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posted on: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

//baby getting sun time
//strawberries at every meal for Punk
//camper. trailer. literally
//hunk trying to wake the munchkin
//nacho libre, do i need to say more?
//game night snacks
//baby not enjoying game night..or snacks
//really, hunk?
//bbq season has begun
//hunk gave in to Punk's angry birds fetish
//Sissy, let me rub your head. I know you'll love it...not..
//new house came with pets. that eat my flowers. shame.
//bad day for all.
//yeah, she sleeps. a. lot.
//view from the waiting room at the hospital
//"helping" pick up his cards...kinda

Memorial Weekend was a bit disappointing this year. Now, don't have a heart attack Kam and Kelty (I loved having you visit)!


It snowed. And blew. and snowed. and rained. and then it repeated itself again and again.

Literally and figuratively.

Then Mother Nature thought it would be funny to have the sun and warm weather come out around four on Monday afternoon.

She's a real jokester.

However, the bad weather didn't deter us from eating lots of food, watching endless hours of HGTV, and  cuddling up with the most precious baby ever. Did I mention that she is already sleeping through the night? Heavenly, right?

Punk on the other hand is still keeping us up. Oh, little man you still my priority child.  
//obviously, snow. not so obvious, it being May 26th.

Really awesome Mother Nature.



  1. It only rained here thank goodness. It wouldn't be Montana if you didn't have snow in May!

  2. We had Tropical Storm Beryl blow through on Sunday and Monday which sort of put a damper on things too! The new little lady is so cute!!


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