posted on: Monday, April 30, 2012

Well, today is actually the start of 38 weeks and this baby has no desire to come out. Lots of lifting, up and down the stairs, jumping jacks, spicy foods, and a few unnamed activities have still warranted no need to enter this world. She's comfy--I'm not.
We're hoping to have her here before we move. Did I mention we finally found a place to rent?!
 Halle-freaking-lujah, my friends.
The camp trailer and motel room were becoming alarming real as places to live. Hunk did a lot of house tours and dare I say "he did good" finding a place that not only has plenty of room, but is clean.

Who knew that "cleanliness" would be our number one obstacle in finding a home.

By the way, I've been in a cooking slump lately, any suggestions for easy dinner ideas?!

I feel guilty feeding my family fast food four days in a row...



  1. An easy dinner idea... polish sausage (or something similar) sauteed with or without onions and peppers, mac and cheese, and sauteed green beans. Easy, quick, cheap and good.

    Other ideas... sausage, biscuits and gravy; eggs and bacon; tuna noddle casserole; spaghetti and meatballs

  2. This is seriously the sweetest. Loved reading this.


  3. If you have an exercise ball you should sit on it. I heard that it helps before my son was born and I lived on it for about a week before he was born. It does something to get the baby in a good position to rock and roll.

    2 dinner ideas for you..
    1. Birds Eye makes a new meal in a bag called Voila Skillet Meals. I have made 2 of them...they are really filling and yummy. They only take 15 min to prepare and 1 bag feeds me (32 weeks pregnant), my husband and our 18mo old with bread as our only side.
    2. A family favorite Sausage, Green Beans & potatoes. 1-2 smoked sausage pkg, 2-3 cans of green beans, and a few potatoes peeled and cut into cubes. Layer Potatoes, Green Beans, then sausage on top in a crockpot. Make sure there is enough water to cover potatoes and green beans. Season with salt, pepper and any other spice(I use garlic powder). Cook on low all day

    Good luck to you in your last few weeks of pregnancy!

  4. your letters to your kids are so beautiful! how are you so comfortable to share yourself with the (cyber)world like that? You should consider framing some of your letters.. or at least excerpts.. in your kids' rooms.

    for easy dinners, I always turn to campbells cream of mushroom chicken over rice. you know, empty a can of soup over frozen chicken and plop in the oven. cook rice. voila. it's actually one of our favorite meals. prepare some frozen veggies and you've got yourself a well rounded dinner!

  5. SO sweet. You are ALMOST THERE!!!

  6. We love chicken wraps. Grill a piece of chicken, slice it up and put it in a tortilla. Top it with a little cheese, ranch, salsa, lettuce/spinach and avocado. If you want a really yummy treat, skip the salsa and use fresh pico. It's delightful!

    We also love beef stroganoff ... brown a half pound of hamburger, mix it with a can of cream of mushroom and a cup of sour cream. Eat it over rice or egg noodles.

  7. I made some roasted cauliflower last night that was amaaaaaaazing. I know it's not a full meal, but I couldn't eaten just that! It's Pioneer Woman's recipe. We ate that and her Pasta with tomato cream sauce. Use about 1/4 of the onion instead of the whole thing...or else all you'll be tasting is onion! It's really good though. Can't wait to see pics of this little princess when she finally decides to come out :)

  8. Marinades, especially with chicken, are super simple. In one ziplock bag put, a little dry sherry, soy sauce, garlic, onion, ginger, lemon grass if you have it, a couple of raw chick breast. Let marinade in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, then throw on a grill, a skillet, or oven until cooked. Throw your favorite veggies in a skillet or just open a can of corn. Super easy and quick.


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