Weekly Steal: Daisy Earrings

posted on: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good afternoon lovelies!

I've felt that a real whirl wind today--I've already checked off everything on my "to-do" list, and even managed to throw in doing the dishes and a couple loads of laundry.

I'm thinking this girl deserves some Cold Stone...**cough, cough** eyes on you Hunk


I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support of the Weekly Steal, it's been really fun to see what you buy!

And let me tell you, next week is going to be awesome!

I'm really excited.

This week's deal, though, (no point in jumping ahead of myself, eh?) are the Dainty Daisy Earrings, which may be one of my favorite items in the shop.

There are lots of colors and these little babies are wonderful gifts.

Originally $6.00 they are now on sale for $2.50.

Say, what?!


Enjoy and thanks for being awesome.

365 Project: 30.31

 Day 30//  The only baby proofing I've done in our house has been a latch on the cupboard below the kitchen sink so Punk can't get into my cleaning supplies.

We dismissed the gate idea because he started to go up and down the stairs at nine months.

We didn't put safety locks on the doors, or a slip-proof mat in the bath tub, and when we tried to put rubber bumpers on the doors so he wouldn't smash he fingers he just found those to be the best chew toy ever.

I left my house nicely decorated because I wanted him to learn boundaries, and he has done well, except for one item-

The typewriter.

He will pound away on it for hours. Then last night he did the unthinkable...he pulled the ink strip out of it. Black and red everywhere, on his clothes, hands, couch, myself, even the typewriter.

The quote that I have sitting in the typewriter has finally lived up to all of its hype-- "Take your place. Make your mark. Live your life."

Well, he has left a mark now.
Day 31//  Remember how I mentioned that Punk wasn't sleeping through the night?

I couldn't take it anymore, so in a moment of desperation I asked Hunk if he would  convert Punk's crib to a toddler bed. Yes, my son has still been crib.

So if he did get up in the night maybe by some miraculous chance he would just play in his room without crying.

So he converted it, and I nearly cried with excitement.

Punk jumped with excitement over the new bed trampoline.

We knew it wouldn't be easy keeping him in their because let's be honest--my kid is on some natural form of crack that keeps him going ALL day long.


Five minutes after putting him to bed we heard the "ping. ping. ping." of his piano.

We opened the door to find him banging away he had a look of pure satisfaction over his new sense of freedom.

After two hours of playing this fun little game where we would put him back to bed, and he would immediately get up again and play with his toys he finally fell asleep...until four ;)

After a short rendezvous of cuddling in his bed in the wee hours in the morning I finally went in this morning to find him still asleep.

Heaven help us all, now that he can run free at night.
Ever wonder what my usual attire consists of these days...

 Here it is, residual left over mascara from yesterday is for your enjoyment as well.

The robe. Oh the robe.

Hunk and my sister bought me this lovely when I was on bed rest in the hospital with Punk. I often feel like the purple Periwinkle People Eater when wearing it.

If you want a real treat try driving by our house early in the morning--Hunk is usually wearing this robe to take out the garbage...control yourselves I know it's too hot of am image to handle.



posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012


Is there a movie that is constantly on repeat in your house?

This week it is Shrek 2. The Fairy Godmother can't handle hearing the news  about the marriage of Shrek and Fiona.

Very dramatic, almost as dramatic as The Bachelor...

Now, who's excited for Monday night?!!!!


let me explain...

Day 28// Hunk left this past weekend to go on a fishing trip in Wyoming.

Usually I tag along, but this year I decided that I didn't have the energy (or the bladder) to chase Brecken around.

I opted for the more safe route, so Punk and I stayed home.

Our weekend included lots of Super Why, Trix cereal, and maybe a dozen donuts.

shame. shame.


Day 29//Whenever Hunk is gone I try really hard to tackle some of the projects I always put off.

This trip, I decided to back up my computer on an external hard drive.

While skimming through a few folders I came across pictures from our childhood that Kambrie (sis) put in her wedding video.

Let me just preference with saying that I am so glad we outgrew that awkward stages in our lives...

Christmas pictures are always so confrontational in my family.

It goes something like this:

Mom: "Ok we need to take some pictures."
Us: "ughhhhhh."
Mom: "Smile!"
Mom: "Wait, they don't look right let's take a few more."
Us: "MOM! No more."

Dad: "Let your Mom take some pictures."
Mom: "We need to take them again, none of you were smiling."
Us: "Mom it is five in the morning."

Mom: "Ok. Ok. I'm done....Wait! I forgot to turn on the video camera."

We love the holidays.

By the way, I really think the Navajo robes are the best part of these pictures... 
 Kambrie and I are only 18-months a part so of course my Mom has lots of pictures of the two of together. Often these pictures involve awkward poses, or matching outfits.

Sadly, we still end up buying the same clothes even now.

I think she kind of envies me....
Kelty was obviously not excited.

Does it make us even more hick-ish that this picture was taken at a tractor pull contest?

The Kool Aid Hat.

Why Mom?! Why?!

