posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday friends!

The Hunk is getting off work early today so I may just drag him out for some much needed retail therapy.

mmkay, Honey???

What are your big plans for the weekend?

Groopdealz Sale

posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good morning lovelies!

Right now you can save 50% on any ring from the Chocolate Mocha Collection on Groopdealz.

A killer steal for sure, but the deal only last for 48 hours so get them while they last.

Hope ya'll have a great day!

Harrison Lake

We spent Saturday afternoon out on the boat.

Listen up folks, this is big news. The daffodils are up and have bloomed, the ice is off the water, and the green grass is making an early appearance.

We might just get lucky and get Spring--during the months of "Spring."

Taking the boat out in the middle of March was the icing on the cake--fresh air, crisp water, and peaceful surroundings made for a relaxing afternoon.

John and I are always a little leery when it comes to taking Brecken out on the water--let's be honest, the kid is kind of a handful so confining him to a boat seems like a prison sentence.

Much to our surprise he was beyond well-behaved--I'll give the credit to a bag of Goldfish and a handful of suckers.

Thank goodness for refined sugars.



posted on: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As a young girl I was always jealous of the kids who got added attention because of their braces, glasses and inhalers. I sensed that what they had was something uniquely special--giving them a leg up in life.

One day my little sister came home with braces and then soon after glasses and for awhile I was secretly jealous of her.
As I got older I began to use her glasses as a new tool for younger sibling torture. When a fight would ensue the phrase "four eyes are better than two!"  would then begin to echo throughout the house before my Mom was called into to referee the latest drama. 
Soon after I went to high school and found that glasses were no longer just a fashion statement by some, and a joke to others, but they were also a necessity to many.

After long hours of reading I found that glasses were essential to my survival through my academic years.

After years of wearing them, I finally retired my glasses after graduation.

However, in the last year or so I have seen small signs of aging hitting me in subtle ways. There are the creases by my eyes that never seem to quite fade, the ache that my back endures from laying on the floor too long, and the blurriness that sometimes clouds my once perfect vision when I try to read the words on the television which sits across the room.

Luckily, creases can be fixed with makeup, my back can be adjusted with a special mattress, and my eyes can see clearly again with the use of eyeglasses.

And luckily for me finding eyeglasses online is so simple that I no longer need to slave away in the mall for hours.

And luckily for you GlassesUSA.com makes this process easy for you too--not only do they provide the lowest prices, but they also provide 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed!
Right now you can take advantage of their awesome savings when you order glasses:

Take 30% off on any pair of prescription eyeglasses from our entire collection.

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses.
Code: Blog10

As a bonus treat make sure to also check out their virtual mirror! This tool is great for creating the perfect pair of glasses for your face!

Have fun!

All opinions written in this post are my own, but compensation was received for writing a review on behalf of GlassesUSA.  


posted on: Saturday, March 24, 2012

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind-multi doctors appointments, errands, meetings, play groups, packing, cleaning, long car drives--a little bit of everything was going on in the Bishop family. 

This morning has been no different with John hanging over my shoulder constantly saying, "Let's get out of the house. Let's go. blah. blah. blah." 

Did I mention Punk has been carrying around a pack of tic tacs shaking them like crazy, all the while wanting me to feed them to him before breakfast.

It's a mad house.

No rest for the weary I guess...

Earlier this week Brecken and I took a little road trip to Ennis to visit John at work (and to get an ultrasound).

We ate at the Pharmacy where a plethora of sour cream n' chive fries were devoured, fresh squeezed lemonade was savored, and sock-covered chairs were so noticeable that I couldn't help but snap a picture.

Ennis is a quaint little western town that reminds we a lot of my home town.

It's small--like 2,000 or less small. In the summer this quiet little Montana town transforms into a tourist-trap heaven.

Located between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park  this small town welcomes in visitors from all over the world every year. It boasts a handful of authentic hometown eateries and 15 minutes away are two small boom towns with authentic boardwalks, gold panning, and old-west shows.

And soon, we will be calling this place home.  

 We've joked that we are selling our house in the city (city in Montana standards) for an apartment in the country.

Kind of ironic.

While there, we looked at apartments, attempted an ultrasound, and watched Brecken has he flirted with all the ladies at the hospital (he's quite the Casa Nova).

Thanks for stopping in!


Popsicles and Tic Tacs

posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yesterday my oh' so favorite pregnant neighbor and I braved the crowds and ventured to a local grocery store for the "Grand Re-Opening." A heavenly place for two pregnant women--lots of samplers, food at ridiculously cheap prices, and no husbands to say "do you NEED that?"

