Strawberries would have been a better choice...

posted on: Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last night Punk decided to wake up at 1:30 by three I couldn't handle the the toes on my neck, the drool on my arm, and the butt pressed into my face so I staggered out of bed to make him a bottle. As I opened the fridge door he came running around the corner (in the dark) at that exact moment and ran straight into the fridge door.

I knocked my kid out. He laid there quiet for about 15 seconds. I checked to make sure he was alive then I went back to make the bottle before scooping him up off the floor and putting him back in his own bed.

Anyone want a kid at night?

In other great news I was craving strawberries this morning, but instead I decided to eat an entire bag of Reese's Chocolate Chips by myself.

Holy Hannah someone please come save me.


Repairing Wood Dents and Holes

posted on: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Really guys, I am not forgetting to show you my dining area. I really, really, big time really want to, but I am containing myself and believe me my will power is weak sauce these days.

However, I promise it will be revealed next week.
 I was asked to particpate in the  ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector Link Party and the main focal point of my new dining area is my project for this fab event that will be showcased next Thursday. So I kind of need to hold off on the reveal until then if that's fine with you?


 Hopefully, as I assumed you all have guessed, the focal point of my dining area is my table. Sometimes it is covered in so much crap that you wouldn't know a table was there--but believe under all the mess lies a perfectly good table.

A perfectly good table that I actually traded in for a junker treasure that my sister found on the side of the road.


Hunk about flipped a lid when I told him I was getting rid of our table for one that was found on the street.

But where other's see trash I see junk that deserves some spunk, eh?

So as I began scoping out my "new" table making sure it functioned properly and would not topple over with a glass sitting on it, I came to realize that it was a  treasure made a solid wood and metal fixtures--kind of hard to come by these days without having to spend lots of moo-lah.

As I began changing my junk into a one-of-a-kind beauty I noticed a few "dings" that were so ghastly looking that I knew I needed to fix them. I am all for the hammered effect-I am not, however, for the gaping hole the size of the Great Salt Lake effect though.
 My sister recommended purchasing Elmers Wood Filler, which they had used on some doors in their house. When purchasing my wood filler I made sure to look for a filler that was paintable and sandable. No point in filling something in if you can't make paint it to look the same, right?
 I then used a thick piece of cardboard to stick in the table half so that when I puddied the hole I would still have a straight line.

 Once the filler dried (I let it sit overnight) I used a light weight sandpaper bar to smooth it out.
 I also used 3M's General Purpose Sandpaper to make sure I kept my straight edge on the table. By rotating between the two different types of sandpaper I was able to create a more smooth look that blended well with the table.
 This process would have been alot easier if I had just done it before I painted the table, but hindsight is 20/20...and I am always up for making my steps then needed.


Once finished I then repainted, stared at my project for about five minutes all the while patting myself on the back, then I went inside, came back out stared at my table again. Went inside, and repeated this same process probably ten times. I am really in love with my new dining room table.

It's a deep and abiding love.
Hopefully, you'll fall in love with it too because the big reveal will happen in T minus seven days and I can't wait for you to see the before/after pictures.

They're priceless, I tell ya!

Happy Hump Day Friends!

{Giveaway} Lee La La

posted on: Monday, September 26, 2011

You want to know my favorite part of blogging?
What a silly question, of course you want to know.


I love meeting new friends--I especially love meeting new friends that make me feel as though we have been together since we were in Pampers.
Lindsay from Lee LaLa makes me feel that way. Our emails have consisted of a lot of "Hey Girl," "Hugs n' Kisses," "Hey Chicka," "OMG YOU ROCK"....basically we have resorted to being 18-years-old again.

But isn't that what a great girlfriend is for--to always make you feel young at heart?!

So how would you like to become Lindsay's new best friend too?

Right now Lindsay is giving away $40 dollars worth of shop credit to her store.

Say what?!

Yes, you heard me right.

I'm telling you her products are a-mazing. When I received my bracelet in the mail it was love at first site. Not only is it deceivingly heavy (which is a good sign--in my book), but has the right amount of charm to give your lil' ol' wrist the right bit of oohh la la!

