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posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Nights and days seem to run into one another around here. While the baby may be an amazing sleeper, she has developed this knack for grunting. and I don't mean little bits of noise here and there. It's more of a deep rumble that she and Hunk can sleep through, but it keeps me up at all hours of the night. I'm a bit hesitant to move her to the basement with her brother, so her new home may become our walk-in closet.

Please tell me I am not the only one who puts their sleeping grunters in the closet..

And even though sleep deprivation is still prevalent, I have managed to get us into a somewhat regular schedule. It's hard, really hard. Especially with being in a new house, new town, and having a new baby. Our schedule is somewhat lenient though--allowing for lots of pajama days. Thank goodness for pajamas, and elastic waist bands, and stretchy yoga pants.

They are real life savers.

I haven't forgotten about little Addy's birth story. It's coming soon. promise.

Instagram photos...

posted on: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

//baby getting sun time
//strawberries at every meal for Punk
//camper. trailer. literally
//hunk trying to wake the munchkin
//nacho libre, do i need to say more?
//game night snacks
//baby not enjoying game night..or snacks
//really, hunk?
//bbq season has begun
//hunk gave in to Punk's angry birds fetish
//Sissy, let me rub your head. I know you'll love it...not..
//new house came with pets. that eat my flowers. shame.
//bad day for all.
//yeah, she sleeps. a. lot.
//view from the waiting room at the hospital
//"helping" pick up his cards...kinda

Memorial Weekend was a bit disappointing this year. Now, don't have a heart attack Kam and Kelty (I loved having you visit)!


It snowed. And blew. and snowed. and rained. and then it repeated itself again and again.

Literally and figuratively.

Then Mother Nature thought it would be funny to have the sun and warm weather come out around four on Monday afternoon.

She's a real jokester.

However, the bad weather didn't deter us from eating lots of food, watching endless hours of HGTV, and  cuddling up with the most precious baby ever. Did I mention that she is already sleeping through the night? Heavenly, right?

Punk on the other hand is still keeping us up. Oh, little man you still my priority child.  
//obviously, snow. not so obvious, it being May 26th.

Really awesome Mother Nature.


week one.

posted on: Friday, May 25, 2012


posted on: Thursday, May 24, 2012

After forty weeks and five days we finally welcomed our baby girl into the world. The new house is coming together, Brecken is adjusting, John is no longer driving an hour-and-a-half to work, and baby girl is getting leg rolls--so all is good 'round here.


posted on: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow morning I'll be having a c-section at 9:30 in the a.m. It's kind of bitter sweet. My hopes were high for a natural birth, but this baby has become quite cozy in here current position so after lots of debating our limited options the best one seemed to be the one that involved an invasive cut across my stomach.


On a high note I have experienced a massive surge of energy that may-or-may-not have resembled nesting (again). I have moved boxes, packed bedrooms, cleaned base boards, washed walls, and wiped down cupboards all with limited mobility and a watermelon protruding out of my stomach.

Even though the house is a mess and our lives seem a bit unraveled we are making progress..

Bed's have been taken down and mattresses now rest on the floor.

 Boxes containing remnants of our life are scattered here and there...
 Random toys that were somehow forgotten in the "toy box" lay helplessly throughout the house.

 Beds remain unmade and provide the perfect trampoline for Punk

My feet remain swollen, oh so swollen.

With no food around the house, Punk and I have resorted to eating cereal for most of our meals.

 Piles of books await the their fate to see if they'll make the move...

 Toys have been replaced with whatever tool may still be around...

And in the final hours before the big moment I decided to take a few extra moments to kiss up on my Boo. Here's to last minute baby flutters, swollen feet, and midnight bathroom rendezvous.



posted on: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My due date has now come and gone and this little lady is still holding out on us. I'm sensing she may be a diva who will live up to the mantra of being fashionably late...

Week 39 of my pregnancy came and went with a vengance. Packing and the logistics of moving have been taking over my brain and all my energy. Who knew I would have to do a change of address for nearly thirty different accounts?

A more minimalistic life may be in our future.

My contractions are now becoming more frequent and neither sitting or standing is comfortable--a real  connumdrum I now face.

Hunk has been amazing through it all. He comes home at night and packs the truck, goes to work, unpacks the trunk and then we start the whole process over again. It become very ritualistic to us now.

Emotions, however, have been riding high. Our hospital cannot perform inductions on VBAC's so if the baby doesn't come in the next two days on her own I am scheduled for a C-Section on Friday--a decision I have been adamantly against, but we are really left with no other options.

The thought of not actually being able to give birth to a child was something I always took for granted until now. I try not to think about it too much because the thought of missing out on one of the most personal and intimate moments of motherhood is too much to ruminate over right now.

Let's just hope I can whip out some extra jump jacks in the next two days and that she'll decide to finally grace us all on her own.

Here's to wishful thinking, eh?


posted on: Sunday, May 13, 2012

To all those who read spunky junky out there I want you to know that the misses herself is THE BEST MOTHER and wife you can find.  When I married Halsey she was a goal setting, career driven, self motivated women who had all the education and spunk to go with it.  What I didn't know is that deep down inside she was all mother.

