365 Project: 30.31

posted on: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 Day 30//  The only baby proofing I've done in our house has been a latch on the cupboard below the kitchen sink so Punk can't get into my cleaning supplies.

We dismissed the gate idea because he started to go up and down the stairs at nine months.

We didn't put safety locks on the doors, or a slip-proof mat in the bath tub, and when we tried to put rubber bumpers on the doors so he wouldn't smash he fingers he just found those to be the best chew toy ever.

I left my house nicely decorated because I wanted him to learn boundaries, and he has done well, except for one item-

The typewriter.

He will pound away on it for hours. Then last night he did the unthinkable...he pulled the ink strip out of it. Black and red everywhere, on his clothes, hands, couch, myself, even the typewriter.

The quote that I have sitting in the typewriter has finally lived up to all of its hype-- "Take your place. Make your mark. Live your life."

Well, he has left a mark now.
Day 31//  Remember how I mentioned that Punk wasn't sleeping through the night?

I couldn't take it anymore, so in a moment of desperation I asked Hunk if he would  convert Punk's crib to a toddler bed. Yes, my son has still been crib.

So if he did get up in the night maybe by some miraculous chance he would just play in his room without crying.

So he converted it, and I nearly cried with excitement.

Punk jumped with excitement over the new bed trampoline.

We knew it wouldn't be easy keeping him in their because let's be honest--my kid is on some natural form of crack that keeps him going ALL day long.


Five minutes after putting him to bed we heard the "ping. ping. ping." of his piano.

We opened the door to find him banging away he had a look of pure satisfaction over his new sense of freedom.

After two hours of playing this fun little game where we would put him back to bed, and he would immediately get up again and play with his toys he finally fell asleep...until four ;)

After a short rendezvous of cuddling in his bed in the wee hours in the morning I finally went in this morning to find him still asleep.

Heaven help us all, now that he can run free at night.
Ever wonder what my usual attire consists of these days...

 Here it is, residual left over mascara from yesterday is for your enjoyment as well.

The robe. Oh the robe.

Hunk and my sister bought me this lovely when I was on bed rest in the hospital with Punk. I often feel like the purple Periwinkle People Eater when wearing it.

If you want a real treat try driving by our house early in the morning--Hunk is usually wearing this robe to take out the garbage...control yourselves I know it's too hot of am image to handle.



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