Here's the deets on winning:
*Mandatory: Check out Lindsay's blog and become a public follower of Lee La La (1 entry)
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Winner of a engraved pendant necklace from Jo Jones Jewelry


YAY! Email within 24 hours. Thanks bunches~

The Lee La La Giveaway will close on October 3rd.


man oh' man it's hot here....

posted on: Saturday, September 24, 2011

I spent my Saturday working on my tan burn at a local Fall Festival.

I thought September was suppose to be the month of cool breezes, layering outfits, and soup bowls--obviously Mother Nature has different plans. 

Thank goodness for a wonderful canopy to shade my booth and for deodorant--on a day like today it was more than necessary.

How's your Saturday?

Bad Halsey and a Quickie....

posted on: Friday, September 23, 2011

I had one of those humbling parenting experiences.....

This morning my sewing machine kept acting up to the point that I needed to pick out everything I had been working on for an hour. 

 At one point I yelled, "suck it" to my sewing machine--I felt completely satisified in my verbal outrage until Punk came running down the hallway yelling "Suck it!"

I should have known he would catch on because he is now entering that stage where he may not say coherent words or sentences, but when he does say something it is usually a phrase he has picked up from either Hunk or me.

Today, he proceeded to tell the cashier at Smith's, the teller at Wells Fargo, and our neigbor to all suck it. I have a feeling that this afternoon may be one of those mother/son days where I tell him "No" and "Bad Boo Boo" at least 50 times before he gets the jist that what has been coming out of his mouth is bad.

What have been some of the funny things your kids have said?

And just so you don't think I am forgetting about your suggestions I am very close to finishing my wall in the dining area.

But I think I am going to wait and reveal it once the ENTIRE project is complete.

While you wait I figured I would give you another sneak peek. ..

One of my favorite features of my dining area is a gumball machine that I picked up for $20 dollars at the thrift store.

After some cleaning, a nice spray paint job, and of course gum balls, it looks good as new.

However taking pictures of it has been a bit of a hassle because there is no direct sunlight by the gumball machine and it is surrounded by shadows from other pieces of furniture.

To solve this problem I took the mirror from our bedroom and while standing over the top of the gumball machine I propped the mirror angling down so the light reflected off of it. (You can't see how it was angled in the picture because I need to step back to get a clear shot--I could really use another arm;)).

By just following this simple idea I created a drastic difference in the picture.



Simple Reflections Photography Family Session

posted on: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last week we did the whole family photo thing.

You know, that horrific event that your husband complains about for days with the same excuse, "We took a family picture last you." All the while rolling his eyes at the thought of wearing color coordinated outfits picked out by you.

As we left the house to venture out on our family photo soiree Hunk kept saying, "Are ya sure you want to wear that dress?"

I was already irritated at him for complaining 50 times that day and there was no way I was going to step down or give into his suggestion, so I wore the skirt.

I should have given in.

I promise you, my butt really is not the size of Pluto. I somehow sense by putting this picture online it may just make it to an episode of "What Not to Wear..."

Oh, and did I mention my heels? I totally think they compensated for the bad dress. My sister wore these same babies for her wedding and I am in complete ah of how she walked around all day. Yes, they may give me 5 (or 6) inches, but it felt as though I was walking on stilts.

If you can walk in platform high heel shoes, I envy you.

Check them out, they came from this heavenly store.


Our family photo session was so cold and windy. I mean win-deeee.

My hair had a mind of it's own and Punk was a good sport and lasted for about 30 minutes before he finally gave into the freezing conditions and relentless wind gusts smashing into his face.

Rhiannon, our photographer, was so great. She has this beautiful southern drawl that makes you just want to hang onto her every word. Everytime Punk would cry she would see the anxiety building up in our eyes and she would calmly reassure us that he was doing great.