Just two pregnant chicks and baby enjoying oober amazing sales, great shopping, and lots of eating--all.at.the.same.time.

What could be better?!

Brecken was our navigator as we perused the aisles. He would point and gasp at all the boxes and items, yelling out frantically if he knew the name of a certain food. Luckily my heart was sympathetic for him so he managed to score a bag of Popsicles and a box of orange tic tacs--heaven in his eyes.

I haven't had the heart to tell him yet that the Popsicles were actually for his Momma...


Do you have any grocery shopping rituals? Do you take your munchkins? Or is it a solo retreat to re-energize? Please tell--it's more of a rat race adventure in this home


Thanks for stopping by!


around here.

posted on: Monday, March 19, 2012

On Saturday we made the most out of the St. Patty's festivities and decided to wear green--that's really all the further we got...

Hunk chose ribs for dinner, while the Punk and I satisfied a much needed pasta craving. Good thing we're not Irish or we would have disgraced our heritage.

Naps were enjoyed, a string of random but delightful foods were eaten, and ducks were chased.

I also got to take a car ride into town--alone. Did you the know that the hum of an engine can actually be therapeutic--it was divine (who knew there was still quietness in the world)?

baby girl bedroom favorites...

posted on: Saturday, March 17, 2012

baby girl bedroom

baby girl bedroom by spunkyjunky on polyvore.com

Have you ever played around on Polyvore? It's kind of addicting. For those of you who have never used it before it is online curating heaven where you can create your own collages of clothes, interior design ideas, and just about anyting else you can think of--it's totally worth trying out!

You can check out the entire Spunky Junky here.

I also wanted to send out an apology, my account hasn't been letting me respond to comments (again) so if you think I am ignoring you--I'm not. Hopefully, I will have it worked out this week.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


posted on: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I've never been one to shy away from posting "real" pictures. You've all seen my stomach, my bad hair, my dirty house, and the hoards of random junk that seem to breed through the night in our basement.

This picture is no different--even though after I post it I may ask myself the age old question, "Why? Oh, why did you do it Halsey?!"

But the truth is--this is my reality.

Some days I do get out of bed before nine, shower, pamper my body, and eat a good breakfast. But the reality is that I tend to sway towards the side of convenience and what seems easiest--long baths, not combing my hair (or fixing it), and eating whatever I can scrounge out of the fridge or fruit basket.

Silly as it sounds, food is less of a necessity and more of a bargaining to tool to keep Hunk from pestering me that I need to feed my child. So each night I reluctantly make dinner, while in the back of my mind I am thinking, "This cupboard should be rearranged like so. Do I really need twenty champagne glasses?"

Yes, I am a Mormon with an abundance of champagne and martini glasses. I also have wine in my fridge too. It's for cooking so don't get all riled up yet. We're high class around here...

My point being is that my reality is constantly changing. At the beginning of the year I vowed to become more focused--while I have somewhat veered away from many of my newly "focused" goals I am now on a new track of goals that are equally important and are requiring just as much focus if not more.

A few nights ago Hunk and I were talking about this exact same subject and he said, "We are people that follow through with our plans even when our reality changes. We just change our course and keep going."

He can be insightful at times, but you have to listen closely to hear it.


He's right, though, while I may not be on the same course that I set out on earlier this year, I am still working towards new and improved goals.

Cheers to the ever-changing destination of life!

Are you still keeping your New Year's Resolutions? If not, what are your new goals?

Keep it real and thanks for stopping by!

Instagram photos...

posted on: Monday, March 12, 2012

 I've been horrible at chronicling pictures for the photo a day challenge so I thought I would try to redeem myself with pictures from last week.
1. Brecken loves to wear my glasses, he also loves to throw them too.
2. Now that packing/nesting has taken over my life I have now been slacking on my mothering duties. Hence, the squirt bottle as a lazy solution for a sippy cup. Punk loved it so I think this Mom should get a pat on the back ;)
3. We finally got snow. Seriously, this weather has been ca-razy.

4. The snow only last a few days though which meant lots of trips to the park this week. While I enjoyed reading a book, Brecken enjoyed eating the three-day-old snow.

5. On Saturday night we went out to dinner with John's best friend and his wife. John and I split a 48 oz. Porterhouse steak--my stomach is still hating me.

I also tried creme brulee for the first time. It was sinful.

6.This generation of kids will be a bunch of smartie pants. Brecken is constantly fighting me for my iPad and he seems to always win.

Sadly, he knows his way around it too well.

7. I've also been reading about the Bradley Method for natural births. If you've done it before I would love some insight.

