Would you like some cheese with that...whine...

posted on: Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm going to be a little sappy today.
And I may even whine a bit.
But in my defense, I am over it.
I am over this cold that has turned our lives upside down.

For the past four weeks we have been living in chaos.
I have cleaned, scrubbed, sanitized, washed, and repeated each of these steps over and over and over, but we still keep getting sick.

Our kitchen counter is now mini pharmacy.
The kleenex ran out days ago.
Our sheets and blankets have been washed more times then I can remember.
The fridge, wow, don't open that door.
The clean laundry is still in clothes baskets...for two weeks.
The excess laundry build up has been moved into tote boxes.
Where did this chaos begin?
First, RSV hit Punk.
Then RSV wiggled it's way into Hunk's life.
Following RSV, colds started to take over our lives which led to sinus infections and dare I say....
the diarrhea dance.
And finally, for the last two days Punk and I have been praying to the porcelain
Correction, I have been kneeling at the white throne while Punk has thrown up in the kitchen, tub, his crib, our bedroom floor, the couch, and in the basement. just lovely.
I have changed over 30 diapers in the last two days and I am...
Over. It.

To make matters worse Hunk and I have been sleeping in seperate beds because when one of us is sick the other is healthy. Go figure.

Have you and your Hunk ever had to sleep in seperate beds?
Well, it sucks.
I use to complain about Hunk stealing the covers, snoring too loudly, or kicking me in his sleep.
Now, I just want someone to talk to, because talking to one's self in bed is not fun or healthy. Really.
Last night was by far the roughest night. 
I told Hunk he may want to just sleep on the couch because I didn't want him to get the up chuck bug and I figured the couch was the safest place for him.
By 3 A.M I had already become best friends with my toilet about 10 times.
When I finally rolled back into bed I cried, yeah, like a little sissy I cried.
I cried because Hunk couldn't make me feel better, and I cried because I really loathe throwing up.
No joke. When I think of torture I think of giving someone Ipecac.
My Dad accidently gave it to my sister when we were little--it was a traumatizing event.
So, again, I am over it.
I would love to hear your remedies on how you get your house back in order again after a prolonged sick period? Because I am quaratined to my house and I need to feel like I am being somewhat productive today.

And a small FYI--if you  feel up to it you can come over and listen to me whine a little more, but be warned I may cuddle with you and I may even ask you to rub my back and sing me a lullaby.

We're friends so I figure that's cool, right?

{Tutorial Tuesday} Chevron Shoebox Wall Art

posted on: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have a habit of hoarding.

Why? I dunno. It's a condition, please don't judge.

In our basement I have a stack of shoe boxes that keeps on growing and growing and growing--the stack has a mind of its own. When I first started to collect the boxes I planned on using them to wrap presents and mail packages--that hasn't happened yet.....

During the third week of One Month to Win It we were asked to make something without spending any moolah. I've been planning on doing a chevron project for awhile I thought I would kill two birds with one stone--get rid of my boxes and finally make something using a chevron design.
-I got my chevron pattern from Sunset Magazine.
-I then covered the shoe boxes in a layer of primer and semi-gloss white spray paint. I made sure to use shoe boxes that had little to no damage.
-Once the boxes dried I then placed the pattern over the boxes and I used a quilting marker to trace the design on the boxes.
-Once the pattern was traced on the boxes I then used painters tape to mark the design.  
-And finally, I used Bahama Sea, Blue Ocean Breeze, and Ivy Leaf Krylon spray paint to make my design. Once it dried I then removed the tape, did a few white touch ups and Voila'!

I totally live by the mantra of "simple" and this is one of those simple projects with amazing results.  
I hung these babies in our bedroom. Aren't they kinda cool?!

Quick trick: to reduce the amount of holes in the wall I used two sided tape to stick the lids to the wall. When they were positioned exactly where I wanted them I hammered a nail directly above each lid. Then I removed the tape and hung the lids back on the nails. kapeesh?

During my "Spring Cleaning/No Moolah Project," I made something old into something new, saved a lot of George Washingtons, covered up an ugly wall, and reassured Hunk that some junk can actually serve a useful purpose.

I would say it was a victorious day for all.

And don't forget to go vote for the final week of One Month To Win It!
Here is where I am partying this week.

{My House Mondays} Books are made for more than just reading...

posted on: Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy mornin'/afternoon/nighty night friends!

Way before I started this lil' blog I still crafted and made things--I just didn't expose my crazy ideas to the entire world. One of those projects included the nifty book wreath that hangs over our mantle.  This project was my first true experience with a glue gun. I am surprised I still use my glue gun today because not only did I burn the hello goodness out of my fingers, but I also dropped the glue gun in my lap--I'll spare you the horrific details and the words that I yelped.

Way back in February when I posted my Valentine's Day mantle I got quite a few emails asking  how I made my book wreath. I would love to do a step-by-step tutorial for all ya'll, but I want to spare my fingers the pain. Instead, I will share my deepest, darkest book wreath makin' secrets with you.


