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posted on: Monday, April 23, 2012

Another week has come and gone and Instagram has helped chronicle our little life.
 //sick baby ate entire can of soup
//bath crayons are now a necessity
//IPad and Shrek can contain him for hours
/we may be homeless but at least we have blueprints for a new home...

//MNG Mango chandeliers
//Not a happy shopper and, yes, there is a watermelon in my stomach ;)
//Sephora=Heaven, right?
//Bought this cute little lovely for the bebe

//Softies ice cream. you may die when you eat one. Must try if you are ever in Billings, Montana 
//Brecken would agree--not about the dying. ;)

 //snap shot of the decorations for the baby shower
//left over balloons from the baby shower that are now stuck up in the highest and farthest corner of our vaulted ceilings.

//There's a lot of sidewalk drawings going on around here.
//And a lot of etch-a-sketch drawings with Aunt Kelty
//New work bench for the Punk, he's been pounding and pounding...

Don't have Instagram? You can find all our instagram photos here!



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