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posted on: Monday, April 30, 2012

My little sister and I have a lot in common. We often  buy the same clothes, we're addicted to the same television shows, and our styles are mirror images of each other.

We also have many differences too. For instance when Hunk and I were looking at buying our first home we wanted something new that wouldn't require maintenance, Kambrie and Joel on the other hand wanted a place they could fix up and make their own. 

I wish I had pictures of their house from the beginning--it was rough looking, but they saw past the circa 1950 decor and structure and had a vision of something classic and quaint.
Some of the improvements to their home required as little as a paint job and a new set of pillows, while other projects throughout the house involved a full-fledge makeover.

Their living room is a perfect example of simple touches making a huge difference.

The original furniture in the living room was big and bulky giving the room a dark and cluttered feeling. To lighten the room Kambrie added a simple cream slip cover to one of the couches and replaced the other sofa with a set of chairs centered around a "fake" fireplace.

To make the ceiling feel higher she added curtains to the windows that went to the ground thus elongating the wall and giving the illusion of the walls being taller.
She then added simple pops of color throughout the room which gave the room a warm feel while still providing a open and inviting space. 

The kitchen has also drastically improved. ;)

Kambrie and Joel painted the cabinets, replaced the hardware and lighting, while also putting up a sophisticated tiled backsplash. Kambrie also painted the Formica counter tops with a kit from Lowe's to give the illusion of granite.

With simple, yet classic decorations from Michaels and Hobby Lobby she was able to make their was once dark and out-dated kitchen more modern and open.

I'm telling ya, with small spaces LESS is MORE. remember. remember. remember.

There are still a few remnants of their "old" home that help to give character to the area such as the built in toaster (there are also built in clocks and Kleenex boxes throughout the house as well).

The guest bedroom used to be a graveyard of random decorations and boxes. By removing the twin bed and replacing it with a queen, Kambrie was able to make the space more useful while also having a place for guests to stay. 

To make the space feel larger a mirror was added to the dresser to help reflect light and brighten the space.
The basement involved the largest amount of time and effort.

Because the space had never been finished it required carpeting, painting, custom wood planked ceilings, lighting, and multiple structural projects.

While the rest of the house has a very open and bright feeling, this space was meant to be cozy while not feeling as though it was a dingy basement space.

Soft lightning, subtly darker walls, and warmer tones helped to make this space perfect for movie watching and resting.

My favorite "small" touch to their basement theatre area is the beautiful collage Kambrie assembled. Simple, sleek and during the day the glass provides enough reflective light to also help lighten the space.

The basement has also become home to the master bedroom and bath.

Both spaces, while small, seem to be utilized well with the help of lots of storage, strategically placed furniture, and minimal crap.

Yes, we are a family that collects lots of crap so to become minimalists has been a learning experience.

 And did you notice we also have the same bedding?

Kambrie and Joel are currently on a cruise for their one year anniversary. Can you believe it's already been a year???

But when she gets home I will have her write a post on the paint colors and finishes that they used to make their house look less like the Brady Bunch and more like Martha Stewart Living.

Thanks for dropping in lovelies!



  1. This look fantastic! I can't wait to hear about the paint colors! We just bought a house and I'm looking to re-paint the kitchen and I absolutely love the color she used in her kitchen and front room.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  2. The house looks gorgeous, they did a great job! Built-in toaster, sounds amazing!

  3. I LOVE the kitchen! Before I read the description of it I thought, "Oh my goodness, that must have been expensive to replace the cabinets and get that granite countertop." Who knew! It looks gorgeous!

  4. WOW what a difference. LOVE that!

  5. Amazing I love the patterns and simple crisp colors. Simply beautiful!

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