Bad Halsey and a Quickie....

posted on: Friday, September 23, 2011

I had one of those humbling parenting experiences.....

This morning my sewing machine kept acting up to the point that I needed to pick out everything I had been working on for an hour. 

 At one point I yelled, "suck it" to my sewing machine--I felt completely satisified in my verbal outrage until Punk came running down the hallway yelling "Suck it!"

I should have known he would catch on because he is now entering that stage where he may not say coherent words or sentences, but when he does say something it is usually a phrase he has picked up from either Hunk or me.

Today, he proceeded to tell the cashier at Smith's, the teller at Wells Fargo, and our neigbor to all suck it. I have a feeling that this afternoon may be one of those mother/son days where I tell him "No" and "Bad Boo Boo" at least 50 times before he gets the jist that what has been coming out of his mouth is bad.

What have been some of the funny things your kids have said?

And just so you don't think I am forgetting about your suggestions I am very close to finishing my wall in the dining area.

But I think I am going to wait and reveal it once the ENTIRE project is complete.

While you wait I figured I would give you another sneak peek. ..

One of my favorite features of my dining area is a gumball machine that I picked up for $20 dollars at the thrift store.

After some cleaning, a nice spray paint job, and of course gum balls, it looks good as new.

However taking pictures of it has been a bit of a hassle because there is no direct sunlight by the gumball machine and it is surrounded by shadows from other pieces of furniture.

To solve this problem I took the mirror from our bedroom and while standing over the top of the gumball machine I propped the mirror angling down so the light reflected off of it. (You can't see how it was angled in the picture because I need to step back to get a clear shot--I could really use another arm;)).

By just following this simple idea I created a drastic difference in the picture.




  1. Awesome Halsey! Great idea to use the mirror!

    My kids are 3 1/2 and 2. They have said their fair share of bad words. My youngest has a bad problem with saying 'shut up' to people who tell him 'hi' at the grocery store... quite embarassing as they look at me after he says it. Oh well - could be worse :)

  2. As a kid I picked up the lovely phrase "C'mon you sunifabitch" after driving with a friend's mum in her car! The My mum heard me saying it while I was playing with cars in my room :)

  3. Thankfully, my TroubleMaker hasn't picked up too much in the way of 'naughty' talk... But my niece (who is now 11) once said, while riding on my shoulders out of a grocery store, at the top of her lungs...

    "J... C... Where did we park the F... car!"

    I kid you not. I've never been so horrified in all my life. :) My sister and BIL did clean up their language after that! A little bit anyway!

  4. When my son was 2 he said words wrong a lot. He had a play fort and every time he said fort it sounded like he was dropping the F bomb. Not to mention when he said frog and fork. Every time I would pause and think... he meant fork right? Well one day he used the term in what could only be the f-bomb type of way so I scolded him. My mistake. Then he knew that was a bad word. So we are at the grocery store and he demands some watermelon, to which I respond, no not today. He starts screaming dropping the f-bomb every two seconds. I want F'ing watermelon! F you! so on and so forth. I was mortified, this is my two year old and I am sure people thought I was mother of the year. Needless to say I got some watermelon, and we had a long talk when we got home. It hasn't happened since...

  5. Good tip!!
    My not even two yr old daughter dropped her pacifier when I was getting her out of her crib and said, "Crap." - emphatically, but not yelling, just the I say it. Oops.
    There have been so many more embarrassing ones, though...


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