I was born without an inch of math skill in my body, not really that uncommon I would assume. For years, however, I've been prone to pronounce my name using a mathematical equation, which in itself seems fairly ironic.


What I may lack in math skills, John (the husband) makes up for it by leaps and bounds. He's kind of smart that way, yet ironically (again) I have been crowned the budget maker/bill payer/financial advisor of our family. Let's not get ahead of ourselves I find it perfectly acceptable to set aside a discretionary fund for Target each month. A round of high-fives and overly obnoxious winks to all you I-love-to-buy-random-crap-at-Target lovers out there! Our kind must stick together.

Anyway...(you'll learn that staying on topic is not my forte).

John and I met in the Fall of 2005 when he was chasing after my sister (oh no he didn't! oh yes, he did) which quickly blossomed into a completely platonic relationship of course. We too were friends without a inch of romance between us. Then Cupid hit and changed that "friends only" zone in John's head. So after poking and prodding and mentally breaking me down I finally went on a date with that dapper fella. Let's not be silly or anything, of course there were stipulations attached to his date like "this will be our one-and-only date" and "if I go on this one date you will leave this silly nonsense of us ever going out alone." Well one date led to another and before I knew it we were married in the Summer of 2007.

Our love story was ordinary, not glamorous or tale-worthy, which is why it has been so perfect. After four college degrees, three moves, and living in a house the size of a Cracker Jack Box we finally welcomed a little boy to the world in 2009. Surely, you all know the story, but if you need a refresher read it here. Today, our rambling three-year-old named Brecken can usually be found building train tracks and forts across our living room, stealing Goldfish Crackers out of my kitchen cabinets, and running circles around our kitchen table. the kid has energy and lots of it.

And because one was no fun, and we thought "sleeping is for the weak" we decided to add a second to our brood. Addy Mae joined the picture in the Spring of 2012 and our hearts immediately melted. She's emotional and loving and fills a gap in our hearts that we didn't know was empty.

We live in a tiny town in southwestern Montana where the elk population outnumbers the people 100-to-1. It's a whimsical place where everyone knows each other by name, kids ride their bikes lazily through town, deer are permanent fixtures in our yard, and cars can stay running while one shops in the grocery store.

And if that weren't enough to get you to stay awhile then this should help. I like Doritos on my tuna fish sandwiches. wearing boyfriend tees. smelling the air after a hellish rain storm. and writing my name backwards on checks to amuse bored cashiers.

Welcome to our little world where we're giving everyday life a little spunky. We're so happy you're here!

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