Little Bit of Lovely

posted on: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday, my baby sister and her tall glass of water got married in the Salt Lake Temple. I had high hopes of getting lots and lots of pictures of the happy couple, but this was the only able to snap one photo. 


In my defense it was soooo cold outside. I was expecting to come to Utah and enjoy a bit of warm weather, instead we were graced with rain, snow, and wind.  
I did however, take quite a few pictures at her reception. It was so lovely. My cousin made all the food and it was breathtaking.

So if you ever need a caterer and you live in Northern Utah you should really hit this chick up--she has some serious talent.

My Mom is pretty talented too.

She designed and baked Kambrie's wedding cake and it turned out amazing!
To match the cake she also made coordinating cupcakes that she set in the cutest tulip cupcake tins.
Now, isn't this chick just the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Yes, I am sure you noticed the one fake nail.
Let's just say that Kambrie procrastinated on a "few details" and waited until the morning of her wedding to finish checking off her to-do list.


Sun and Green Grass

posted on: Friday, April 29, 2011

Good mornin' friends!
We're in Utah right now for Little Sis's wedding and let me just say that it will be beauty-ful.  I can't wait to show off her amazing skills--she went with a shabby chic/anthropologie inspired wedding and it will be delish my friends!

And as you may have guessed there will be no Feature Friday today. I had a root canal yesterday so I have been kind of loopy. My loopiness combined with our insanely busy day finishing last minute wedding details has meant that I have been on the computer for a total of 20 minutes.

 But don't worry I will feature some of my favorites later this week ;)
Also, did I mention how great the weather is in Utah?

The conditions have been so perfect that I thought it would be a great idea to take Punk's eighteen month photos.
I took 185 pictures. Only two of them were blog worthy. I felt like a maniac chasing my kid around. I jumped up in the air, made silly noises, and waved my hands frantically all in the name of getting a few frame worthy pictures.

He didn't care how much of a fool I made out of myself--he wouldn't look at the camera. Hunk watched the whole ordeal from the sliding glass door of my cousin's house. I don't know what he enjoyed more--Punk running frantically away from me, or my crazy dance moves to get my son's attention.

Then Punk fell on a cactus and take a guess who he ran to? His Momma.
That will teach him to run away from me.
Don't worry he will live.


Life is Better with Spunk-Week 2...

posted on: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For those of you new to Spunky Junky let me introduce you to the Life is Better with Spunk series. Each week a challenge is provided that is supposed to help us spunk up our lives.

Last week's challenge was to get outside--not just the kind of outside that takes you to the garbage can and back, but the kind of outside where fresh air lives and catepillars roam. 
The weather has been so beautiful for the last few days that I felt somewhat guilty making Punk ride in the car for five hours on Saturday when it was such a beautiful day.

When he did get outside, though, he was in a dazed grassy heaven. His love for being outside was evident by his ability to run up and down the block for hours on end. When he was tired of running he would lay in the grass only to get up to chase the neighborhood boys until he would fall on the ground giggling with excitement.

While Punk released he pent up cabin fever, I laid in the grass soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible. Occasionally, I would sit up to stare out my energized toddler wondering how he had grown up so fast?

From time to time he would run to me with he big smile and runny nose and he would fall into my lap to relax for a moment and then he would be off again.

It was glorious--and very much needed!

How was your time outside? I would love to know.


Now for this week's challenge eat at some place new.

 If you are not into eating out, then cook or bake that dish that you have putting off for the last year. 

You know what I'm about, right? That restaurant that you have been dying to eat at, but you are too busy to find any time in your hectic schedule. Or, the recipe that you ripped out of a magazine a year ago that is still stuck to your fridge.

Well, make no more excuses. Now is the time to make your taste buds tingle!

This will be fun--I promise!

Won't this challenge be a great excuse for a date night, eh? Or an legit excuse for your kitchen to get really dirty?


macaroons cake pops

This week I will conquer my phobia of baking from scratch and I will finally whip out some macaroons or cake pops.


Get Yourself Noticed: Getting Sponsors

posted on: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Over the last week I have been inundated with emails in regards to my post on "How to get Yourself Featured." Sadly, with the Easter weekend and the my sister's wedding, my ability to respond to emails has been majorly derailed.

No need for alarm my darlings. I found a solution to answer each of you.

I've decided to do a mini series entitled, "Getting Yourself Noticed."

This series will highlight everything from photography techniques to marketing your etsy shop. 

It will be fun and a there will be a test at the end. So take notes, lots and lots of notes. 

