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posted on: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Certainly my husband can't hold out much longer on depriving us of a Christmas tree, right? My Instagram feed is chuck full of ornaments, beautiful trees, stockings, and neatly wrapped gifts--John said until December 1st hits our house will remain Christmas-free. #dreamkiller It just means that during my down time I will be DIYing myself into a Christmas spirit frenzy. 

what's your opinion on real vs. fake tree? Farm bought vs. cut from the mountains tree? Any inspiration on what direction I should take this year would be helpful. Keep in mind I have Brecken who is prone to climbing/grabbing/ripping/pulling/tugging. You know--the "usual" for a three-year-old.

Three things I am loving about winter:

one//I just bought this beanie {in white} and a cowl similar to this one. Definitely worth every stinking penny

two//as soon as this lovely comes back in stock I am getting it for the little miss.

three//Brecken may be getting this boy-ish cardigan in every color


posted on: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I had every intention of chronicling our Thanksgiving with pictures of the turkey, pies, amazing table arrangements, basically the whole fiasco from start to finish. But after a series of unfortunate events and forgetting my camera's SD card at home the only pictures that were snapped involved Kelty's hideous Thanksgiving sweater (#classy), brief moments of the kids playing with family and Brecken's trip to the emergency room.  

He decided that the best way to kick-off the Thanksgiving weekend involved having an asthma attack at two in the morning. He was the hit of the ER--telling stories, laughing hysterically, making jokes.  If we weren't so tired it may have been funny... after the early morning visit to the hospital John cracked out his inner Martha Stewart and proceeded to fry the eleven pound beast of a turkey. Have you tried fried turkey? It's sinful. Then his brother decided to feed the whole crew smoked turkey the next day as well. The proceeding days were kind of blurry due to our turkey coma...

Spunky Junky Black Friday Sale

posted on: Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday! Is it just me or does it seem very anti-climatic this year with many of the sales having started on Wednesday? For the next three days I will be offering amazing steals in my shop. Check them out and save 55% off your entire order! The discount is valid from Black Friday to 11:59 pm on Cyber Monday. just use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2012 at checkout

Happy Holidays

My favorite things giveaway...

posted on: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Did you happen to watch Oprah's Favorite Things this year? Ah-mazing. The lady sure knows how to shower strangers in love {and gifts}. I got kind of teary-eyed listening to the woman whose husband was a wounded warrior and because of their sacrifices was not able to give Christmas to their children and because of Oprah's generosity her kids would actually get presents this year. I can't give Tempur-Pedic beds and metallic Michael Kors shoes, but I would love to give one of you my favorite items from my shop. 

Just leave a comment with what you thankful for this year. 

{winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 27th}


Six months

posted on: Monday, November 19, 2012

It seems like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital to the chirping of birds and the appearance of green grass after a somewhat mild winter. Now, we are dredging through snow trying to remember where the warm summer days went so quickly. Oh, it's been a busy half-a-year. We moved (two days after you were born), your Dad and I celebrated five years of marriage, your brother turned three, potty training was accomplished, you took your first airplane ride, we took you on an extended road trip, and you tasted a french fry (for shame).

Oh my goodness baby girl, you hold my heart--all of it. You are such a joy in my life. Bare with my cliche, but I really didn't know what I was missing until I had you. You always seem to nestle into my neck and it melts my heart every time. You are finally starting to grasp the idea of sitting on your own, and you've become a lover a food.  So far you have enjoyed beans and sweet potatoes, but you are not particularly fond of pears and those nasty meat baby food (I don't blame you). You've also developed stranger anxiety, this was never an issue with your brother so we are now in uncharted territory. I hope it doesn't last long--I would like to go on a date with you Dad occasionally...

You are my bright-eyed baby girl, you babble continually, and laugh until you are wheezing for air. You are all I could have asked for and more. I love you.

p.s. your brother fed you play-doh today. sorry about that.

