{That's Us Thursday} Spring fever

posted on: Thursday, March 17, 2011

So the artic weather is finally starting to defrost which means more time outside. During the winter months most everyone in our neighborhood stays indoors. However, it seems as soon as we get a warm burst everyone bustles out of their homes to take in as much Vitamin D as possible.  
 Punk is especially happy when a warm day occurs. He has become a pro at waddling around our yard, crawling down our driveway backwards, and he is a human magnet to the random piles of dog poop in our front lawn. I tell you what, if I catch that dog....

This brief round of warm weather has also made our Spring Fever set in because we know the warmth will not last long, that blasted Puxatony Phil was way off.  
Did you know that Spring Fever has also brought out the inner kid in Hunk? Let's just say that I am glad he doesn't weigh anymore or this lil' pony may have bucked him off... 


  1. Bahaha :) That post made me smile. We aren't to far from you (eastern idaho) and I am SO loving the yellow grass that is poking out from all of the snow!

  2. Oh my gah! Those pictures of Hunk are fabulous! Way to make a gal smile early in the morning!

    Great giveaway going on!

  3. Oh yeah... we love spring! Shorts, sandals and the beach!


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