Rocky Creek Farm

posted on: Monday, October 31, 2011

Over the weekend we were able to go to a quaint little place called Rocky Creek Farm with mine and Hunk's family. 

It's one of those places that the local kids love to go to every fall; there are hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hay bale towers, apple cider, rope swings, goats, sheep--you name it, they have it.

It's also a great place for adults too because almost everything is free! Totally, awesome if you ask me. The workers are some of the nicest people you would ever meet and the rural atmosphere reminds me a lot of home. 

Punk was in heaven (almost) the entire time. He didn't even know where to begin when he saw all the leaves on the ground. Hunk would pick up an arm full and throw them in the air and Punk would laugh and laugh and laugh.

 He wasn't so estatic about the goats though. One of them head butted him and you would have thought the world ended at that exact moment. Drama queen.  

He calmed down though once we got on the hay ride and my niece even got to help drive the tractor--she's a pro so all you boys better watch out!

Even though it was so cold outside the kids had a blast--even after we made them pose for the hundredth picture.

If you are ever in Bozeman in the fall this place in a must on your to-do list.

BTW..Happy Halloween!
I've already eaten my body weight in candy.



MT Parent Magazine and a giveaway...

posted on: Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last month I got together with some fabulous ladies to put together the "Mama's Got a New Bag" giveaway for a local magazine.

Each month, MT Parent magazine gives away a custom bag designed by Maranda Lee; within each bag is a variety of goodies that range from skin care items to accessories.

October's issue was focused on being "green."
So when I was asked to contribute to the bag I was est-at-ic!

Because of the whole "green" thang I decided I would make one of my Ruffler Headbands using organic fabric and then I coordinated it with leather feather earrings using leather scraps from my Dad's saddle shop.
This bag contains so much cute stuff. Drool worthy no less.

Now, hold onto your pants because this lovely bag with all it's goodies is up for grabs.
For Fa-ree.

The giveaway ends tomorrow (better late then never, right?) so if you want on it you have to jump on this right soon.
 So head on over to the MT Parent Blog and leave a comment. And, if you don't win this bag make sure to check back at the beginning of each month on their blog to see the newest bag and goodies that you could win in the future.

Good Luck and see you in the a.m.

Top 10 tips for selling your stuff at local market

posted on: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About a week ago I did a post for Southern Lovely on "What I know."


Lindsay is a blessed soul for trusting me because when I hand out any type of advice it usually comes back to bite me in the @$$. Seriously.

I don't claim to be an expert in anything, but I have mastered a few things through the good ole' trial and error routine.

Lately, it seems as though there has been post after post on how to be successful with an online business. I love having an online store, but more than anything I love the one-on-one personal contact I have with customers by having a local/farmers market booth.

For the last few years I have spent Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays selling my products at our local farmers markets. It's been a great way for me to build my business, network with local retailers, and meet my customers.

Today I want to just give a few simple and important steps that have helped me be successful--and if you  decide to (or do) sell your good at the farmers market hopefully these rules can help you too!

1. Create a fun and inviting booth.

Whether I am setting up for a farmers market or a three day show I try to make my booth cater to the crowd that will be at the event. At the farmers market I try to make my booth line the aisle so that customers can quickly glance over my items while they are walking past; if they are interested they stop, if not they can keep on walking by without any hassle.

I also try to make my set up eye catching. Since my business is "Spunky Junky" I have incorporated different types of junk into my display. i.e. plates, typewriters, pie tins, old picture frames, suitcases, and books.
I even converted a couple old rakes into jewelry stands that serve as a great way to showcase my necklaces.

2. Get to know your customers.
This may not be possible at a large show, but at the weekly markets I try to make a sincere effort to learn the names of my repeat customers.

I also try to remember one or two of the items they have purchased in the past as well as a few details about their lives that they have shared with me. I do this so when they stop by my booth again I can greet them by saying, "Hey Jen! How's the headband? How did your daughter's play go last week?"

I can't tell you how many people have been caught off guard and were pleasantly surprised when I took the iniative to learn their names and a few details about their lives.

3. Create visual appeal for your products.
The headband below has by far been my most popular item. This picture alone showcases what the headband looks like, and it makes potential customers stop and want to try it on.

By showcasing pictures of your products in use customers can visually see how it is used.

4. Capitalize on niche retailers.
While selling at the local markets is great for getting your name out in the public it can also be seasonal. Where I live the farmers markets run from May through September. That means that I have had to venture outside to find other means of promoting and selling my products during the rest of the year.

I have found that by selling my products to niche retailers in my area I have created additional venues where my customers can purchase my goods.

5. Mass Production is good.
Even at a local market making multiples of the same item is good business; especially if the item is popular.

 While one of a kind pieces are great, they are hard to market. By having multiples of the same piece I have found that I can list them in my etsy shop, sell them at the market, and I can also take pictures of them as a marketing tool without the worry of having to tell a customer the item they wanted is no longer available because I only made one of that particular item.  