Hunk is insistent that I take the epidural during labor. I reminded him so kindly that this little lady will be coming out of my lady parts therefore I will choose what to do and what to forego.  After my experience with Brecken's birth and how out-of-touch I seemed to be with the whole process I reassured John that I wanted to create an experience where I would be involved and completely in tune with my body and the baby.

I'll step off my soap box now.

My feet and nose have also begun to swell. lovely.

Stay cool friends.

5 Minute Elastic Headband

posted on: Friday, March 9, 2012

Nesting mode is in full swing. I feel that I may have over-extended myself a little yesterday.

When I finally stopped moving boxes last night I realized that I was walking with a limp--somehow in the midst of packing I pulled a muscle in my butt.

Yes, my butt. I tried to get Hunk to rub it for me...he refused.

Have you ever tried to rub a knot out of your butt, by yourself? It's uncomfortable and awkward.

Very awkward.

Anyway, that was awkward....

 I have been trying to get at least one baby project done a day.

Yesterday's project was really fun n' easy and can be made for just about anyone (if they are a girl)...

For this project you will need:
Fold over elastic *I cut the ribbon for the headband to 13.5'' for an infant and 18'' for an adult. You will also need a 3'' piece of FOE as well.
Glue Gun
Sewing Machine
1. Because my sewing machine has a tendency to pull elastic into it I lay a piece of cardstock underneath the elastic to stop it from getting sucked into the machine. I also make sure to sew back-and-forth four or fives times using a zig zag stitch.

2. Once I finished sewing the headband I then ripped the card stock off the back.

3. Because the stitching isn't the prettiest thing to look at I cover it up with a piece of fold over elastic. I place a nice ribbon of hot glue around both the front and the back of the headband. 

4. Then I wrap a small piece of fold over elastic around  it until all the stitching is concealed. I make sure the seam faces inward so it doesn't show when I wear the headband. I usually put this section of the headband underneath my hair.

5. At this point you can either stop or you can keep on going and making a bow to attach to the top. I sometimes stop here because I like to have a plain headband for working out or I like to wear these headbands when I have a messy bun and I want to keep my bangs out of my face.

If you want to attach a bow, keep moving on ;)

6.  Cut a 3'' piece of fold over elastic. Fold it in half and find the center. put a dab of glue in the center and then fold the ends in and glue them down.

7. While the glue is still hot find the seam that you just created and place another dab of glue on top of it. Then fold the top and the bottom of the FOE in on themselves to create a crease.

8. While the bow dries you will now create the same crease on the headband. I place the bow off center.

I then glued the bow to the headband and then glued ribbon around the two pieces to hold them together.

Once finished I went a little crazy and made about ten different headbands.

I really don't have any self-control left in me these days...




posted on: Thursday, March 8, 2012

First off let me say how sorry I am for not posting "Stick a Pin in it" yesterday. The Bishop household is in a bit of a whirlwind right now and I have been limiting my Pinterest addiction so I actually get real stuff done.


I've been packing our house. I'm going to sound like one of those totally annoying people who drops a bombshell and then leaves everyone hanging.

I promise to explain in due time. Don't hate me...

I could write out a post now but I am so freaking tired and sore and I am suffering for Third Trimester nausea. Is that even a thing? If not, then I just coined the phrase, and the only remedy for this heinous joke from the heavens above has been milk.


Brecken was also out of the good ole' womb by this time and I feel like I am starting to have contractions--I'm guessing it's contractions, it could very well be indigestion though...

In similar news I signed all the forms to have a VBAC delivery today--I told my Doc (if you move to Bozeman I will totally hook.you.up) I wanted to go all natural, she agreed--I have the slightest feeling that she just wants to see me in pain.

Oh, and don't fret about the packing I promise nothing bad has happened.

And yes, I will explain.

And yes (again) I am being super annoying and secretive (I blame John on secrecy).



posted on: Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mother Nature has been playing a lot of tricks on us lately. 60 degrees and sunny yesterday with a 100% chance of a winter wonderland today.

I even busted out the shorts and capri's for our momentary warm snap. Now, I guess it is back to snow boots and mittens.

Any takers on shoveling my driveway? I will pay in cookies--delicious cookies to be exact.


They're gonna be matchers...

Growing up my sisters and I were always dressed in coordinating outfits. At Christmas time we would get matching dresses and my Mom always had a knack for putting us in color coordinated Easter attire as well.

While I am not a big fan of making my kids dress alike--especially since I will have a boy and girl I thought it would be fun to take a new spin on sibling-coordinated clothing.

I made both shirts using my Silhouette and two bicycle templates from the Silhouette Store.

That's all.

Thanks for stopping by!

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