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posted on: Thursday, May 31, 2012

{inspiration for picture from Pinterest...can't find original YIKES}

Nights and days seem to run into one another around here. While the baby may be an amazing sleeper, she has developed this knack for grunting. and I don't mean little bits of noise here and there. It's more of a deep rumble that she and Hunk can sleep through, but it keeps me up at all hours of the night. I'm a bit hesitant to move her to the basement with her brother, so her new home may become our walk-in closet.

Please tell me I am not the only one who puts their sleeping grunters in the closet..

And even though sleep deprivation is still prevalent, I have managed to get us into a somewhat regular schedule. It's hard, really hard. Especially with being in a new house, new town, and having a new baby. Our schedule is somewhat lenient though--allowing for lots of pajama days. Thank goodness for pajamas, and elastic waist bands, and stretchy yoga pants.

They are real life savers.

I haven't forgotten about little Addy's birth story. It's coming soon. promise.


  1. There's a gal on my street who has a crib in her walk-in closet. Her baby is 1 year old! You're not the only one ;)

  2. I love the idea of putting her on a pile of books! I have found so many neat ideas that will hopefully be used for a second child some day. And they say the first kid gets all the attention!

    1. One of the books is ...kids make horrible pets...hahaha.

  3. Congratulations Halsey, I am so happy for you and she is gorgeous!

  4. What a doll baby!

    Ohhh and I have a Breckin and an Addison too! How awesome!

  5. She is absolutely beautiful & perfect. Her name is adorable - but again I'm partial, as my daughters middle name is Mae as well. Best wishes and congrats on your new addition!!!


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