At the farm

posted on: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'd imagined that my stress level would have been over the top this past week, but it seems like both Hunk and I have been rolling with the punches. He's good about that, he never gets really gets anxious (unless it is concerning being on time--he's kind of a time freak (except for church))....

anyway with the baby coming any day and our lease date set for next week, AND the closing date set for the 25th on our house..we are kind of in limbo right now.

Most of the house has been packed up, except for the essentials, and I have been doing my fair share of jumping jacks and box moving to accelerate the baby's arrival.  She obviously knows what awaits her on the outside--I don't blame her.

If I knew Brecken was out there scheming plans for my demise I would probably stay in as long as possible too. Smart cookie that one..

On Saturday we ventured out of maze of boxes and packing materials to get some fresh air. John's parents have a farm close by and Punk loves the freedom of running amok without anyone disciplining him or telling him to be careful.

The bantering of farm life and the hustling of animals milling around was a sweet reminder of simpler things. The farm is always a calming force for me, especially now with the chaotic nature of our lives. Each time I go out there it reminds me of home, and a life I left behind a long time ago.

While John, Brecken, and Grandpa scurried around from one animal to the next, I slowly maneuvered to the pond for some simple reflection. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity to be alone considering any personal space will disappear in a matter of days.

To be honest I thought a lot about having my body back, and the surreal notion of seeing my feet again without leaning over. I heard Brecken giggling as he ran and thanked my Heavenly Father for such a spunky spirit to be brought into our home. I peered at the Bridger Mountains and their snow caped peaks and my heart was  filled with gratitude for being able to live in such a naturally beautiful place. 

As Brecken's laugh pulled me out of my own wave of thoughts again I noticed he was now scurrying along trying to keep pace with John and I knew again (as I have many times before) that I married an amazing man. While deep down my nerves were still racing, and my mind was still pondering "How will we get it all done in two weeks?" I knew that if I had him we could do anything. 



  1. What gorgeous pics you captured. Hope you are doing well my friend xoxo


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