I don't know why I wore it everywhere or why I needed to pair it with a leopard print shirt...

But believe me when I say this outfit is not the worst thing I wore. Picture a pair of neon print clown pants, a floral vest, and my Mom's high heels.

I am kind of okay with the fact that I couldn't find that picture


FYI...Don't forget to check out the Weekly Steal that ends tonight. The large mum ring which is originally $12.00 is on sale for $5.00.


365 Project: Our Week

posted on: Friday, January 27, 2012

 Day 23// Brecken has a few loves.
His blanket.
Listening to singing cards.
And chocolate cake....He may look like a certain German....whose name rhymes with Madoff Pitler....

 Day 24// I really don't mind doing chores around the house, but taking dishes out the dishwasher is often torture for me.

My ability to neglect finishing chores is very evident around our house--washing laundry, but forgetting to take it out of the dryer; doing dishes, but leaving them in the dishwasher; sweeping the floor, but forgetting to mop.

I have been known to leave dishes in the dishwasher for a "few" days.

Hunk, here's proof that I actually do put them away...occasionally...

 Day 25// I have been trying to be diligent at bath time to help Brecken learn the names of animals and their sounds.

So far, everything is a puppy that moos. We've been stuck in this animal rut for awhile.

Any suggestions on learning the other animals???
 Day 26// We've been working on some big projects.

Yep, I said it, actual projects.

One of those projects includes a new headboard and foot board for our master bedroom.

When Hunk gets in the building mood we don't stop until the project is complete.

We started our bed at oh 8:30ish at night and Hunk finally let my swollen feet and me go to bed at 1:30--he's a work horse.
We are still snow-less and cold-less.

But when I say we have been windy I mean win-deee; like school buses pushed off the road, motel signs toppling over, and the interstate closed.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Hunk has left for the weekend on a man-date with his Dad, brother, and nephews, so Punk and I have a lot of plans which include chick flicks, popcorn, and maybe some shopping.



Stick a Pin in it: Sweet Pulled Pork Knock-Off

posted on: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This morning I stumbled out of bed wanting to throw together a post I  finished last night and it wouldn't let me add additional photos--I begged and pleaded, but to no avail.

So between my blogger debacle and Punk smashing blueberries in the carpet I felt that I needed to calm my nerves with a Dr. Pepper.

Thanks, Doc you always know how to make a girl feel better.


Have you ever eaten at a Cafe Rio?

It's a fun little Mexican/Southwestern eatery that boasts itself on mouth watering flavors and a dish to satisfy almost palette.  

We Montana (aka Bozeman) folks don't believe in being up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the culinary cuisine so I usually have to wait until I go to Great Falls or to Utah to devour a Cafe Rio dish.

So when we do have a craving for something "exotic" it requires the use of knock-off cooking.

My cousin found a great recipe for Cafe Rio's famous cilantro ranch dressing and after searching I was also able to find a fun recipe for their sweet pulled pork.

The menu of choice last night was the Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Salad with some fun substitutions.

I found a great recipe on Pinterest from a cute blog called Favorite Family Recipes.

They broke down the meal into easy steps with directions on how to make sweet pulled pork, cilantro lime rice, and cilantro ranch dressing.

Delish my friends, delish.

The recipe was initially for a pulled pork salad but we decided to put our meal in homemade hard taco shells.

Super easy and quick, and totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you happen to cook a great knock-off meal I would love to hear about it!

Also, for those of you that are new to Spunky Junky feel free to link up tutorials, recipes, and ideas that you have found using inspiration from Pinterest!

I love when we can all have new "pinspirations!"

Link rules:
*Link to a specific post
*Make sure the post is about an idea gained from Pinterest!


Weekly Steal: Mum Ring

posted on: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good day friends!

I hope your Tuesday is going well. Punk and I got caught up on The Bachelor drama for the week.

Seriously, that Courtney chick is making me want to pull my own hair out. Am I the only one that thinks she is ca-razy!


Anywho.....This week's steal is the medium size mum ring. Super cute and lovely.

The ring is originally $12.00 and is now on sale for $5.00.

Have fun shopping!


posted on: Monday, January 23, 2012

Coat//Apostraphe, Jeggings//Target, Shoes//Vera Wang

World War III is going on in my house today.

Brecken saw his blanket in the washing machine and instantly needed to have it. I told him he had to wait until it was dried.

He then proceeded to stand, nose pressed to the dryer window, for 30 minutes screaming until I let him and his blanket reunite.

Dramatic, very dramatic.

Heaven help me when this girl gets here.

The Weekend.

posted on: Sunday, January 22, 2012

 Day 20// Over the last few weeks I have been spending all of my spare time making gobs of headbands. Tons of fun I tell ya.
 Day 21//I turned 27 yesterday.

Not really a big birthday, but one year closer to the big 3-0. I told my Dad that I remembered when he turned 30, he said that's when he stopped counting.


I remember when I was little that I could hardly sleep the night before my birthday. My Mom always tried to make it a fun event since it seemed like I would always get jipped since my birthday was so close to Christmas.