Love, Momma

Oh time, you sneaky devil...

posted on: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice to make time stand still? I am really stand still. To the point where you could take in every part of a specific moment--where you could somehow bottle up all the emotions, sounds, smells, and words from an exact time. This was that moment--it was fleeting, but perfect. They were cuddling and laughing with one another while watching Blues Clues. He kept kissing her and telling her that he loved her, she would giggle all the while trying to make her flimsy arms grab his face. The moment was long enough to capture a picture or two, but then it was gone. 

Moments like that are like the stages of life. Short and brief--but lasting in impression. Just yesterday, Addison starting to babble--the once screaming baby who'd just found her voice now says "da-da" incessantly.  My only reassurance is that she doesn't understand what she is saying yet. I still have hope that her first word will be "mama." 

Even Brecken seems to transforming before my eyes. Last night when tucking him into bed I realized my little boy was also no longer a baby. No diapers, no naps, no longer running like a toddler--he has become a tiny (and feisty) little boy. While the days may seem too long and the nights too short it seems like each stage they go through happens too quickly. 

The years together have also been etched on the faces and hearts of John and me--oh, we've had our ups and downs, but there have also been stages that I wish I freeze in time. We've both become a little wiser, learned that differences are what makes a marriage worth fighting for everyday. The pounds gained are signs of contentment and hours spent making and eating meals together. The trials have shown us that faith is the cornerstone to moving forward. The once shy boy and overly flamboyant girl have morphed into learning-as-they-go parents. As I am sure that is true for all of you too. 

Time has been good--but I'd still like a machine to stop it for awhile...

Happy Thursday.

Instagram+Three Things...

posted on: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well, potty training is complete, Brecken was a rockstar and powered through it like a champ. Unfortunately, the little guy still needs up getting his pants up n' down. Have you ever seen a little boy running around white tighties?  holy cuteness. 

Here are a three things you may love this week:

one//Do you need some new cool and hip fonts? Check out pixelpixelpixel lots of fun stuff...that's free!
two//Have you ever noticed the cool arrows and paint brush water marks everyone seems to be adding to their pictures? Here are some Photoshop brushes for free as well.
three//Want to add washi tape to your photos? Check out Pugly Pixel.

Happy Hump Day!

DIY: Baby Girl Bohemian Wrap

posted on: Monday, November 12, 2012

The snow has hit, and there is lots of it. So we've spent lots of hours building block castles, making Lego airplanes, and potty training. My sweet sister-in-law has a three day potty training plan that I thought I would give a try. There have been some modifications, which have included now turning it into a five day plan... ;)

Ugh. More on that later. 

Anyway, here is a fun and quick headband. The idea came from a post from More Design Please and I modified it a bit to fit a baby/toddler head. The only item required for this sweet wrap is a 3x25'' jersey knit piece of fabric (jersey knit is the best because of the stretch). 

Enjoy {and stay warm too}.

And so it begins...

posted on: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

...for the next three months we'll be hit hard--birthdays. holidays. birthdays. more holidays. more birthdays. It only seems fitting to have Brecken's birthday kick off the Bishop Family Extravaganza  The event lasted three days. John remarked we were setting him up for unrealistic expectations in the future...who wouldn't want a three-day birthday bash?! Perhaps, we'll do a big one for him, that will change his mind!

Anyway, here are the things that I am loving about Brecken right now

*He has this witty sense of humor. I wish I had a piece of paper and pen with me all the time because he makes the funniest remarks, and he knows he funny, which then makes it even funnier.

*If you've ever met Brecken you know that someday he will be a heart breaker. This guy has the prettiest eyes and the most lush, long, and dark eyelashes in the world. jealouuus.  When mixed with his contagious smile and laugh, I know it will be a recipe for disaster when he is sixteen.

*He loves Cars and "Bwues Cwues." They've become a crutch when I need a moment of peace ;)

*Brecken is like this walking road map. He knows where the parks are at, when we are getting close, and when we've passed (which often leads to tears). Every time we go to Bozeman he knows when we are getting close to Grandma and Grandpa's house and he is constantly yelling "Stop Mommy, stop!" Even more impressive, this past summer we met up with my parents at the fairgrounds in Bozeman (for maybe three hours) and now when we drive that direction he is constantly asking why we're not stopping to see them.

