posted on: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I can see the finish line, my friends. And let me reiterate (again) how excited I am.

At my doctors visit yesterday our little bean is still holding out and doesn't show any signs of coming anytime soon. 

Go figure, right?

Knowing my luck I will go over with this one...I think it's God's way of playing a funny trick on me.

So how about we all pray for a weekend baby, mmmkay? 



  1. You're in my prayers! The last couple of weeks are the worst but try to enjoy it. We only get to experience it a few times in life (and some will never experience it)! I love the note to your daughter . . . so cute!

  2. Oh and I just read your post from March 12 (week in photos) and saw that you were reading about the Bradley Method. I have an eleven year old daughter and a 13 month old son. BOTH were Bradley births. I'm a HUGE believer in this method (I've actually considered becoming an instructor . . . but I don't have time). If you have ANY questions, please email me!!! I'll be praying for you!

  3. Good luck! I know lots of people who are pregnant and could go any time... so maybe it'll be a weekend full of babies! One of my cousins is at 41 weeks! Yes, one week OVER! I'd be miserable and begging my doctor to take the baby out!

  4. We have a mower and over 35 yards to mow this week!! It sent me into an "easy" labor last time... just let me know and we will hook you up!

  5. Hoping she gets here soon! Can't wait to see her! Jamie V


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