I would get a party a Chucky Cheese, lots of friends invited to the event, and the satisfaction of getting all those gifts that I didn't score at Christmas time.

Now, I crave more simple pleasures--quiet time and freedom. Go figure, right?

My day:

6:30 Hunk left to go ice fishing
6:30 I got up and took a long bath without a disturbance.
7:15 Woke up Punk. Made breakfast
8:15 Dropped Punk off with Hunk so they could go ice fishing together.
8:40 Massage
10:15 girl shopping at the Gap
11:30 returns at the mall
11:45 Surprise Birthday luncheon for my Mother-in-law
2:00 My shopping without kids.
2:45 Home to cuddle my boys, got beautiful roses from John and plans to make a new bed (YAY!)
3:45 Shower
4:30 Dropped Punk off at Kelty's house
5:15 Dinner at the Rib and Chop House
7:00 MSU Boys Basketball Game without the kid
9:00 Picked up the Punk
10:00 Read a great book, fell asleep in the middle of a chapter ;)
Day 22// John and Brecken often come home from church and crash for a couple of hours.

This time is great for me to catch up on my reading, stalk my usual blogs, and lay around spending some time by myself.

As you can see I was wildly productive today.



365 Project: Day 18 & 19

posted on: Thursday, January 19, 2012

 My Momma kind of rocks.

Even though I have a husband and a kid of my own she still takes care of me.

I mentioned to her the other day that I was craving the world's best chocolate--and what do you know. Two days later I received a package in the mail with these lovelies waiting to be devoured; very sinful I might add.

She notices little details--if we make note of something in passing that we want, she remembers and surprises us with it.

She still hides Easter eggs for us and makes us take turns when opening our stockings, and occasion we may still tattle on each other to my Mom.

Shameful, I know.

But this lady is great and I love her bunches.

Momma, you are totally cool and the chocolates are heavenly.
John bought us season tickets to go watch Montana State Men's Basketball.

He loves watching them, Punk loves running the halls, so it means that I can be found ducking in and out of the game the entire time.

I think I got as much of a workout as the basketball players--and I guarantee none of them were pregnant and needed to pee every ten minutes....


Stick a Pin in it: glass etching

posted on: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 Howdy Ho!

Welcome to another week of "Stick a Pin in it."

Each Wednesday I highlight a project I did during the week using inspiration gained from Pinterest, hence "pinspiration."

 This week I took a fun idea from 7th House on the Left (a super cute DIY Home blog...a must to check out). Originally, their idea used frosted vinyl on a door, I was more inspired to take vinyl and use it to etch my name into my baking dishes.

I don't do much baking, but personalized dishes sounded fun...
 For this project you will need:
Silhouette Cameo (or another cutting machine of choice)

 I designed each bake dish on my Silhouette Cameo, once I had the right dimensions I then printed (or cut) out my design then I laid each design on the back side of my baking dish.

***VERY Important***
For aesthetic purposes I have my designs going from right-to-left so you can see what they look like. But actually I cut out the design with the words backwards so that when you look in the dish you can read it properly.


If you want a great tutorial on how to use vinyl and the Silhouette visit these lovely ladies.

Once I put the etching cream over the glass I let it sit for 15-20 minutes then I washed it off and voila!
For this dish I used:
Fonts: Honey Script and Levenim MT
Bunting: 3 banners by Silhouette

For this dish I used:
Fonts: Honey Script and Geosanslight
Polk-a-dots: medium circle pattern by Silhouette


Also, if you sent me an email wanting a Pinterest invite and still haven't got one yet please email me again...last week I got inundated with emails so I may have missed it. Sorry folks :)

If you've been inspired by Pinterest I would love to see you projects too!

Please feel free to link away, BUT....
*Only link to a specific post
*make sure your post includes what pinterest idea inspired you!

Thanks ya'll!

Day 16 & 17

posted on: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

 I've been doing projects. Yes, actual projects.

By the way things have been going lately you would have thought that I had fallen off the project bandwagon. But alas, I return...with a Silhouette Cameo in tow.

It's a wonderful new gadget that may have stolen my heart. (Sorry Hunkster).

Before mentioned projects include the before mentioned Silhouette. I drool and love.

But I must finish them before I post, because what fun would it be to post an unfinished project...

(like the one above)

Punk and I also had an appointment that we had to go to today....we ended up waiting in the car for like 45 minutes.

It's a cramped place when a toddler decides to exit the car seat.

He climbed on, poked, pushed, prodded every single button and lever. Then he did a repeat. again. and again.

I got bored of his shenanigans, so while he wreaked havoc on my car I took pictures to pass the time.

Then I realized he tore up my People magazine in the process.

Moral of the day:  there is a reason that children should be confined with buckle restraints in a car.

Weely Steal: Dahlia Earrings

Hey lovers!

Welcome to another weekly steal!

This week the dahlia post earrings which are orginally $8.00 are now on sale for $3.00 a pair!

Get 'em while they're hot!


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