Good Bye Yellow! Hello Blue!

posted on: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whenever I get in a creative slump I always call my little sister to get her advice. Kambrie is one of those people that can walk into a room and within ten minutes she has a vision of how to make it look like it belongs in the HGTV Dream Home.

All week I have been stressing over the yellow color on my church pew. It's a beautiful color, but it doesn't go with my walls, and there is one strict rule I have to abide by in our house:

NO painting walls!

Lame, I know, but we are planning on selling our house in a year and Hunk already went out on a ledge with all the doors in our house being green.

So I called on my sister in a panic. I knew that the color of the pew needed to change,  but I had no idea what color would go well with my paper brown tan walls (not my favorite color).

So late Friday night Kambrie and Joel drove the two hours from Billings to help me from going into a complete hysteric state.

My initial idea for my dining room was to have lots of yellows and whites with subtles pops of burnt orange, gray, and green.  Basically, I wanted to compensate for my dark walls with more light colors within my furniture.

Well, that obviously did not work.

So we decided on a more a "tame" palette that now consists of colors from the Martha Stewart Collection. 
Have you checked out her collection yet?
If you haven't get you hiney and gear and head on over to Home Depot because it is amazing.

Not only are all the paint color organized into symbols, but identical symbols mean that those colors coordinate.

Dear Martha has also created coordinating glazes, drapes, carpet, trim and molding colors--basically, everything that you will need to make each room flow into one another.

Cool idea, right?

I ended up using three colors in the dining area--Wrought Iron, Sultana (which is actually more of an olive green), and Popcorn.

Before I showcase the big unveiling I need to add a few finishing touches, including my dining area wall, but let me just say that I am so ecstatic with how it has turned out that I may ju camp out there for days!

And thank so much for all your wonderful wall ideas--if you still haven't linked up a wall idea please fill free to do so, I am waiting until this weekend to finish the last touches to the dining area.

Hope your weekend in going well!


  1. I love her paint colours! I painted my ENTIRE kitchen Sultana and I love it!

  2. I love the blue color! I can already tell the big reveal is going to look fabulous!

  3. Look forward to seeing the whole room. Sounds beautiful!

  4. Haha what's funny is this is supposedly yellow week

    - Sarah

  5. I wish I have a sister like genius Kambrie too! Even though I have a knack for decorating, I don't remember a time when I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my projects. I'm always second guessing especially about what color would match well with this or that. It can be a stressful phase, but I'm glad that you've found a color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes even with the difficult-to-match color of your wall. The dark color of your reupholstered church pew gives toughness to the room. I like it! Earnestine Kettering


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