posted on: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow morning I'll be having a c-section at 9:30 in the a.m. It's kind of bitter sweet. My hopes were high for a natural birth, but this baby has become quite cozy in here current position so after lots of debating our limited options the best one seemed to be the one that involved an invasive cut across my stomach.


On a high note I have experienced a massive surge of energy that may-or-may-not have resembled nesting (again). I have moved boxes, packed bedrooms, cleaned base boards, washed walls, and wiped down cupboards all with limited mobility and a watermelon protruding out of my stomach.

Even though the house is a mess and our lives seem a bit unraveled we are making progress..

Bed's have been taken down and mattresses now rest on the floor.

 Boxes containing remnants of our life are scattered here and there...
 Random toys that were somehow forgotten in the "toy box" lay helplessly throughout the house.

 Beds remain unmade and provide the perfect trampoline for Punk

My feet remain swollen, oh so swollen.

With no food around the house, Punk and I have resorted to eating cereal for most of our meals.

 Piles of books await the their fate to see if they'll make the move...

 Toys have been replaced with whatever tool may still be around...

And in the final hours before the big moment I decided to take a few extra moments to kiss up on my Boo. Here's to last minute baby flutters, swollen feet, and midnight bathroom rendezvous.



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  2. Good luck tomorrow! From my experience, the c-section itself isn't nearly as scary as everyone makes it out to be. Honestly, I enjoyed being able to relax while the doctor helped our gal get out. I was calming BEN down through the process ;) I'm guessing the hardest part for you will be recovery A. because you have your little 'punk'. B. because, let's be honest, a slice in your abdomen is bound to scream as it heals. My personal recommendation: take as much medicine as allowed and safe without encouraging a drug addiction. Also, as annoying as it is, get up (slowly) and move as much as possible. It really does help you heal faster.
    So excited for you that she's coming!

  3. I was hoping you would get your natural birth too, but I bet you're just so excited to meet the little angel :) Good luck, and I can't wait to see pics :)

  4. I hope everything went smoothly and congrats on the new arrival!!

  5. Oh the swollen feet.. mine looked exactly like that. Congratulations though! Hope everything went well!


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