What do bunnies and a red fire truck have in common

posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My baby sis is graduating in three weeks. I can't believe my little girl is gonna be an adult.


Kelty is a special soul.
She has a deep side.
She enjoys reading Tangerine, Ayn Rand, and Fahrenheit 451.

She has a not so deep side.
Her favorite movies include, but are not limited to: Empire Records, Princess Bride, Sixteen Candles, and (500) Days of Summer.

She has a fun side.
She rocks Sperry's and Converses like no other.
She once owned a bunny named Ariel, who was house trained.
And she once wore a bunny costume on a street corner with a sign that said, "Honk if you Love Carrots."
Yes, she did.
best shoes ever
She also has amazing photo skills.
Like the pictures below. For her photography class final she did a picture series of her friends with their cars. Punk made the cut with his red fire truck.

FYI: He's a bad driver so stay off the sidewalks.

(Didya know she developed these beauties by herself too)?

So what do bunnies and red fire trucks have in common?
hmm. not quite sure.
 but you read the whole post to find out didn't ya?


But we do have a Spunky Junky "surprise gift" winner!
Congrats Nicole! I will be contacting you soon~!


  1. She's a smart cookie. Farenheit 451 is my favorite book! I recommend it to anyone!

  2. Sounds like a fun girl! Love the 'car' pictures. I most definitely CAN NOT rock Converses, so I am highly jealous.

  3. Wahoo! I made it onto your blog!! It's about time too, K&J have been up for WEEKS on your Photoshop tutorial! ;) Love you!


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