{That's Us Thursday} The Secret Power of Popcorn

posted on: Thursday, March 24, 2011

 Hunk has been sick. I had every intention of making him some pipin' hot Lipton Chicken Noodle to ease his queasiness. That didn't happen. He wanted popcorn. Yep, you heard me "P to the O to the P to the Corn".

The new remedy for sick tummies is now popcorn slathered in salt, butter, and cheese, didn't ya know?

That's how we roll in this house.


  1. I DO know! Popcorn and a Coke are cure-alls to ANYTHING that might ail ya.

  2. I kid you not, I eat popcorn EVERY day...cooked in the same type of popper...on the stove...with olive oil...salted. Makes for a very happy momma over here (especially when the kids make it for you.).

  3. Yummy! Popcorn cures all that stuff in my house too!

  4. Halsey-Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comments. I wore the bib necklace I won today! I love it!! Thanks so much-

  5. We roll this way too! I love me some popcorn...when I was pregnant, I told hubby that they should make popcorn cologne :-)


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