Would you like some cheese with that...whine...

posted on: Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm going to be a little sappy today.
And I may even whine a bit.
But in my defense, I am over it.
I am over this cold that has turned our lives upside down.

For the past four weeks we have been living in chaos.
I have cleaned, scrubbed, sanitized, washed, and repeated each of these steps over and over and over, but we still keep getting sick.

Our kitchen counter is now mini pharmacy.
The kleenex ran out days ago.
Our sheets and blankets have been washed more times then I can remember.
The fridge, wow, don't open that door.
The clean laundry is still in clothes baskets...for two weeks.
The excess laundry build up has been moved into tote boxes.
Where did this chaos begin?
First, RSV hit Punk.
Then RSV wiggled it's way into Hunk's life.
Following RSV, colds started to take over our lives which led to sinus infections and dare I say....
the diarrhea dance.
And finally, for the last two days Punk and I have been praying to the porcelain
Correction, I have been kneeling at the white throne while Punk has thrown up in the kitchen, tub, his crib, our bedroom floor, the couch, and in the basement. just lovely.
I have changed over 30 diapers in the last two days and I am...
Over. It.

To make matters worse Hunk and I have been sleeping in seperate beds because when one of us is sick the other is healthy. Go figure.

Have you and your Hunk ever had to sleep in seperate beds?
Well, it sucks.
I use to complain about Hunk stealing the covers, snoring too loudly, or kicking me in his sleep.
Now, I just want someone to talk to, because talking to one's self in bed is not fun or healthy. Really.
Last night was by far the roughest night. 
I told Hunk he may want to just sleep on the couch because I didn't want him to get the up chuck bug and I figured the couch was the safest place for him.
By 3 A.M I had already become best friends with my toilet about 10 times.
When I finally rolled back into bed I cried, yeah, like a little sissy I cried.
I cried because Hunk couldn't make me feel better, and I cried because I really loathe throwing up.
No joke. When I think of torture I think of giving someone Ipecac.
My Dad accidently gave it to my sister when we were little--it was a traumatizing event.
So, again, I am over it.
I would love to hear your remedies on how you get your house back in order again after a prolonged sick period? Because I am quaratined to my house and I need to feel like I am being somewhat productive today.

And a small FYI--if you  feel up to it you can come over and listen to me whine a little more, but be warned I may cuddle with you and I may even ask you to rub my back and sing me a lullaby.

We're friends so I figure that's cool, right?


  1. Awww ... hope all of you get healthy and back on your feet again soon. We've been battling the flu for a few days now, but nothing like what you're dealing with. And ... hubby is sleeping in a different bed until I'm well again. :o( My heart goes out to you.

  2. It's not a sirefire cure, but when I'm sick and my fiance isn't sick, to keep him from gettin ill he takes Emergen-C. You can get it at Target. It's a vitamin drink that helps boost your immune system. As soon as you start to feel run down and you might be getting sick, start drinking it! Hopefully that will keep you and Hunk in the same bed-it works for me!

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  4. It does suck to sleep alone, and be sick alone!! I hope the bug and this sickness season goes away super fast for your family!

  5. so sorry for you...i thought our family was having it bad, but nothing like yours!!! sniffles, sore throat, headaches, stiff necks...no puking...thank goodness!!
    i feel for you, i hate throwing up and have no cure for you either...drink gator-aide (sports drinks) so you get potassium and do not dehydrate! i wish i could give you a hug in person but, know i send one cyberly to ya!!! get better soon!

  6. Oh, I am so sorry you have been so sick! Although your cute post made me crack up because I know how awful it is (minus the puke) My Pretty Princess was sick for 2 weeks straight..I did the lysol washed betting bazillion times..ya, I know, and I'm feeling for you...I will be praying for you and your sweet family to get well! P.S.You are not alone I HATE sleeping in seperate places when one of us is sick too! Hang in there!

  7. Hope you guys start to feel better!!! I'm all out of remedies (really I'm the last person to ask) but I wanted to tell you I totally voted for your project to win 1 Month to Win It! That lamp was awesome.

  8. I hope you guys are feeling better. I must say that I also loathe vomiting and almost always cry like a baby when I do!

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