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posted on: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nesting has taken over my life.

I get up and organize. I sit down and think about organizing. I play with Brecken and organize. I go to sleep and I dream of organizing.

Dear Martha would be so proud of my homemaking skills.

I, however, forced myself to stop organizing on Saturday (it almost killed me) to spend some time making a few embellished shirts and onesies for Punk and Punkette.

 Delia from Delia Creates has a fun tutorial on how to use your kids artwork to decorate their clothes--it's a definite one to check out.

Within that same post she also shows readers how to use paper punches to create freezer paper stencils. It was such a fun idea that I had to make a few as well.

I have done quite a few projects with freezer paper in the past but her idea was by far the case you were wondering.

 1. Always pre-wash onesies before embellishing them. These little guys are shrinkers and you don't want to ruin all your hard work!

2. I used the Martha Stewart butterfly punch to cut butterflies out of freezer paper.

3. I then laid the shiny-side down and ironed each row of butterflies onto the onesie.

4. My favorite fabric paint. This color has a pearl hue to it so it made the butterflies sparkle.

5. Allow the paint to dry for 1-4 hours depending on how many coats you paint on (I used a foam brush to apply the paint).

6. Once finished use a towel/cheese clothe/or a piece of fabric and lay it over the top of the onesie, then iron so the color will "set in."

I got a little carried away and decided to make ten different shirts.

I know--I have a problem.


I would love to see what ideas you have found this week on Pinterest and how you have used them in your home so feel free to link them up!

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posted on: Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Proof of the stomach brushing...He knows you're in there.

Watch out because he has no respect for personal space.




posted on: Sunday, February 26, 2012

John and I decided early on that we wanted to tailor our parenting style in a way where Brecken could learn how to do things on his own--without us hovering over him.   

We never baby proofed our house (except for the chemicals) so he would learn boundaries, we taught him how to go up and down the stairs before he was ten-months-old, we showed him where to find snacks in the cupboard, and we even taught him how to turn on the television by himself (big mistake).  

John once joked that if we were to leave him home alone for a week he would survive.

I didn't find his life or death scenario amusing.

Even with the vast amount of independence we have given Brecken I am still the kind of mother that gives him my undivided attention for hours. Whether it be reading books, practicing the alphabet, coloring on butcher paper, playing outside, or building towers out of blocks.

While I have truly loved every minute with Brecken, I have slowly begun to wean myself from the amount of attention I give him. It's been difficult--and heart wrenching.

 And with my ever growing stomach it has become even more difficult to pick him up, so I am often left hovering over him while he cries because there is only so much lifting I can do before I pee my pants. 

true story.

I keep telling myself that each day will get easier.  

hopefully I'm right.

One big change towards being more self-sufficient has been our morning routine.

After Punk wakes up I allow him to sit on my bed and watch a movie while drinking some milk. In the past I would lay in bed and cuddle with him. Now I use this time to shower, start laundry, get dressed, and make breakfast--basically I try to get all the crap done that we mothers never have time to do because our kids our wreaking havoc on our lives.

Although it may seem like I am just replacing myself with the television it has been a large step for us in creating some much needed independence.  

But independence does have it's boundaries with a two-year-old.
A few days ago I was sitting in the kitchen working on etsy orders; I assumed Brecken was sitting quietly in my room watching a movie. 

He, however, was not.

Quiet is usually code word for trouble in our house.

Brecken's new infatuation with pens included drawing beautiful masterpieces on our bed sheets, bed skirt, duvet cover, dresser, and all over himself.

Independence is now coming at the cost of my sanity (and my linen closet).

Heaven help us all because the next step towards independence starts next week with potty training.

Let's just hope he doesn't find any permanent markers between now and then.


Blowout Sale!

posted on: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have big ideas for the Summer Collection.

Clean. Crisp. Bright pops.

It will be fantastic.

So to celebrate, EVERYTHING in the Spunky Junky Etsy Shop is 50% off and I even added some new fun items specifically for this event!

Have fun shopping!

Stick a Pin in it

I haven't accomplished much this week.

I shouldn't saythat--I didn't accomplish much inside the house this week.

I finally finished our new headboard and foot board;  which then fell over in the garage, luckily nothing broke. I did, however, have to "mend" a few cracks and clean up an entire bucket of paint thinner that managed to cover half the garage. 


I also finished painting the credenza for the living room. It turned out great except now I am having a difficult time finding handles with screw holes that 4.5'' apart.

Any suggestions?

So, while I might not be able to show any fun or exciting projects from Pinterest here are some of the great "Pinspirations" that were linked up last week!
Traveling tooth brush holder-Four Marrs One Venus 
Spoon garden markers-Domestic Goddesque 
Board and batten possibilities-Its Overflowing 
52 reasons I love you-Marriage from Scratch

Thanks ya'll for the wonderful ideas!