 I took a book and torn out the pages and instead of just folding them one way I folded the pages two ways, which I think added extra texture to the wreath. I did a "S" fold and a tube fold that was larger at one end then the other. comprende?
Then I folded the bottom of the pages so I would have an area to dab the glue to attach it to the wreath. 
Then I stuck those babies all over a styrofoam wreath form.
And that's the full blown story of my book wreath. Whip out those glue guns, find a dirty romance novel and get your glue on.

Bare Wall Phobia....

posted on: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is there a medical term for a phobia of bare walls? Well, if such a thing existed I think I would have it, I can diagnosis myself with my vast  medical knowledge.*cough, cough*

Anyway, I just get this itch everytime I see I bare wall--I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't sit still until the entire thing is covered. We have this heinous bare wall in our living room that drives me bonkers, Hunk doesn't want me to touch it, but I figure that since I stare at that freaking wall as much as I stare at the TV then something needs to happen or Hunk make have to institutionalize me. (Yes, that was a very long run-on sentence).

Alicia over at Thrifty and Chic came up with an amazingly cool idea that I totally want to steal use. Seriously, though, this project rocks. So if you want a simple, inexpensive wall art project, Alicia will hook. you. up.

No lie friends, no lie.

Can you figure out what she used to make her sweet mirrors? Come on, think hard, very, very hard.

If you guessed PVC pipe then you are right on the mon-nay! Totally cool, huh? I am totally going to get my "saw on" and try this out, get it "saw on", you know like, sawing the PVC Pipe.

HAHAHA. Total knee slapper.....and I can tell I am the only one laughing.

Okay then. Check out Alicia's sweet blog she has awesome tutorials, DIY projects, and she is freaking cute to boot. Thanks Alicia for letting me share your idea!

Spunky Junky Link Party #4

posted on: Friday, March 25, 2011

 When spring starts to peak it's head around the corner I get the urge to redecorate our house--much to the dismay of Hunk. The longer days, warmer nights, and the fresh smell of flowers blooming makes me feel as though I need to make something clean and fresh to go along with the wonderful weather outside.  Here are just a few  favorite springy projects that caught my attention this week...
Check out the awesome Command Center by Oh So Chichi, I totally wish I was this organized.

Pocket Full of Pink transformed an old sign into a new Spring Wood Sign

You'll love what Roundabout Upcycled a Clock

I love stencils. Who doesn't? Check out  Stenciled Steps Galore by Decorative Paintbrush

Wow. Total trash to treasure Dresser Transformation by Sweetwater Baby

Good Job Ladies, grab a button!

Spunky Junky

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*Post something that you have done in the last month
*Check out one other lovely and give them some sugar! Everyone loves comments and compliments.
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*Come back next week to see the featured projects!

{That's Us Thursday} The Secret Power of Popcorn

posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2011

 Hunk has been sick. I had every intention of making him some pipin' hot Lipton Chicken Noodle to ease his queasiness. That didn't happen. He wanted popcorn. Yep, you heard me "P to the O to the P to the Corn".

The new remedy for sick tummies is now popcorn slathered in salt, butter, and cheese, didn't ya know?

That's how we roll in this house.

{Tutorial Tuesday} A Nifty Leather Flower Necklace

posted on: Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the second week of One Month to Win it we were asked to make a wearable green item. I'm not Irish, I'm not a big fan of corned beef and cabbage, AND Leprechauns kind of give me the heebee geebee's so I opted for something green that I could wear throughout the entire year. No offense to you Patty Day lovers.
To make my nifty necklace I cut leather scraps into flowers using my Big Kick.
I then glued the flowers to five raised white flower petals that I had detached from a vintage necklace.

I used scrapbooking flowers and pearls to embellish the center of the flowers...and...
Finally, I cut a Mardi Gra necklace in half and I glued it to the backside side of the necklace (I also covered the back in fabric so the leather wouldn't rub off on any of my clothing).

turquoise leather stain on a white shirt=not zesty.
This girl (pointing to self) is giving herself a pat on the back for finishing her fifteen minute project without any interruptions from Hunk or Punk.

If you want you can still join the Spunky Junky Link Party!
Don't forget to vote for your favorite project at One Month to Win it!
And, here are the lovely parties I am joining this week!

Check it ladies! There is a NEW ShicShoppe store credit winner!

posted on: Monday, March 21, 2011

Miss K it is your lucky day!

(Haha! I am totally a poet). The first winner never responded, so that makes your the NEW WINNER of the ShicShoppe $15 dollar store credit!

I won't judge if you do a little dance right now!

Email within 48 hours for more details.

And if you are new to my lil' blog make sure to check out One Month to Win it, it's this little competition I am competiting in ever week. This week's theme is "Spring Clean" so head on over there and vote for your favorite project!

And don't forget to link up all those awesome projects to the Spunky Junky Link Party!

Why I don't live in Hollywood, and the day I met The Pioneer Woman

posted on: Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Friday night I went to a book signing by The Pioneer Woman. Ree was hill-arious, and gorgeous, and smart, and sassy, and a little bit awkward at times.

