Day 16 & 17

posted on: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

 I've been doing projects. Yes, actual projects.

By the way things have been going lately you would have thought that I had fallen off the project bandwagon. But alas, I return...with a Silhouette Cameo in tow.

It's a wonderful new gadget that may have stolen my heart. (Sorry Hunkster).

Before mentioned projects include the before mentioned Silhouette. I drool and love.

But I must finish them before I post, because what fun would it be to post an unfinished project...

(like the one above)

Punk and I also had an appointment that we had to go to today....we ended up waiting in the car for like 45 minutes.

It's a cramped place when a toddler decides to exit the car seat.

He climbed on, poked, pushed, prodded every single button and lever. Then he did a repeat. again. and again.

I got bored of his shenanigans, so while he wreaked havoc on my car I took pictures to pass the time.

Then I realized he tore up my People magazine in the process.

Moral of the day:  there is a reason that children should be confined with buckle restraints in a car.


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