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posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A cold bug hit our house, so for the last week I have been struggling.

Laundry, dishes, cooking, bed making, even getting dressed has been neglected.

I have been drowning Hunk and Punk in orange juice in the hopes of clearing their bug.

My constant heartburn and acid reflux has made eating or drinking acidic or hot foods unbearable.

Only recently have I found the cure of Prilosec--now I can at least sleep at night (hallelujah)!

I also found Toddlers and Tiaras.

Yes, those little Miss America wannabes sucked me into their drama.

Did you know what a flipper was? I had no clue.

I watch it more for the crazy moms anyway--some of them are legit ca-razy.

Makes for mind numbing enjoyable television, eh?

Maranda Lee Handbags

posted on: Monday, February 20, 2012

Before I had Brecken I was naive when it came to picking out the right diaper bag.

I'll admit it, I was vain and wanted something pretty not practical.

After about a week of stressing over never being able to find a binkie or my keys I finally resorted back to the (practical) diaper bag that Hunk had bought me.

He's one smart cookie...

I used my favorite JJ Cole diaper bag until it was torn, missing zippers, and had holes in the base.

Since then I have managed to get away with an over sized purse to carry around all the necessities from Punk.

But with a new baby vastly approaching (can you believe it?) I decided it was time to get myself accustomed to a diaper bag again.

My dear friend Maranda, owner of a darling etsy shop called Maranda Lee, made me the perfect bag.

Maranda made me the gorgeous Emma Messenger Bag for our new arrival, and as a mother of two she knows what every woman needs to remain organized (at least in their diaper bag).

 She's perfected her bags, which now can boast everything from built-in key ring holders to cell phone pockets.

And even more importantly are the small touches that she adds to her bags such as O rings on the messenger handle instead of D rings.

Have you ever owned a bag that has a D ring on the handle? It seems like the handle is always slipping and the ring never stays in place.

Her O ring makes the bag hang across your body without any nagging.
Maranda's bags also offer lots of space.

The bag I received offered six built-in pockets, three of which had elastic binding on them--perfect for two bottles and diapers.

The inside of each bag has plenty of room to store books, an ipad, snacks, my wallet, and even my DSLR camera.

Diaper bag. Purse. Camera bag. This bag can hold it all!

Stay tuned because later this week there will be a fun giveaway from Maranda's shop that you will not want to miss!

In the meantime, make sure to check out Maranda's shop to see what other amazing products she has to offer as well as her facebook page and website for great promotions and discounts!

Thank you Maranda!

And we have a winner for the UPrinting Giveaway-congrats Carolyn G


posted on: Friday, February 17, 2012

The Hunk is turning 28 today.
Since returning home from his mission he has told me time and time again that birthdays and holidays are overrated. I disagree.  

We will celebrate, John, don't think you are getting out of it that easily.

Here are twenty eight fun things you may/may not know about Johnny B:

1. Was born in Wyoming
2. Is great at board games
3. Can dance really well (yeah, he is good).
4. Once ran into a stop sign on his bike in 8th grade.
5. Served a Spanish-speaking mission for our church in Arcadia, California
6. once owned a WRX
7. Got hit with a croquet mallet 
8. hates vegetables, but will eat spinach (really John?)
9. loves fishing and hunting
10. Once participated in the Rose Bowl Parade
11. can play the saxophone and piano
12. Is six out of seven kids
13. Has only been to Canada (how exotic)
14. checks ESPN fifty times a day
15. Has a Masters Degree in Accounting
16.  never got the Chicken Pox
17. Most prized possession: a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris
18. Tried to date my sister before dating me (shame, shame)
19. His first car was named The Toad
20. Loves Last of the Mohican's
21. Once had a dry ice bomb explode underneath his car.
22. hates milk but loves Pepsi
23. His middle name is Condey
24. Had no work ethic in school, but still did great (go figure)?
25. Wanted to be an architect before deciding to become an accountant.
26. hates working out, but loves to play basketball
27. Pet Peeve: hates the sheets being tucked in.
28. Proposed twice (I said yes both times).

Happy Birthday lover!


posted on: Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have been battling with the issue of what is "too much" on my blog.

Is it appropriate to give all the details of my pregnancy?
Is it acceptable to discuss certain topics of my marriage that some of you have asked about?
It is obnoxious to rant about a horrible day?
Is it okay to vent about the the naughty things my child does that makes me question my ability to be a mother?
Is it inconsiderate to rave about something amazing that is happening in my life?
Is it kosher to explain the worries I have with the crossroads we are at in our life right now? 

These are just a few of the questions that I have been trying to sort out and answer. 

It seems that everytime I begin to write my feelings the words often get jumbled and lost in an abyss of rambling thoughts.

I've often found myself standing in the shower reciting an entire post in my head that I deem as brilliant or totally eye-opening (don't we all?), but then when I jump out to jot them down the words they often become scrambled and forced.

