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posted on: Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy mornin'/afternoon/nighty night friends!

Way before I started this lil' blog I still crafted and made things--I just didn't expose my crazy ideas to the entire world. One of those projects included the nifty book wreath that hangs over our mantle.  This project was my first true experience with a glue gun. I am surprised I still use my glue gun today because not only did I burn the hello goodness out of my fingers, but I also dropped the glue gun in my lap--I'll spare you the horrific details and the words that I yelped.

Way back in February when I posted my Valentine's Day mantle I got quite a few emails asking  how I made my book wreath. I would love to do a step-by-step tutorial for all ya'll, but I want to spare my fingers the pain. Instead, I will share my deepest, darkest book wreath makin' secrets with you.


 I took a book and torn out the pages and instead of just folding them one way I folded the pages two ways, which I think added extra texture to the wreath. I did a "S" fold and a tube fold that was larger at one end then the other. comprende?
Then I folded the bottom of the pages so I would have an area to dab the glue to attach it to the wreath. 
Then I stuck those babies all over a styrofoam wreath form.
And that's the full blown story of my book wreath. Whip out those glue guns, find a dirty romance novel and get your glue on.


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