Plus we had a pack of Mentos that kept him quiet for 10 minutes--all of his individuals have this white blob in his mouth (note to self: bring smaller candy next time). 
Seriously though, if you can find a photographer that laughs when you baby is crying and tries to make the most out of a cold situation then you got yourself a winner--and that to me is worth all the moo-lah in the world!

And if any of you lovelies are in the Bozeman area check out Simple Reflections Photography to book your own family photo session--you won't be disappointed ;)

Thanks Rhiannon!

And just so I can drive Hunk insane as he reads this post, what are your favorite family photo color combinations? I need to start planning for next year.


If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the Jo Jones Jewelry Giveaway to win your very own engraved pendant necklace. 

Her jewelry is delish!


Jo Jones Jewelry Giveaway

posted on: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Have you noticed that pendant jewelry is the "new big thang?"

It's personal, classy, and timeless.

Kind of like Tiffany's but a whooooole lot cheaper.


Recently, I received a beautiful handmade necklace from  Jo Jones Jewelry and let's just say that my new neck candy is oh so sweet.

What's even sweeter is that one of you lovely readers will also be winning a necklace too! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Here's the details:

One of your lucky ladies or gents is going to win an engraved single disc pendant necklace.

Here's how you can win:

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Good Luck!

Giveaway Closed


Good Bye Yellow! Hello Blue!

Whenever I get in a creative slump I always call my little sister to get her advice. Kambrie is one of those people that can walk into a room and within ten minutes she has a vision of how to make it look like it belongs in the HGTV Dream Home.

All week I have been stressing over the yellow color on my church pew. It's a beautiful color, but it doesn't go with my walls, and there is one strict rule I have to abide by in our house:

NO painting walls!

Lame, I know, but we are planning on selling our house in a year and Hunk already went out on a ledge with all the doors in our house being green.

So I called on my sister in a panic. I knew that the color of the pew needed to change,  but I had no idea what color would go well with my paper brown tan walls (not my favorite color).

So late Friday night Kambrie and Joel drove the two hours from Billings to help me from going into a complete hysteric state.

My initial idea for my dining room was to have lots of yellows and whites with subtles pops of burnt orange, gray, and green.  Basically, I wanted to compensate for my dark walls with more light colors within my furniture.

Well, that obviously did not work.

So we decided on a more a "tame" palette that now consists of colors from the Martha Stewart Collection. 
Have you checked out her collection yet?
If you haven't get you hiney and gear and head on over to Home Depot because it is amazing.

Not only are all the paint color organized into symbols, but identical symbols mean that those colors coordinate.

Dear Martha has also created coordinating glazes, drapes, carpet, trim and molding colors--basically, everything that you will need to make each room flow into one another.

Cool idea, right?

I ended up using three colors in the dining area--Wrought Iron, Sultana (which is actually more of an olive green), and Popcorn.

Before I showcase the big unveiling I need to add a few finishing touches, including my dining area wall, but let me just say that I am so ecstatic with how it has turned out that I may ju camp out there for days!

And thank so much for all your wonderful wall ideas--if you still haven't linked up a wall idea please fill free to do so, I am waiting until this weekend to finish the last touches to the dining area.

Hope your weekend in going well!


posted on: Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today I have been kneeling before the porcelain throne puking my guts out all. day. long.

The ceasar salad that made a reappearance early this morning set my day off to a good start.

This may be too much information but have you ever had lettuce come up your throat and get stuck in your teeth? Well, if it hadn't been so horrific I may have laughed.

Sorry, I had to share......

Punk really found this whole experience to be delightful, bless his little heart.

While I puked he would lean over the toilet, stare in, and scream, "WOW!" At one point he also tried to stick his hand in the toilet and I somehow diverted the disaster by  simutaneously stopping his hand all the while still puking.

Yeah, it has been loads of fun I tell ya. 


I also had an awesome giveaway planned for today, it requires some pictures so I will hold off until tomorrow when I look more photo worthy and not a walking zombie was stringy hair and fowl breathe ;)

On a completely different note my love for Punk has grown leaps and bounds.

Yesterday, I caught Boo sitting on the counter carefully studying the Martha Stewart Paint selection pamphlet.