So, with that said, this week I am going to give you the 411 on sponsorship

Many moons ago before I started this blog, I use to sit at my computer for hours on end and stare at other blogs. I loved their tutorials, their funny little anecdotes, their constant inspiration, and their awe inspiring ideas.

Back then I believed that I couldn't start my own blog because I had somehow missed the blog train.

Then one night while lying in bed I decided I would start a blog. In the beginning I was overwhelmed and frustrated. I didn't know where to begin. Slowly I began to write posts and overtime a positive correlation began to occur between the number of posts and an increase in my stats.

Once I had developed a platform for my writing and I had a sense of where I wanted my blog to go I then went seeking sponsorships. 

Here are my tricks:

1. Promote yourself.
Yep, I said it. In the beginning I was so small that I knew no one would ever sponsor me. So I sponsored myself. I had a etsy shop so I started to do small giveaways every week from my store. Not only did this help boost my numbers, but it also got my name out there.

2. Friends rock.
Once I had tapped out my own giveaway budget I started to ask friends if they would like to do a giveaway on my blog. They all said, "yes!" And even today, I am still so grateful for their contributions and their faith in me when I was still a struggling blog trying to find my way.

3. Don't be afraid to ask.
The only way you will ever find sponsors or items for giveaways is to approach different companies and ask if they would like to do a giveaway. Yes, many "big blogs"  don't have to approach companies anymore because people are just throwing their items at them, but they were small once too. So believe me when I say that they had to do their own amount of sponsor searching in the beginning as well.  

4. Don't be afraid of the dreaded word, "no."
I have been turned down my fair share of shops. It happens and it is life. Let's be real for a teensy second-- You will get discouraged, but keep going my friends, with every "no" there will be a handful of "yes's."

And just think, if you don't ask you will never know what their answer may have been?

5. Don't be afraid to approach "big" blogs or shops.
If there is a shop that you love, but it is huge--approach anyway. The least they could do is say "no," but who knows they may say "yes." And just remember, if you don't ask them someone else may and then you may have just lost a "big fish" opportunity!

6. Write an awesome letter/gushing email to potential sponsors
I have provided two sample emails for potential sponsors. While there isn't just one way to write a sponsorship letter, these two examples may give you a little guidance when you start to write your own letter.

Dear Sara

My name is Halsey Bishop and I run a little blog called Spunky Junky. Recently I came upon your shop and I love your announcement cards. You have such a wide variety and I catch myself favoriting all of your items. I am really having a hard time deciding between Blast Off and Twist announcements for my little guy's first birthday! 

Now, that I have Sara's attention and I have created a sincere effort to show her that I have actually looked at her shop then I would approach her about doing a giveaway.

Even in my initial letter I would provide her with a few facts about my blog including size, target audience, and why she would benefit from doing a giveaway on Spunky Junky.

If she emailed back saying that she would be interested in doing a giveaway then I would send her back a marketing packet

In this email I would include:
*Blog statistics
*Example giveaway posts
*Target audience (and relevancy to giveaway item)
*Social media coverage (Facebook and Twitter).
*Blog post sponsorships
*Sidebar advertisng
*Product review (FREE advertising for xx months)

The second letter is if you already have a product from a particular shop.

Dear Sara

My name is Halsey and I run a blog called Spunky Junky. Recently, I purchased 50 Twist announcements from your shop and I couldn't be more pleased. The quality of your announcements are amazing. Thank you so much for providing such a great product.

Once, I finished gushing about Sara's products I would then approach her about doing a giveaway. If she agreed, I would then send her the same marketing package as above.

Once, she agreed to the giveaway I would do everything possible to promote her shop and products. This is where the hard work starts for you

Remember what I said last week about when you give love you will receive love. Well, this is where you should do it. 

Promote your shops, gush about them, tweet them, facebook them, post about them often. Do whatever you can to get there names out there, because when everyone else starts to love them then you will have done your job!

7. Here are a few ideas for promoting your lovely giveaways and sponsors:
*post dedicated solely to the sponsor's shop and the giveaway item
*daily tweets about the shop
*facebook updates about the sponsor's shop
*sidebar advertisement
*daily posts with a shout out about the sponsor at the bottom
* If you know certain days on your blog get hit more then other days put a special note at the bottom directing your readers to the giveaway.

8. When doing a giveaway, you could also make these mandatory or optional requirements:
*ask readers to visit the sponsor's blog/shop
*provide extra giveaway entries if they purchase something for the sponsor's store
*ask them to become a follower/fan of the sponsor's blog/shop
*have them tweet/post/or facebook the giveaway and the sponsor

Remember, to ask the sponsor how they would like to be promoted. Also, and maybe most importantly, ask them which of these requirements must be mandatory. ;)


And remember...
helping others out is can fun and rewarding. Don't you think?

