posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012


Is there a movie that is constantly on repeat in your house?

This week it is Shrek 2. The Fairy Godmother can't handle hearing the news  about the marriage of Shrek and Fiona.

Very dramatic, almost as dramatic as The Bachelor...

Now, who's excited for Monday night?!!!!



  1. You look stunning Halsey! I hope I look half this good if I'm ever pregnant.

  2. Looooove me some Bachelor! Although, since you know my husband I'm sure you can picture his excitement when it comes on TV :)

  3. What a beautiful momma you are! Love these letters to your baby. How do you make them like that? Also, I absolutely LOVE the Bachelor, oh my, give me some good drama like that any day. :) I have to wait til Tuesdays though and watch on hulu.

  4. You are gorgeous pregnant! Hope you are feeling just as good xoxo

  5. Look at you, you look gorgeous! I sometimes miss being pregnant notice I said sometimes, haha


  6. Geek Charming is getting repeated a bunch in this house. I have three girls.


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