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posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 28// Hunk left this past weekend to go on a fishing trip in Wyoming.

Usually I tag along, but this year I decided that I didn't have the energy (or the bladder) to chase Brecken around.

I opted for the more safe route, so Punk and I stayed home.

Our weekend included lots of Super Why, Trix cereal, and maybe a dozen donuts.

shame. shame.


Day 29//Whenever Hunk is gone I try really hard to tackle some of the projects I always put off.

This trip, I decided to back up my computer on an external hard drive.

While skimming through a few folders I came across pictures from our childhood that Kambrie (sis) put in her wedding video.

Let me just preference with saying that I am so glad we outgrew that awkward stages in our lives...

Christmas pictures are always so confrontational in my family.

It goes something like this:

Mom: "Ok we need to take some pictures."
Us: "ughhhhhh."
Mom: "Smile!"
Mom: "Wait, they don't look right let's take a few more."
Us: "MOM! No more."

Dad: "Let your Mom take some pictures."
Mom: "We need to take them again, none of you were smiling."
Us: "Mom it is five in the morning."

Mom: "Ok. Ok. I'm done....Wait! I forgot to turn on the video camera."

We love the holidays.

By the way, I really think the Navajo robes are the best part of these pictures... 
 Kambrie and I are only 18-months a part so of course my Mom has lots of pictures of the two of together. Often these pictures involve awkward poses, or matching outfits.

Sadly, we still end up buying the same clothes even now.

I think she kind of envies me....
Kelty was obviously not excited.

Does it make us even more hick-ish that this picture was taken at a tractor pull contest?

The Kool Aid Hat.

Why Mom?! Why?!

I don't know why I wore it everywhere or why I needed to pair it with a leopard print shirt...

But believe me when I say this outfit is not the worst thing I wore. Picture a pair of neon print clown pants, a floral vest, and my Mom's high heels.

I am kind of okay with the fact that I couldn't find that picture


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