*He is in the stage the mimicking stage. On a regular basis he will grab my face with both hands and he'll say "Listen to me. Listen to me."  He's also picked up "oh my gosh," "that is so cute" and "crap." crap.

*Even though he is speaking well, some words still come out funky, like: butterfwy , wiggle-washin (worm), wuv you, paghetti (spaghetti)

*he hates taking pictures. with. a. passion.

*He is finally at a stage where he will pay with toys, versus the alternative, which was everything other than a toy. Blocks, in his mind are met for stacking then destroying. Cars are meant to be chucked down the stairs, and balls are meant for kicking and throwing at the wall. However, I still can't keep him away from the can opener...

*Have I ever mentioned his obsession with drawing? I am sure I have. But the kid is seriously obsessed.  color all the time, and I think he loves crayons just for the joy of snapping them in half.

*books have always been a hot item in our house. Which usually means we go in phases with certain ones, right now that book would be Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big (it's my fave) it you don't have it, you definitely need to add it to your collection.

*Our little boy is so good with his sister. Whenever we are in the car and she starts to cry he will lean over his car seat and gently whisper "hey, hey, hey, hey" until she falls back asleep. If that doesn't work he often will sing "Add-y, Ma-e. Add-y, Ma-e" over and over again until she quiets down. It's precious.

*He's not a big candy eater, but if you leave a bag of chips laying around the contents will be gone in a matter of minutes.

*This kid is like the Energizer Rabbit. He runs and jumps all day long--that may be way he calls our couch a "trampoline."

*He's started to show interest in gender specific toys, it's not that we don't have girl toys because we have our fair share of Barbies, purses, and play make up laying around--he's just grown to love cars and trucks.

*We've hit the tantrum stage. On Monday it was an all out lay down, kick feet, scream tantrum while at gymnastics. It was horrifying. 

*He's a cuddler. At night after we've brushed teeth, read books, and said our prayers he will often ask me to lay and cuddle with him. Some nights I sing to him, other nights he runs his fingers through me hair, no matter what we are doing it is always so hard to get up and leave the bed. Baby boy isn't so little anymore.

 Breck, you're the entire package. Always remember that.

We love you! 

Happy Birthday.

posted on: Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three years. Has it really been that long? It seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into this world under less than ideal circumstances. You survived because you are strong. It's one of your most defining characteristics. You have a strong mind, and a vibrant personality and you have very strong opinions for such a young age mixed with a heart that is so loving and kind. It seems silly to think of life before you. Those things I used to fill my days now seem so superficial compared to now. Motherhood has become the most rewarding life I could have ever asked for--and it is all because of you. 

Sometimes I lay by you as you sleep wondering why God gave you to me? God must have known I needed you.  Deep down I hold a special place for you in my heart, two kindred spirits that share a common bond as first-borns as well as the same temperament and personality--I am sure I will regret it though when you're eighteen. But for now I savor your spit-fire mannerisms and continuous bursts energy. Thank you for making me into the person I never knew I could be. 

My little boy, my love is without bounds for you. Happy Birthday B. 


posted on: Friday, November 2, 2012

The kids and I started trick-r-treating at 9:30 in the morning with Brecken's cute daycare group. The kids were more excited to ride the bus than to get candy. Imagine for a second manhandling fifteen little ones under the age of four while on a bus? Holy mac! I have a new found respect for our his teachers. They're sweet souls. 

After a busy morning of going around downtown trick-r-treating at the local businesses (and admiring the soda turkey at the grocery store) we finally ventured home for a short nap before our ward's Halloween dinner and trunk-r-treat. Our quintessential little town never disappoints when it comes to holidays. For Halloween there is always a carnival for the kids and bingo for the adults at the high school. This year's warm spell pushed all the kids out to the streets to go door-to-door trick-r-treating--without having to be bundled in five layers! By the time we got home that night John said, "Oh Honey, I don't know how you do it everyday." Icing on the cake. Until next year. 

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