I chalk it up to the fact that for years I have written thousands of pages (that is no understatement) without feeling and emotion. Most of my writings have often been scientific-based or grounded in facts so to revert to a new writing style of letting myself be open and more subjective has not been easy.

Even in Spunky Junky's meager beginnings I tried to remain straight forward, posting only the most crucial information, while leaving out any emotion of my day-to-day life.

I realize now that sometimes that best writings (or posts) are those that come from the heart; not sugar-coated, or meant to portray a perfect person, but rather posts that show the insecurities and frailties of each of us

The blogs that mean the most to me are the one that open themselves up to the idea of imperfection. I can relate to their pain, their struggles, their need for reassurance, their desire to be better--it's as if their words are speaking directly to me.

So I've tried to be more honest with myself. I've come to learn through the small amount of wisdom I can call my own that my struggles and trials have only helped to make me stronger. 

I can look back and say that I am now a stronger
and friend

because I have opened myself up to the idea of imperfection and its beauty.

I also realize that the only thing holding me back from embracing the words I want to write or the goals that I want to achieve is myself.

So let us struggle together to find our way in this crazy place called life because the act of quitting is never an option--it's only an easy way out.

And if I haven't told you lately--I appreciate you.

Your emails, your comments, your friendship--you've helped to lighten my burdens and while I may not know you all personally and may not know your struggles I want you to understand that I know your plight and that you will never be in this alone.  

Happy Valentine's Day.

posted on: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

 I wouldn't want to share my awkward moments with anyone else...

 because each awkward moment often leads to something perfect.

Happy Valentine's Day!



posted on: Monday, February 13, 2012

I wasn't has been one of those days or maybe one of those (past) weekends.

I might complain for ten seconds so prepare yourself.  

1. Brecken pushed over and shattered my lovely stand alone framed mirror. Yeah, the mirror that I use for taking pictures for my love letters.

Smashed, Smithereens, broken, ka-poot.

It's a goner and I am mourning.  

2. Then we got the head cold bug and now I sound like a dude, so if you call me you may think you've dialed the wrong number--don't be alarmed, it's just me and my manly alter ego.

3. I messed up on a big project--note to self: if you are making a project using a chevron pattern make sure it is straight, very straight.

4. I still can't find John freaking Valentine's candy, I hid it good my friends.

Ok, I'm done with my Debbie Downer rant.

...and my ten seconds is up.


On a brighter and more bubbly note take a minute to head over to Kari's blog Newlyweds on a Budget to win some fun prizes from the Spunky Junky etsy shop.

She's hip and cool and a newlywed, ahhh, young love!

See you in the a.m. friends!


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Bursting Bubbles Valentines

posted on: Friday, February 10, 2012

 Brecken is handing out his very own Valentine's cards this year--that is if he doesn't rip them to shreds trying to get to the bubbles first.

The kid is kind of obsessed or neurotic--either one describes him quite well...


{Get me here}

 Here's your very own copy of the bursting bubbles valentines card. 

Each valentine is sized to be a 4x6 so they can be printed off as pictures--I printed mine at THE Costco.  

**If you are wanting the white border around the picture you will need to make sure that it doesn't overlap over the writing before you print.

washi tape//Pugly Pixel
chevron background//A Million Sighs
fonts//Champagne & Limousines,
Kon Tiki Enchanted

This post has been sponsored by:


Stick a Pin It: Kids Room

posted on: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I've been bit by the nesting bug early. 

Cleaning. Purging. Folding. Organizing. You name it--I've been doing it.

I've also been scouring, and scouring, and scouring online sources for baby room ideas.

Long ago I made the decision that I would put Brecken and the baby in the same room. Even though she will be in our room for a few months I want Brecken to get use to the idea of someone else taking up residency in his space.

I want to create a room that infuses a little bit of boy and a little bit of girl into it--I don't want the room to be so neutral that it turns to a "blah" space--but I want to incorporate punches of color that give the room some flare.

Here are some ideas that are inspiring me for their new room.

Incorporating barn doors into their room. We live in Montana, it would totally be legit.

Creating a wall with highlights of each of their lives.

The tree is cute, but I am loving the chevron chair--bold patterns are in, right?!

Check out Prudent Baby for a great tutorial on how to make a duvet cover for any bed--including a toddler size.

Yes, I will be making matching bedding for my lil' monkeys.

A great FREE printable to put in their room.

A fun photo wall.

Learn how to make DIY crib sheets!

I have high hopes of making the cutest sheets for my little munchkin.

I just love these colors--the wall especially. Think Brecken can get away with coral in his room?!

Matching stripped bedding? I think so.

Let the chaos begin.


I would love to see the ideas that are inspiring you this week on Pinterest!

Please make sure to link up a specific post and make sure it is somehow relevant to Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping in!

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