posted on: Friday, February 17, 2012

The Hunk is turning 28 today.
Since returning home from his mission he has told me time and time again that birthdays and holidays are overrated. I disagree.  

We will celebrate, John, don't think you are getting out of it that easily.

Here are twenty eight fun things you may/may not know about Johnny B:

1. Was born in Wyoming
2. Is great at board games
3. Can dance really well (yeah, he is good).
4. Once ran into a stop sign on his bike in 8th grade.
5. Served a Spanish-speaking mission for our church in Arcadia, California
6. once owned a WRX
7. Got hit with a croquet mallet 
8. hates vegetables, but will eat spinach (really John?)
9. loves fishing and hunting
10. Once participated in the Rose Bowl Parade
11. can play the saxophone and piano
12. Is six out of seven kids
13. Has only been to Canada (how exotic)
14. checks ESPN fifty times a day
15. Has a Masters Degree in Accounting
16.  never got the Chicken Pox
17. Most prized possession: a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris
18. Tried to date my sister before dating me (shame, shame)
19. His first car was named The Toad
20. Loves Last of the Mohican's
21. Once had a dry ice bomb explode underneath his car.
22. hates milk but loves Pepsi
23. His middle name is Condey
24. Had no work ethic in school, but still did great (go figure)?
25. Wanted to be an architect before deciding to become an accountant.
26. hates working out, but loves to play basketball
27. Pet Peeve: hates the sheets being tucked in.
28. Proposed twice (I said yes both times).

Happy Birthday lover!


  1. Do you even know me? I did have the chicken pox...

  2. Do you even know me? I did have the chicken pox...

  3. ESPN only 50 times a day?!?! Is that all?? hahaha Happy Birthday John!


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