365 Project: Day 18 & 19

posted on: Thursday, January 19, 2012

 My Momma kind of rocks.

Even though I have a husband and a kid of my own she still takes care of me.

I mentioned to her the other day that I was craving the world's best chocolate--and what do you know. Two days later I received a package in the mail with these lovelies waiting to be devoured; very sinful I might add.

She notices little details--if we make note of something in passing that we want, she remembers and surprises us with it.

She still hides Easter eggs for us and makes us take turns when opening our stockings, and occasion we may still tattle on each other to my Mom.

Shameful, I know.

But this lady is great and I love her bunches.

Momma, you are totally cool and the chocolates are heavenly.
John bought us season tickets to go watch Montana State Men's Basketball.

He loves watching them, Punk loves running the halls, so it means that I can be found ducking in and out of the game the entire time.

I think I got as much of a workout as the basketball players--and I guarantee none of them were pregnant and needed to pee every ten minutes....



  1. I bet it is fun to hang out at the games with your family.

  2. That woman is indeed a saint. One time I told her about a dream with a blue monkey and then a few weeks later it was my birthday and she got me a blue monkey :)


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