Little Bit of Lovely

posted on: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yesterday, my baby sister and her tall glass of water got married in the Salt Lake Temple. I had high hopes of getting lots and lots of pictures of the happy couple, but this was the only able to snap one photo. 


In my defense it was soooo cold outside. I was expecting to come to Utah and enjoy a bit of warm weather, instead we were graced with rain, snow, and wind.  
I did however, take quite a few pictures at her reception. It was so lovely. My cousin made all the food and it was breathtaking.

So if you ever need a caterer and you live in Northern Utah you should really hit this chick up--she has some serious talent.

My Mom is pretty talented too.

She designed and baked Kambrie's wedding cake and it turned out amazing!
To match the cake she also made coordinating cupcakes that she set in the cutest tulip cupcake tins.
Now, isn't this chick just the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Yes, I am sure you noticed the one fake nail.
Let's just say that Kambrie procrastinated on a "few details" and waited until the morning of her wedding to finish checking off her to-do list.



  1. adorable... thanks for sharing the pics! gives me a great idea for a brunch spread!

  2. Congratulations! It looks so fun and springy! Too bad the weather is crappy here. :)

  3. Congrats! Her dress, cake, bunting and beau are all so beautiful!

  4. Her dress is stunning! Mother nature seems to be confused about the weather... we have decided to forgive her since it gave me a reason to hibernate and my kids pretended it was christmas and gave each other presents...

  5. looks like it was a beautiful wedding even though the weather was crummy. congrats to your sister.

  6. What a fun family! And talented too! That is amazing that your mom made that cake and cupcakes! Congrats to the beautiful bride!


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