6. Change is good.
My merchandise has evolved over time. When I first started making headbands they had a rough-edged look, over time I have found that by stitching the edge they seem to last longer. By finding new ways to improve my goods I am creating better products for my customers.

7. Consistant Branding.
 I have worked really hard at creating consistancy within my products. I now have bags, return labels, business cards, stickers, stamps and product cards that all have the same messaging. Furthermore, I have created consistancy between my business and blog


By creating consistant messaging I have developed a more professional look that can easily be recognized.   

***inside trick. I have found ways to cut costs on my branding. I print out clear labels with my brandname on it and then I attach them to cellaphane bags. I also had a custom stamp made so I can make my own cards for my earrings, rings, and headbands too.

8. Create flexible payment options.
At the local markets that many people only come with a certain amount of cash. By providing a credit card payment option my customers are not limited on the amount they can buy.

Moreover, to run credit card transactions I use the Square, which is a device that can be attached to my phone and can easily run cards.  Customers also have the security of receiving a receipt through text or email which helps to legitimize the transaction.  

9. Be consistant.
If you are thinking about doing the farmers/local markets by consistant. Try to go every week and if you are going to miss a week try to have someone man your booth for you.

I have found that by being consistant I have had better luck with customers returning again and again because they know they can rely on me always being there.

Also, in my community the local markets offer a substantial discount if you purchase a permanant booth for season.

10. Keep a detail account of your inventory.
I have tried to keep a very detailed account of what I have in stock. This has helped me know exaclty what I need to purchase and has made it easier at knowing what inventory is turning over. I also keep a detailed itemized account of my inventory that has sold. By knowing what I have sold I know what items are popular, what items are not selling, and what items I need to stop making.

Hope these simple steps helped--if they don't, blame Hunk or Punk....that's what I do.

*wink wink*

see ya tomorrow darlings and dudes!


Stamping away.....

posted on: Monday, October 24, 2011

Over the last few months I have been debating whether to buy custom stamps, or to not buy custom stamps. It's really been an agonizing process. It's almost as if I made this as big of a deal as deciding what new car to buy.

My issues cannot be explained.

When I finally gave in and got one designed I was hyperventilating the entire time, "Will I like?" "Will I hate it?" "What if it's not my vision?"

Seriously guys, I was kind of narrotic about the whole stamp thing .

So, when Cathie from ampersandity reassured me that my design would be my vision--clean lines, chevron pattern, matching fonts--my mind was eased.

I think she did a great job, don't you?

 And the handle?! Seriously, a wooden handle, with a rubber stamp--basically, all the makings of an afternoon spent stamping everything in site.

Soooo, even if you don't need a stamp, but you just want a stamp, Ampersandity is the place to go. I am now trying to talk Hunk into letting me get an address stamp, Christmas stamp, "Belong to" stamp....the list is endless.

FYI...the Classic Stampin' Spots by Stampin' Up! are the best stamps ever.

Yes, I just used the word "stamp" three times in one sentence.....
my excitement overfloweth ;)

Stamp on my friends. stamp on.

No sleep and a winner!

posted on: Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey Friends! Hope you are a having a fantastic morning/afternoon/evening wherever you may be. I have been up since the crack of dawn trying to maintain some sort sanity due to my lack of sleep. 

Wait. I do that everyday actually. 


Anyway, I am off to a three day show at the mall. So if any of you are in the Bozeman area stop by and say "Hi." I would love to chat!

And if you can't get enough of me yet come visit me at Southern Lovely today where I will be guest posting for the ever so talented Lindsay.

Also we have a winner for the CanOrganizer.....drumroll.....

#5 Rebecca

You're one lucky chick! Email within 48 hours to get further details!


Reupholstering the church pew...

posted on: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It feels nice to finally have my dining area finished.  It was a battle that took all summer long, but I think it finally paid off--I've been eating in there if that counts.


I really wanted this area to be more open and inviting and I wanted to create a space that was original and unique--and I guess I wanted to incorporated a lot of spunked up furniture in the area too.

Because...that's how I roll. 

 So here's the skinny on the pew.

I got it last April and for about five months it sat in my dining area. It clashed with everything; and it had that nice dingy old church smell to it.

very zesty, I tell ya....

I would apologize to people when they would come over. Hunk finally told me to just get my hiney in gear and reupholster the sucker.
When I finally decided to reupholster it I decided to keep the original fabric on the benches for two reasons.

 First, pulling all of the staples out of the original fabric was totally not worth the effort. Second, because the original fabric was thin, putting another layer over the top of it didn't seem to make it too bulky.

Basically a win-win for all.

 Once I started started stapling the new fabric on the benches I used my trusty Stanley Staple. Total necessity for anyone doing at-home upholstry.

This stapler can be picked up at any hardware store and make sure to get staples that can be used for reupholstry. Sorry, I don't know what size I used, the box just said that it could be used with furniture.

Obviously, I am not a professional.