Now, get to work finding those awesome sponsors! 


Meet my monochromatic friend.

posted on: Monday, April 25, 2011

A preface is needed for the pictures below.

 Every morning I wake up and stare at the chevron wall art that is on our bedroom wall. Sometimes I will lay in bed thinking, "wow, I should have spray painted more lids. Maybe I should start saving lids again. I think I need to go buy more shoes so I have lids."

Or, "I need something else on the wall. Maybe it isn't the wall, maybe it is that ghastly yellow chair? I really need to reupholster that chair. I wonder where I put my staple gun. I should really clean out the garage, maybe the staple gun is hidden in there."

Do you get my point?

I get gray hairs just laying in bed...thinking about a wall. Yes, I wake up in the morning and think about a wall.  

A few weeks ago I finally decided that I was going to add a lamp to the top of our dresser, thus to also help me stop thinking about "the wall". The lamp base was a beauty with it's intricate details, but all of that was overshadowed by it gold goodness. The lamp shade had that 70's-tastic yellow glow to it and it smelled of moth balls and dust.  

So I removed the clothe from the lampshade so that only that bare bones of it was left. Then I gave both the base and the shade a nice coat of Kilz Primer and Krylon White spray paint.

When you look at this picture please be aware that I know there is no light bulb in the lamp. I am waiting to find the right vintage edison bulb. 

And yes, the finial is still an outlandish gold color. I had to actually look up what a finial was because I was  going to write, "The twisty screw on top of the lamp."

Finial sounds way more professional, don't cha think?

I thought a skeleton lamp shade with a white base would be the right touch to complete my wall. I wanted a piece to go along with my chevron wall art that was simplistic in nature, but still made a bold statement. 

I wanted a piece that made me wake up in the morning and say, "Hello wall, why don't you look just lovely today." 

So be real with me. What are your feelings about my monochromatic friend?

Feature Friday Number Nine Round Two

posted on: Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here is another great round of features that I just had to share will all my favorite peeps
 (Get it? "peeps").
 hahaha.  Okay, I am the only laughing, that's fine.


Vivienne at the V Spot created the coolest  Wine Cork Wall Art display.

Meal Makin Momma made peanut butter cookies with nutella. Oh heaven help my poor pants.

Poofy Boutique is making my mouth water with her baked jalapeno poppers.

Bugaboo made the most delightful grass sunburst mirrors!

Finally, dear sweet Landee from Landee See Landee Do created the greatest printable for Spring.
What, spring? Yeah, it is still winter here, but she gives me hope ;)

I'm thinking the Easter Bunny better wear his ear puffs and Ugg boots this weekend.

Thanks Ladies for the great features this week! I hope all you of you come back next week, and I hope you have a hoppin' Easter.

Get it?

I am freaking hilarious.

No? Well, I try.

Feature Friday #9

posted on: Friday, April 22, 2011

I am so impressed with the great projects that ya'll linked up last week. Because I can't very well just pick five I am going to do another round of features tomorrow.


So check out these lovelies and give em some sugar!
My Lifetime Subscription made the coolest vintage crocheted apron.
Southern Lovely revamped the coolest dresser, and the color is a-mazing.

I'm a Mom not a Professional made a purse out of placemats. It is seriously cool, friends.
Twenty Something, hands downs the coolest curtains I have ever seen.

Check out this cute baby shower by Memories by Anna Dawn

You ladies have mad skills!

Remember to grab a button...

Link Party Rules:
*Link to a specific post, not your homepage, or a giveaway.
*Post something that you have done in the last month
*Check out at least one other lovely and give them some sugar! Everyone loves comments and compliments.
*Grab my button and put it somewhere on your blog!
*Come back next week to see the featured projects!



What do bunnies and a red fire truck have in common

posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My baby sis is graduating in three weeks. I can't believe my little girl is gonna be an adult.


Kelty is a special soul.
She has a deep side.
She enjoys reading Tangerine, Ayn Rand, and Fahrenheit 451.

She has a not so deep side.
Her favorite movies include, but are not limited to: Empire Records, Princess Bride, Sixteen Candles, and (500) Days of Summer.

She has a fun side.
She rocks Sperry's and Converses like no other.
She once owned a bunny named Ariel, who was house trained.
And she once wore a bunny costume on a street corner with a sign that said, "Honk if you Love Carrots."
Yes, she did.
best shoes ever
She also has amazing photo skills.
Like the pictures below. For her photography class final she did a picture series of her friends with their cars. Punk made the cut with his red fire truck.