As soon as Brecken was born her whole life changed.  She became the mother that anyone of us would want for our kids.  She is loving, caring, understanding, and patient.  We have been through many trials in our first few years together but she has always stood strong and been the BEST MOTHER in the world!


Signing out HUNK!

Because of you.

Because of you I became a mother--a little sooner than expected, but I became a mother nonetheless.

Because of you I learned the true meaning of prayer and just how strong I could really become.

Because of you I learned how to change a diaper, apply the right about of Desitin, and how to proper apply baby powder without a cloud of white covering you and myself.

Because of you I learned the value of sleep. Oh how I miss sleep and waking up at ten in the morning--but I must say, I have now witnessed some very beautiful sun rises.

Because of you I now have a pocket full of "firsts"--first giggle, first tummy roll, first steps, first words, first kiss, first "I love you..." the list could go on.

Because of you my purse has morphed from a bag that once held the daily essentials of lip gloss, keys, movie tickets, iPod, text books, pens, and gum to a sea of graham crackers, diapers, melted crayons, dum dums, helicopters, wipes, and crushed cheerios.  

Because of you I found pleasure in late night cuddle sessions. You wispy breathe and hot body are small reminders of your father and all the little things that you have inherited from him.

Because of you I learned that dinner's out require crayons and an iPad and that no dinner outing is complete without drawing lots of kites, balloos, cakes, helicoppers, and the occasional shrek (yes, I've mastered drawing shrek).

Because of you I've learned the truthfulness of unselfish acts and giving ones self for another being.
Because of you I've learned that any adventure to Target requires at least a bag of popcorn and a red n' blue Icee.
Because of you, my Mom became a grandmother. I would like to say I'm one of her all-time greatest achievements, but I think you may have beat us all. Oh how she loves you.

Because of you I now appreciate her even more. Motherhood is hard. so hard. And now I have the smallest understanding of what she went through. You helped to open my eyes, B.

My baby boo. You run, you jump, you never ever ever stop and you won't stay off my kitchen counter. You laugh hysterically and talk all the time. You know your way around my phone and iPad like you are the love child of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. 

There is never a moment where you are not saying you ABC's, pointing out numbers, or noticing every shape. You are so smart and your laughter is contagious to anyone you meet. You may not know it now but you have such a large heart and your love for everyone around you never ceases.
For having such a scary start to live you have found a way to make up the difference. You're smile, your eyes, you fiery red hair, and oh those long eyelashes will be the death of me someday. But for now you are mine and because of all these things and more I am so blessed that God let me be your Momma.

Happy Mothers to all you fine ladies out there! And a very special and heart felt Mother's Day to my own Momo and mother-in-law, you're the cream of the crop and I love you .



posted on: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I can see the finish line, my friends. And let me reiterate (again) how excited I am.

At my doctors visit yesterday our little bean is still holding out and doesn't show any signs of coming anytime soon. 

Go figure, right?

Knowing my luck I will go over with this one...I think it's God's way of playing a funny trick on me.

So how about we all pray for a weekend baby, mmmkay? 


At the farm

I'd imagined that my stress level would have been over the top this past week, but it seems like both Hunk and I have been rolling with the punches. He's good about that, he never gets really gets anxious (unless it is concerning being on time--he's kind of a time freak (except for church))....

anyway with the baby coming any day and our lease date set for next week, AND the closing date set for the 25th on our house..we are kind of in limbo right now.

Most of the house has been packed up, except for the essentials, and I have been doing my fair share of jumping jacks and box moving to accelerate the baby's arrival.  She obviously knows what awaits her on the outside--I don't blame her.

If I knew Brecken was out there scheming plans for my demise I would probably stay in as long as possible too. Smart cookie that one..

On Saturday we ventured out of maze of boxes and packing materials to get some fresh air. John's parents have a farm close by and Punk loves the freedom of running amok without anyone disciplining him or telling him to be careful.

The bantering of farm life and the hustling of animals milling around was a sweet reminder of simpler things. The farm is always a calming force for me, especially now with the chaotic nature of our lives. Each time I go out there it reminds me of home, and a life I left behind a long time ago.

While John, Brecken, and Grandpa scurried around from one animal to the next, I slowly maneuvered to the pond for some simple reflection. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity to be alone considering any personal space will disappear in a matter of days.

To be honest I thought a lot about having my body back, and the surreal notion of seeing my feet again without leaning over. I heard Brecken giggling as he ran and thanked my Heavenly Father for such a spunky spirit to be brought into our home. I peered at the Bridger Mountains and their snow caped peaks and my heart was  filled with gratitude for being able to live in such a naturally beautiful place. 

As Brecken's laugh pulled me out of my own wave of thoughts again I noticed he was now scurrying along trying to keep pace with John and I knew again (as I have many times before) that I married an amazing man. While deep down my nerves were still racing, and my mind was still pondering "How will we get it all done in two weeks?" I knew that if I had him we could do anything. 


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