5 Minute Elastic Headband

posted on: Friday, March 9, 2012

Nesting mode is in full swing. I feel that I may have over-extended myself a little yesterday.

When I finally stopped moving boxes last night I realized that I was walking with a limp--somehow in the midst of packing I pulled a muscle in my butt.

Yes, my butt. I tried to get Hunk to rub it for me...he refused.

Have you ever tried to rub a knot out of your butt, by yourself? It's uncomfortable and awkward.

Very awkward.

Anyway, that was awkward....

 I have been trying to get at least one baby project done a day.

Yesterday's project was really fun n' easy and can be made for just about anyone (if they are a girl)...

For this project you will need:
Fold over elastic *I cut the ribbon for the headband to 13.5'' for an infant and 18'' for an adult. You will also need a 3'' piece of FOE as well.
Glue Gun
Sewing Machine
1. Because my sewing machine has a tendency to pull elastic into it I lay a piece of cardstock underneath the elastic to stop it from getting sucked into the machine. I also make sure to sew back-and-forth four or fives times using a zig zag stitch.

2. Once I finished sewing the headband I then ripped the card stock off the back.

3. Because the stitching isn't the prettiest thing to look at I cover it up with a piece of fold over elastic. I place a nice ribbon of hot glue around both the front and the back of the headband. 

4. Then I wrap a small piece of fold over elastic around  it until all the stitching is concealed. I make sure the seam faces inward so it doesn't show when I wear the headband. I usually put this section of the headband underneath my hair.

5. At this point you can either stop or you can keep on going and making a bow to attach to the top. I sometimes stop here because I like to have a plain headband for working out or I like to wear these headbands when I have a messy bun and I want to keep my bangs out of my face.

If you want to attach a bow, keep moving on ;)

6.  Cut a 3'' piece of fold over elastic. Fold it in half and find the center. put a dab of glue in the center and then fold the ends in and glue them down.

7. While the glue is still hot find the seam that you just created and place another dab of glue on top of it. Then fold the top and the bottom of the FOE in on themselves to create a crease.

8. While the bow dries you will now create the same crease on the headband. I place the bow off center.

I then glued the bow to the headband and then glued ribbon around the two pieces to hold them together.

Once finished I went a little crazy and made about ten different headbands.

I really don't have any self-control left in me these days...




  1. I did a lot of sewing last time I was pregnant and nesting. I made a lot of stuff animals. Wow, 5 minutes! This definitely gets my attention. Thanks for sharing!

    - Sarah

  2. Oh, you are just in time to help me! I spent yesterday looking for headbands for my granddaughter. I found nothing I like, but yours are so adorable and just perfect for my taste. Now, before I can make them tell me where you got the elastic? Fabric shop, etsy , web-site? Thanks for the tutorial , I can't wait to make some! Our little girl is due on the 27th and I want her to have one our her birthday! PS I love how you you are documenting your pregnancy, sooo precious! Ps what is FOE

  3. Yea I was wondering where you find your elastic too!

  4. Thanks for a great tutorial - I did a google search for foe headbands & yours is the best by far of what I found. Also your own work, would you believe I found word for word exact tuts with different pics in different locations! Love your tip about the cardstock, thanks.


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