Bare Wall Phobia....

posted on: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is there a medical term for a phobia of bare walls? Well, if such a thing existed I think I would have it, I can diagnosis myself with my vast  medical knowledge.*cough, cough*

Anyway, I just get this itch everytime I see I bare wall--I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't sit still until the entire thing is covered. We have this heinous bare wall in our living room that drives me bonkers, Hunk doesn't want me to touch it, but I figure that since I stare at that freaking wall as much as I stare at the TV then something needs to happen or Hunk make have to institutionalize me. (Yes, that was a very long run-on sentence).

Alicia over at Thrifty and Chic came up with an amazingly cool idea that I totally want to steal use. Seriously, though, this project rocks. So if you want a simple, inexpensive wall art project, Alicia will hook. you. up.

No lie friends, no lie.

Can you figure out what she used to make her sweet mirrors? Come on, think hard, very, very hard.

If you guessed PVC pipe then you are right on the mon-nay! Totally cool, huh? I am totally going to get my "saw on" and try this out, get it "saw on", you know like, sawing the PVC Pipe.

HAHAHA. Total knee slapper.....and I can tell I am the only one laughing.

Okay then. Check out Alicia's sweet blog she has awesome tutorials, DIY projects, and she is freaking cute to boot. Thanks Alicia for letting me share your idea!


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