumping grounds my personal preference of immensely disliking them was solidified.

Any solutions on keeping the cats out? Anyone? Anyone?

Rake Necklace Stand & a Winner

posted on: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good day lovelies! I've had a lot of chatter about my farmers market booth and how I created my displays. To be honest, most of my displays have been inspired by things I have found through pinterest. For my rake, I took an idea and I just adjusted it a bit to fit my needs.

Here's the inspiration...

 I love, love, love this idea, but my booth does not consist of a backdrop so I had to figure out to create a rake holder without hanging it from something.
 I decided to turn the rake the other way and leave the handle attached.

Watch and learn my friends...
 I found/received/and traded for a variety of old rakes. The one above is held together at the top with duct tape. Very classy I tell ya.
 Because the rakes were in pretty bad shape and most of them were rusting I wanted to use a spray paint that would stop the rust to bleeding through.

As usual I primed the entire rake with Kilz primer spray paint--if you have been following for awhile you know that Kilz is the only way to go. I then wanted to create a more finished shine to my end product so I used a Rust-oleum laquer spray paint to create a more defined glossy look.
I would say that the time it took to apply two coats of primer and laquer and allow adequate drying time was about two hours. I made sure that the rake was not tacky because I didn't want it to get covered in saw dust when Hunk cut down the handle.
During this time I also found a scrap piece wood and I primed and painted it as well. I made sure to find a piece of wood that was large enough to balance out the rake, but small enough to not be distracting.
Here is Hunk's white trash chopping method--plus a glimpse into my hoarding......awkward.
The key to making sure the rake stays upright is to screw the handle towards the back edge of the board so that the center of gravity of the rake is in the center of the board. Capeche? Otherwise it may tip over when you put any jewelry on the rake teeth.  


And the winner of the More the Momma Hobo Bag is #6 Kiddo!


We be lovin' the Farmers Market

posted on: Saturday, June 25, 2011

 Farmers market season has arrived and that means no rest for the weary in this house. I have been busy making earrings, sewing headbands, and designing my new booth. 

Check it.  
As hard as it may be try to look past the wrinkled table clothe...the white one is actually a twin bed sheet that I got on clearance for three bones.

 I wanted something catchy for the headbands to sit on. However, there was a dilemma. I didn't want to spend lots of money for a stand, and I didn't want anything that would be super bulky, because this chick has to haul around all her crap in the Suby while also carrying around the Punk.

 I decided to make my own headband stands. I took candlestick holders and glued them to plastic square plates.
For the necklaces I took an old rake and cut it off about a foot-and-a-half down the handle. I then screwed the handle to board to make it into a stand.

Fairly simple.  
I am also planning on using two more rakes so I can have the necklaces spread out across the back of the table.
 The picture above is of sister #2, she looks so stoic and sophisticated....don't be deceived though, the picture I snapped right after this one she was sticking her finger up her nose. ewwwwwww.
The picture is clipped to an old frame that I given the good ole' primer and spray paint treatment. I then stapled chicken wire to the frame and used clothes pin to hold the picture in place.

 As some added flare to the booth, Sister #3 found an old kiddo typewriter that I use to elevate the discounted items--the typewriter also attracts a lot of kids. all. the. time. tink. tink. tink. tink. click. click. click. zinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg.....

Finally, I used old pie tins to display the rings and hair clips, and my Momo found an old school wooden jewelry stand to display the earrings.

As you can tell we are big connoisseurs of finding random junk and then repurposing it....hence, Spunky Junky.

Over the next week I will be showcasing tutorials on how I made each of my displays!
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend and thanks for stopping in!


posted on: Friday, June 24, 2011

Turns out this summer heat is really starting to mess with my internal calender. I went the whole entire day thinking it was Thursday and that I still had a whole day to write a Feature Friday post. wrong.

I'm guessing when others have this problem that they usually think it is Friday when it is only Thursday. I run a little bass ackwards, but it paid off though--imagine my delight when I realized the weekend came a day earlier then I thought......

So here's to you my Feature Friday Friends. Enjoy!

Btdub...I do know with all certainty that tomorrow is Saturday.

Beach House in the City-Nursery makeover

Twist of Dazzle-Collage Wall

Charming Decor-Dresser makeover

J and J Home-Canvas Art Makeover

Nice work Ladies! Have a nice weekend!

Link Party Rules:
*Link to a specific post, not your homepage, or a giveaway.
*Post something that you have done in the last month and not something that you have posted previously on SJ
*Check out at least one other lovely and give them some sugar! Everyone loves comments and compliments.
*Grab my button and put it somewhere on your blog!
*Come back next week to see the featured projects


Splish Splash

posted on: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I always know summer is here to stay when the Splash Park opens up for the season. However, the water is still so freaking cold. Poor minions were chilled to the bone even though it was 85 degrees.

Punk didn't last too long in the chilly water--when he finally realized there was a park nearby he made a mad dash for the slide and we proceeded to go up and down, up and down, up and down--my kid loves the slide. He also loves throwing wood chips at the kids going down the slide. bad punk.

Life is Better with Spunk

Last week's challenge was to participate in your community. On Saturday morning Hunk, Punk, and I visited the farmer's market. In our community we have two markets. Each has a completely different feel and environment. 
The Saturday market usually has more produce and because it is in the morning there are many vendors that are selling breakfast type foods. The Tuesday night market has many local restaurents serving dinner, there is also a large line up of local bands playing music.  

I love the culture surrounding the farmers market--the fresh produce, abundance of delicious baked goods, and the amazing handmade products. When I go the farmer's market I fill that I am more in touch with my community when I am purchasing local goods.

How did you participate in your community last week?


This week's challenge is to get out in the sun. Pretty simple and I am sure it is something we all enjoy.


Have fun, and thanks for stopping by to say, "Hi!"


Fishy Business...

posted on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I had high hopes of having this post up and running two days ago and somehow Hunk downloaded 47 viruses to our computer. He said he was looking at boats and Craigslist--I have my suspicions...hmmm.

After 16 hours of doing a hard disk clean-up and a few choice words all directed at Hunk I think I may have solved the problem. 
 Last Saturday Hunk took the munchkin and me out in his boat to enjoy some family fishing time. It was Punk's first time in the boat so we came prepared with food, games, and suckers in case he decided to have a meltdown while in the middle of the lake.
However, once he saw his first fish all our worries dissipated. He was like a kid in a candy store.
Every time we pulled a fish out of the water he got all giggly and squirmy and we spent more time trying to man handle the midget then actually fishing, which was ok because he was pretty fun to watch.

He kept climbing over the seats and waddling around the boat trying to take in every moment. Each fish brought out a new round of "ooohhh" and "ahhh's" from the Punk.
 He was such a trooper, even though he had to wear a balloon-like red life vest for nearly three hours. But let me reassure you--Smart Popcorn is the best food ever for little guys like Punk, every time he got fussy we just kept throwing the popcorn in his mouth.
Our first family fishing trip was a success and as soon as Punk was set in his carseat he was out---for the rest of the night. Hallelujah! Amen! and Good Night!

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