The Weekend.

posted on: Sunday, January 22, 2012

 Day 20// Over the last few weeks I have been spending all of my spare time making gobs of headbands. Tons of fun I tell ya.
 Day 21//I turned 27 yesterday.

Not really a big birthday, but one year closer to the big 3-0. I told my Dad that I remembered when he turned 30, he said that's when he stopped counting.


I remember when I was little that I could hardly sleep the night before my birthday. My Mom always tried to make it a fun event since it seemed like I would always get jipped since my birthday was so close to Christmas.

I would get a party a Chucky Cheese, lots of friends invited to the event, and the satisfaction of getting all those gifts that I didn't score at Christmas time.

Now, I crave more simple pleasures--quiet time and freedom. Go figure, right?

My day:

6:30 Hunk left to go ice fishing
6:30 I got up and took a long bath without a disturbance.
7:15 Woke up Punk. Made breakfast
8:15 Dropped Punk off with Hunk so they could go ice fishing together.
8:40 Massage
10:15 girl shopping at the Gap
11:30 returns at the mall
11:45 Surprise Birthday luncheon for my Mother-in-law
2:00 My shopping without kids.
2:45 Home to cuddle my boys, got beautiful roses from John and plans to make a new bed (YAY!)
3:45 Shower
4:30 Dropped Punk off at Kelty's house
5:15 Dinner at the Rib and Chop House
7:00 MSU Boys Basketball Game without the kid
9:00 Picked up the Punk
10:00 Read a great book, fell asleep in the middle of a chapter ;)
Day 22// John and Brecken often come home from church and crash for a couple of hours.

This time is great for me to catch up on my reading, stalk my usual blogs, and lay around spending some time by myself.

As you can see I was wildly productive today.




  1. I still LOVE your name so freaking much. Also, I just turned 27 too. I share your fear for 30. And Chuck E Cheese? heck yes!!

  2. I love "dropped off punk" this was the best, because I will be saying that soon over here as well! And Loved your day- sounds pretty Fab!

  3. I turned 27 last year and felt underwhelmed. This year might be a different story! I'm a little nervous about 28!

  4. Happy birthday.

    Gosh I feel so old - I'm 37 :)


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