Almost brought a tear to my eye. I may have created a budding interior designer (much to the chagrin of Hunk).

Also, don't forget to link up your awesome wall ideas for my dining area--so far the ideas have been amazing!


The yellow church pew....

posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember last week's sneak peek?

Well, I finally got it finished. kind of....

 A few months ago I "inherited" a church pew. This is one of those legit pews with a real wood base, hymn book holder, and really awful 70-tastic itchy fabric.

Since bringing it home it has sat in our dining area while I have bantered back and forth with myself on what color to paint it.

Initially, I was going to paint it white, then I decided I would paint it mango, and finally I settled on a subtle yellow.
 I love the color, but it doesn't really go with the rest of our decor.

Hunk is more of rustic/craftsman style fan. Because of this our house has a lot of browns and tans--not really my kind of taste (even though I helped design the house).
Even though the rustic style seems to fit the "Montana way of life" I am now trying to change our home color palette to be more light and airy, especially since it is always so cold and dark here I feel that I need to bring some brightness into our home.

Within this new palette I am also trying add more flare to our home by adding little whisps of color here and there. My hope with the dining area is to add a little spunk by creating pillows (above) with fun patterns and bold colors.
 While I feel as though I have my vision planned out for the pew I am still struggling with the back wall.

So here's the deal. I have this fun bag of goodies sitting next to me that contains several lovelies from my shop.

Below you will find a link party where I am hoping you will link up your ideas or suggestions of what to do with the wall behind the pew?

The individual's link that gives me the most inspiration will get this fun bag and believe me you won't be disappointed.

The links can come from your blog, another blog, pinterest, google--just have fun with it!



Welcome Sparrow Fabrics!

posted on: Saturday, September 10, 2011

Isn't it great when you meet someone who shares your same obsessions?

Hunk usually says that when I find people with similar likes to my own that they're often enablers of my bad habits. I can live with that because if you love something (a LOT) why not share that love with others?


One of my favorite obsessions is fabric.

I love walking through quilt shops and softly grazing my hands over the rows and rows of fabrics.
I love the sound of new fabric being cut into yards.
I love the smell of a fresh bolt of fabric being removed from its' plastic caccoon. 
I love taking home nice tidy piles of folded fabric and imaging all the beautiful projects that I will create.

I thought I was obsessed until I met Maranda. 

Maranda's obsession with fabric would make even the most elite fabric conoissseur jealous. Seriously, this chick has crazy style when it comes to buying not only the best but the highest quality fabrics.

Recently, Maranda opened a new shop called Sparrow Fabrics.

Last week I was able to go get the tour of her studio.  

She has bolt after bolt of some of the most amazing fabrics!

I seriously could have stayed in her studio for hours but Punk had other plans in mind. Most of them included running amock in her studio.

Bad Boo Boo.

 She had a wide array of fabrics from the Joel Newberry Heirloom Collection which in my opinion is one of the hottest lines out there.

And my opinion often becomes fact. hahaha. Well, in my house that statement works ;)
 She also has a large selection of organic fabrics that are not only cute but safe for the planet! Now isn't that a wonderful idea?!

We actually used these organic fabrics for a wonderful photo shoot we did earlier this week. Kind of giddy to show you pictures but I think I should wait for the magazine article to come out first!
 I seriously can't get enough of Heirloom Collection? Isn't it gorgeous?

And as a tiny little side note. Maranda has the coolest shop ever where she uses all these wonderful fabrics to making the most amazing bags ever.

Now that is a fact ;)

And if you are really ambitious or if you want to check out Maranda's full line of fabric, believe me, she has tons! Stop in the studio and say "Hi!"

 While there pick up a bag or two. Try on a few dresses..
 Buy some baby shower gifts or presents

....and don't forget to pick up a few patterns to make your own beautiful masterpieces!
Now everyone blow a few kisses in Maranda's direction and welcome her back (again) to the Spunky Junky family!

We love you Maranda!

And if you are local you can totally score!

Right now you can get FREE shipping on all your orders by using the promo code:


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