Meet my monochromatic friend.

posted on: Monday, April 25, 2011

A preface is needed for the pictures below.

 Every morning I wake up and stare at the chevron wall art that is on our bedroom wall. Sometimes I will lay in bed thinking, "wow, I should have spray painted more lids. Maybe I should start saving lids again. I think I need to go buy more shoes so I have lids."

Or, "I need something else on the wall. Maybe it isn't the wall, maybe it is that ghastly yellow chair? I really need to reupholster that chair. I wonder where I put my staple gun. I should really clean out the garage, maybe the staple gun is hidden in there."

Do you get my point?

I get gray hairs just laying in bed...thinking about a wall. Yes, I wake up in the morning and think about a wall.  

A few weeks ago I finally decided that I was going to add a lamp to the top of our dresser, thus to also help me stop thinking about "the wall". The lamp base was a beauty with it's intricate details, but all of that was overshadowed by it gold goodness. The lamp shade had that 70's-tastic yellow glow to it and it smelled of moth balls and dust.  

So I removed the clothe from the lampshade so that only that bare bones of it was left. Then I gave both the base and the shade a nice coat of Kilz Primer and Krylon White spray paint.

When you look at this picture please be aware that I know there is no light bulb in the lamp. I am waiting to find the right vintage edison bulb. 

And yes, the finial is still an outlandish gold color. I had to actually look up what a finial was because I was  going to write, "The twisty screw on top of the lamp."

Finial sounds way more professional, don't cha think?

I thought a skeleton lamp shade with a white base would be the right touch to complete my wall. I wanted a piece to go along with my chevron wall art that was simplistic in nature, but still made a bold statement. 

I wanted a piece that made me wake up in the morning and say, "Hello wall, why don't you look just lovely today." 

So be real with me. What are your feelings about my monochromatic friend?


  1. Normally I can't stand the look of the skeleton lampshade that has become all the rage, but yours is so clean and pristine that I find no fault in it at all, in fact I rather like it! Except that finial, paint that thing! LOL

    I adore your little white owl, kind of want to walk up to him and ask him how many licks it takes to get to the center of my tootsie pop!

  2. I honestly love it. It looks really cool with everything else. And only you could pull this off! It's awesome. Great job. I hate when things don't feel right! Those things keep me up at night!

  3. I think it looks great, but don't think I could do it. It seems like the bulb would just be glaring when it was turned on. Are you ever going to use it or is it just to look at? I'd probably have to add a plain, white shade.

  4. I love it! I am saving the picture right now to ask the hubs if he is on board with me. (not to worry if he says no it will just have to happen while he is at work :) Oh and I kind of like the way it looks without a bulb... is that weird?

  5. I think I like it! :-) But, I like it how it is. Will you actually use it? I think if it was me, and I was going to use the lamp, I'd have to have a shade of some sort on it.

  6. I honestly love the look there :) I totally understand getting gray hairs thinking about a project !!

  7. I hear ya on getting gray hairs thinking a/b a project!! My opinion, I think the "lamp" needs a decorative "finial", spray painted white of course, to match. :)

  8. that lamp is lovely! I can't wait until I have a more permanent place to decorate!

  9. I don't know if I like the shade-less lamp or not. I'm on the fence, but it looks like you are on the fence as well. For things like this, I just let them sit there for a while. I'll look at it for days or even weeks, then I'll either decide I like it and leave it alone, or I will decide to "do something to it". Either way, it just happens kind of naturally and it'll just "come to me."
    (I do think you should paint the finial either way...)
    Good luck!

  10. One of the other commenters said she likes it without the bulb ... ME TOO! I think it looks cool just sittin there, except the gold screw thingamabob needs to be painted, but it looks clean and cool. Plus if you put a bulb in it w/ no shade, it'd be to bright.

  11. I love it, all of it! I think it looks great without the light bulb. I would love to look at that every day as well. :)

  12. as you already know, i LOVE the wall & this lamp is amazing!! i'm saving this page to my favorites as well! keep the good posts coming ;) xox

  13. I like it, but I wouldn't use it with a bulb I'd just leave it as is.

    note to self, tuck finial away for a words with friends game....

  14. I never would have thought of the skeleton lamp, but its great! Keep doin' what you're doin.

  15. I am normally not fond of birds (at all!) but I really like your little owl! He looks so cute in all white with the all white lamp.


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