FYI: He's a bad driver so stay off the sidewalks.

(Didya know she developed these beauties by herself too)?

So what do bunnies and red fire trucks have in common?
hmm. not quite sure.
 but you read the whole post to find out didn't ya?


But we do have a Spunky Junky "surprise gift" winner!
Congrats Nicole! I will be contacting you soon~!

Life is Better with Spunk Week One...

Today is the first week of "Life is Better with Spunk," and I am kind of excited for this new series. I have been toying with this idea for quite awhile and I decided that I would put my "brain child" into action with the launch of my new blog design. 

For those of you new to Spunky Junky the "Life is Better with Spunk" challenge is a series of weekly challenges meant to spice up my life and yours! 

 Sometimes the challenges will serve a personal interest, other times the challenges will push you to step outside your comfort zone and help someone else.

No matter what they challenge may be it will always serve the purpose of bringing spunk to someone's life. I mean, really isn't that what life is all about anyway?

Clarification: My sis called this morning to say that she was confused. So here's the 411.
I will post a challenge on Wednesday. We all have one week to finish that challenge. The next Wednesday I post a new and exciting challenge.

This week's challenge: Get outside my friends.

Get out and run, hit the mountains for a hike, search for countless hours for that long lost golden egg, go for a bike ride, plant a garden, clean your yard (preferrably before Easter), the options are endless.

No matter rain/shine/snow get your hieney outside!

Who knows, maybe the rainy or snowing weather will help create an even more memorable experience?! 

Have you ever tried to have an Easter Egg Hunt during a snow storm? Well, we were still finding eggs during the Fourth of July...


How can I get featured?

posted on: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A dear reader sent me the sweetest email the other day. She wrote about her frustrations and successes with blogging.
When reading her email a sea of emotions rushed through me.
 Her words reminded me of my own experiences and how relieved I was when I finally got my big break. Her thoughts were so sincere that I thought I would share a few of her words with all of you,  

"I starting blogging a few months ago and I have been posting my projects to different blogging parties, but I have not been featured yet....I think projects are original and well made...What am I doing wrong?"

I don't think there is an easy answer to this question. So I am going to explain what has worked for me, and please remember that this is just my opinion so don't take it as the only solution.

1. Great pictures.
The goal of linking to a blog party is to get noticed. The best way to get noticed is to have great pictures. Your pictures should be bright, clear, and professional looking.

Now don't be alarmed by the word, "professional."  One of the easiest ways to create your own professional photos is to create a clean and clear background.  

For instance....
Remember this lovely cupcake stand? The whole set up was staged, kinda...

Here's what the full picture looked like...
 So you see, just because my house was dirty (was is the KEY word) it didn't mean that my pictures needed to be dirty too.

2. Create consistency with your photos.
I use a white piece of posterboard as my background for all my pictures. I started doing this because I wanted my pictures to have a fresh look.

If a posterboard isn't your thing that is fine too. But the key is to always make sure you have nice, bright photos.
 See the difference a white background creates?
3. Link to blogs in your niche.
You are more likely to get featured on a specific blog if you have something in common with that blogger. For instance, if you are a craft blogger, post to craft blogs. If you love cooking, post to a cooking blog.

This doesn't mean that you can't post to different types of blogs, but if you are trying to find a way to get featured then this may be the first step to getting recognized.

5. Become friends with blogs you love.
The more often you comment and interact with the blogs you like, the more they will begin to remember you. And "remembering you" is a really, really good thing. Believe me when I say that others will be more open to featuring you and your blog when they know that you have a sincere interest in their blog too.

When you give some love, you will receive some love!

6. Find a writing style that fits YOU.
When it comes to getting featured, pictures are only half of the story.
Whether you blog is centered around lifestyle, photography, home decor, or traveling try to write content that is meaningful.

Not all blogs are meant to be funny.
If your are more comfortable with providing inspiration then use that as your strength.
Find out what your "strength" is and channel it into your writing.
When you are passionate about what you write your readers will be able to sense that passion. And that "sense" is what will keep drawing them back to your blog day after day.
'nuf sappiness for the day... 

7. Stay motivated.
Finally, for all of you that are new bloggers don't give up! Post often. The more you post the more your blog will begin to unfold into your vision.

 And for those of you that are thinking of starting a blog...

Now, aren't cha all motivated? hmmm.

Did you check out this week's giveaway yet? hmmm #2.

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