Ree loves Charlie (her basset hound), I totally relate I loved Daisy, she was my basset hound, there is just something about the droopy eyes and saggy ears.... Anyway, sorry for the brief moment, Ree loves Charlie so she sang a song, not to music, just by herself on the stage for us to hear. She even sang as though she was Charlie, and then she sang as though she was singing to Charlie. I guess you just had to be there, it was awkward/hilarious/and a once in a lifetime experience.

Then I got to meet Ree. This was the second awkward moment of the night. I had this whole speech of what I was going to say to her, and I planned to blow her world by being so stinkin' funny. Then I got to the front of the line and my palms got sweaty, my mind went blank and I started to shake. It was kind of like this...

Yeah, I was like Ralphy. Totally speechless, then she started talking and she said, "Man, I'm hot and sweaty" and I was like, "Yeah, I am totally sweating too." I really said it, not going to lie. Then I said, "Can I hug you?" and she totally let me, even after our brief sweating conversation and as I was hugging her I kept thinking, "Man, Ree smells good." Then I got mortified and realized I hadn't showered for two days because I heard that a little grease in the hair is a great beauty tip so I am sure she was thinking, "Yep, she really is sweaty".

Then, I walked away--shaking and in awe. I learned two things from this experience. One, I should never mention my bodily discharges, especially when I am trying to make a good first impression. Secondly, I should never live in Hollywood because I am sure I will pee my pants if I run into Sandra Bullock or Brad Pitt.

And, I did get one good picture. I crack under pressure, folks. Seriously, crack. I am not going to be running for President anytime soon because when that one pivotal moment in my Presidency requires me to make a decision to save our human race...well, I would be hiding under the desk in the oval office.

{Feature Friday} My Favorite Spring Projects and Linky Party #4

posted on: Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you everyone for linking up such amazing projects last week! Here were just a few of the projects that rocked my world this week...
 A Mama's B's Girl Scout Cookie Shrimp Recipe it makes me so hungry (at 5:30 in the morning) hmm..

 Peace, Love, 2 Sisters made NO SEW burlap panels, awesome right?

Lyssa from Born Again Crafter made the most amazing wreath! Check it, you'll love it too!

Momma Did It made the prettiest center arrangements, aren't they whimsical?

Stubbornly Crafty's knock off necklace is so cool! wouldn't this necklace go great with a nautical tee shirt and white pants?!

Check out this amazing tutorial from Lella Boutique! Her pictures are amazing and her table runner is gorgeous!

Stephanie from Decorating Addiction made her own mobile! Love it!

Thanks ladies for sharing your talent, make sure to grab a button!

Spunky Junky

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*Link to a specific post, not your homepage, or a giveaway.
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{That's Us Thursday} Spring fever

posted on: Thursday, March 17, 2011

So the artic weather is finally starting to defrost which means more time outside. During the winter months most everyone in our neighborhood stays indoors. However, it seems as soon as we get a warm burst everyone bustles out of their homes to take in as much Vitamin D as possible.  
 Punk is especially happy when a warm day occurs. He has become a pro at waddling around our yard, crawling down our driveway backwards, and he is a human magnet to the random piles of dog poop in our front lawn. I tell you what, if I catch that dog....

This brief round of warm weather has also made our Spring Fever set in because we know the warmth will not last long, that blasted Puxatony Phil was way off.  
Did you know that Spring Fever has also brought out the inner kid in Hunk? Let's just say that I am glad he doesn't weigh anymore or this lil' pony may have bucked him off... 

{Tutorial Tuesday} Silverware Artwork

posted on: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The tutorial  below was my first submission for One Month to Win it, the theme for the first week was, "trash to treasure" and because of all your awesome votes I somehow made it to the second week. Thanks bunches, I am sending out digital smooches to all ya'll.


 A few months ago I found a stack of upholstry remnants at the thrift store. I have been racking my brain with what to do with the gi-mongo stack that just chills in my basement. I made a few purses, BUT you can only make so many purses before they loose their thrifty fun"ness."
One area in my house in need of some love is my kitchen. I have been trying to convert our rustic home to a more open, shabby, chic feel. So I combined multiple thrift store finds into one great project to fit my new vision!

I got the gold frames at our not so dollar store (apparently they think it should be dollarS store). The silverware and upholstry remnants came from the thrift store.

UPDATE: (I forgot to add this part) Before I spray painted the silverware I took a hammer and flattened the forks and the spoons. I kept the ladle of the spoon rounded but I made sure to flatten the handle. By doing this I created a larger surface area when it came to glueing the silverware to the board.  Photobucket
You all know how I roll...I primed and spray painted the frames and the silverware. Just so you know, I had to use AT LEAST eight coats of primer on the frames. Those nasty little buggers kept leaking gold. seriously, it drove me insane.

Okay, back on subject. While frames and silverware dried I took the three upholstry remnants and I cut them to fit the frame back. Then I used spray on tacky glue to adhere the pieces to the boards. kapeesh?
When everything had dried (okay, the silverware was still tacky and I was in a hur-ray so don't look closely because you might see me finger prints on the utensils) I used my trusy glue gun to stick it all together.

Simple. Chic. Cheap. That's how we roll 'round here.

FYI (again)

Spunky Junky Linky Party is still going on so link up those projects folks!
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Head on over and vote for your fave project at OMTWIT
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