Sun and Green Grass

posted on: Friday, April 29, 2011

Good mornin' friends!
We're in Utah right now for Little Sis's wedding and let me just say that it will be beauty-ful.  I can't wait to show off her amazing skills--she went with a shabby chic/anthropologie inspired wedding and it will be delish my friends!

And as you may have guessed there will be no Feature Friday today. I had a root canal yesterday so I have been kind of loopy. My loopiness combined with our insanely busy day finishing last minute wedding details has meant that I have been on the computer for a total of 20 minutes.

 But don't worry I will feature some of my favorites later this week ;)
Also, did I mention how great the weather is in Utah?

The conditions have been so perfect that I thought it would be a great idea to take Punk's eighteen month photos.
I took 185 pictures. Only two of them were blog worthy. I felt like a maniac chasing my kid around. I jumped up in the air, made silly noises, and waved my hands frantically all in the name of getting a few frame worthy pictures.

He didn't care how much of a fool I made out of myself--he wouldn't look at the camera. Hunk watched the whole ordeal from the sliding glass door of my cousin's house. I don't know what he enjoyed more--Punk running frantically away from me, or my crazy dance moves to get my son's attention.

Then Punk fell on a cactus and take a guess who he ran to? His Momma.
That will teach him to run away from me.
Don't worry he will live.



  1. Lucky lady! UT is beautiful this time of year. Have fun! Wish I were there too. My WHOLE family lives there while i'm out in WA. Can't wait to see pics of the wedding!

  2. I am in Utah too, unfortunately not for such an exciting occasion as a wedding. Yesterday's weather was great though, we loved it!


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