 When stapling, I started from the center and worked my out. This way I pulled all the bumps out of the fabric and I was able to stretch the fabric to the corner to give the benches a more clean and finished look.
When I got to the each corner I stopped stapling about three inches from each corner.
 I stopped stapling before I got to the corners so I could cut and fold over the corners so the fabric would have a more finished look. When I cut the fabric I made sure to cut it straight across. The piece that I cut off ended up looking like a triangle. (My scissor angle is kind of off in the picture).
 Once I cut the tip of the corner I then used my staple gun to staple at the center of the corner.

 The bulky areas on both sides of the stapled area were then folded across and stapled down so they would lay flat.
This was my first corner, I promise it got better as I went along. My eighth corner looked awesome, go figure my camera battery would die at that moment.
And after multiple paint jobs, pinching my leg with the stapling gun, and lots of fights over the blue paint I finally finished my lovely pew.

And if you were curious my paint colors for my dining area are:

Thanks for stopping by!

Check out the table transformation here

We are alive

So don't worry about calling the po-leece.

I have been working 12+ hous a day trying to get ready for a big show this weekend.

My fingers hate me right now.

On top of that my freaking internet is down again. Ugh....

So I am writing my first post via my phone.

There will be a legit full fledge real post soon. I bet punk's life on it....;)

Can Organizer Giveaway

posted on: Thursday, October 13, 2011

My kitchen cupboards are mine fields. Whenever I open a door I can never be sure what might fall out. Our floor has seen it's fair share of broken spaghetti bottles, smashed-in tuna cans, and split cereal.

My food storage is no different. My method of organizing includes buying food at the case lot sales, leaving the said food in the case and stacking each case on one another. Then when I need something I tear at the corner of the plastic all the while trying to make sure that my makeshift stack stays in place.

We bring a whole new meaning to classy around these parts...


So when the lovely ladies at approached me about doing a giveaway I gladly jumped on board because can't we all use a little help organizing our kitchen cupboards?

(Points to self: Yes).

So here's the skinny.

I have looked at buying food storage organizing shelving, or at the very least some sort of shelving for my kitchen for a long time. My only set back has been that the before-mentioned storage often costs more then all my food--combined.

The CanOrganizer, on the other hand, is an afforable new way to organize food without breaking the bank (or sending your husband into a money induced coma).

With this system food can be easily organized, rotated, and switched out without the hassle of falling cans or toppling stacks.

Best of all, the organizers come in a variety of sizes so that they can easily fit a cupbaord, pantry, and food storage shelving.

So how would you like to win a pack of four can organizers (of any size)?

Um, yes please!

Imagine when the Husband comes home you can have him "Ooohhh and Aaaahhh" at your superb Martha Stewart organization skills.

Totally worth it right?

Here's how you can win:

*Visit and come back and tell me what size you would use and why. (1 entry)
*Become a follower of Can Organizer on facebook (1 entry)
*All entrants must be public followers of Spunky Junky (1 entry)

And if that isn't enough right now the CanOrganizer  staff is offering 10% off your entire purchase, now through the end of the month. Just make sure to type in 'spunky' at checkout.

Good Luck!


Hello Fall, Lets be Friends.

posted on: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the past I have held on to summer like it was my long lost boyfriend--love it everyday, hate to see it go. you get the point.


This year however, there was a small piece of me that was desperately craving the crisp Fall air. 

So when the first snow finally hit the mountains I tore into our winter boxes with a vengance pulling out mittens, cable knit sweaters, uggs, and flannel sheets. 

I also started making soups, canning the garden, and adding hot chocolate to my morning regiment.

Now, my house  has been infiltrated with the smells of ginger Scentsy candles, homemade chicken noodle soup, and fresh baked zucchini bread--and for the first time in a long time I am loving everything about Fall.

Even with the brisk weather here Punk has still be taking in as much of the outdoors as possible.
Shoes: Crocs, Pants: Gap, Vest: Target, Flannel Shirt: Gap, Yellow long sleeve: Old Navy, Beanie: Walmart

We have this amazing trail that runs all the way around our subdivision so he can run and run and run without having to worry about cars.
 I'm not joking. He likes to run.
 He also has become very interested in his environment. Yesterday, he spent the good part of an afternoon picking all the dead dandelions. He would run and scream as all the seeds went flying away into the sky.

He kind of reminded me of Rosebud, the last Basselope, (which is one of my all time favorite books. ever.)...

It was cute to watch. The joy and fascination in his eyes reminded me of why I became a Mom.

It's kind of nice to have those little reminders now and then.
 Yesterday, we also got to help Hunk's family clean up the garden at the farm. There is the whole other side of Punk that comes out when he is outside--he is able to let go and just run and play, fall down, get up, chase the chickens, grab the cat, he just doesn't stop and the whole time he is laughing and jabbering on hystarically.

we also gave him ice cream. Do I need to say anything more about his new trick?


Oh yes. And we have a winner of the Snowcones and Lollipops Party collection.
#9 Vanessa. Congrats Girl! Send me an email so we can hook. you. up.


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