baby shower and ramblings...

posted on: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A dear friend, my sisters, and Mom threw me a lovely shower last weekend. Kambrie never seems to disappoint with decorating and the occasion was small enough that socializing didn't seem to be strained by trying to run from one group to the next (with this belly any attempt at running resembles more of a waddling duck) so being able to sit and relax was a surprising relief.

And did I mention my feet?

Holy Hosanna. They resemble watermelons. It feels as though I am walking on balloons. Sadly, all my summer shoes has been put away and replaced with flip flops and slippers--I can't bring myself to wear Crocs though (but I will admit that I just threw away a pair that I bought when they were a fad) Were they ever really a fad?
My neighbor gave us some lemon and almond oil and instructed John to rub my feet every night for ten days to relieve the pressure--I guess there is one good thing to come out of having feet three times there normal size...

Yesterday, as I sat on an exam table I pined to my doctor about how I just wanted to sleep again and how I would love to be able to wear a cute pair of sandals. She was sweet and reassured me that I'll get to wear sandals again, but I probably won't get to sleep for a long time. Truth hurts, right?

When I got back from my appointment a sweet friend and I met up and I told her about my conversation with my doctor and we both agreed that we were so naive before children. Oh the things I use to complain about back then--little did I know how easy life really was.

Here's to the days of sleeping in, perfect hair, ideal weight, date nights, eating food without interruption, impromptu vacations, and long showers...

any advice for swollen feet and legs that have now turned into "cankles?"


  1. YOU ARE GLOWING! What a gorgeous shower. I want to make you some GIRLY stuff :)

  2. Lovely baby shower! The coral color really looks great on you! It never ceases to amaze me, how simple life REALLY was before children. Not that I would change it, but just looking back - I thought it was so difficult, and now I know what difficult REALLY means! My only advice for your feet, keep them elevated. With a toddler, that isn't always an option - but the more they're up, the less they should swell.


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