The yellow church pew....

posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember last week's sneak peek?

Well, I finally got it finished. kind of....

 A few months ago I "inherited" a church pew. This is one of those legit pews with a real wood base, hymn book holder, and really awful 70-tastic itchy fabric.

Since bringing it home it has sat in our dining area while I have bantered back and forth with myself on what color to paint it.

Initially, I was going to paint it white, then I decided I would paint it mango, and finally I settled on a subtle yellow.
 I love the color, but it doesn't really go with the rest of our decor.

Hunk is more of rustic/craftsman style fan. Because of this our house has a lot of browns and tans--not really my kind of taste (even though I helped design the house).
Even though the rustic style seems to fit the "Montana way of life" I am now trying to change our home color palette to be more light and airy, especially since it is always so cold and dark here I feel that I need to bring some brightness into our home.

Within this new palette I am also trying add more flare to our home by adding little whisps of color here and there. My hope with the dining area is to add a little spunk by creating pillows (above) with fun patterns and bold colors.
 While I feel as though I have my vision planned out for the pew I am still struggling with the back wall.

So here's the deal. I have this fun bag of goodies sitting next to me that contains several lovelies from my shop.

Below you will find a link party where I am hoping you will link up your ideas or suggestions of what to do with the wall behind the pew?

The individual's link that gives me the most inspiration will get this fun bag and believe me you won't be disappointed.

The links can come from your blog, another blog, pinterest, google--just have fun with it!




  1. Love it! I recently found a church pew at a garage sale with the same material. Seriously, they must have had a sale on those! Anyway, I couldn't figure out how to take the fabric off so I decided to work with it. Yours looks great! I especially love that it found a place in your dining area.

    Here's my post on my pew if you want to check it out.

    Great job! Rachel

  2. I love this one. you made me really want to buy the church pew that's in our second hand store here in town. I am going to let my husband pick it up for me. LOL! Love this one. ;)

    Adin B

  3. I may be a tad bit obsessed with gallery walls. Any chance I get, I'm cramming another one in.
    I just did a post on my living room and it shows the MASSIVE black and white photo wall behind the couch. It is clearly taking over the living room. It just keeps growing! I think it breeds when I'm asleep. With baby number three on the way, it's gonna get even bigger.
    Anyway, I linked that one up, but I also have one in the hall of closeup color photographs I've taken of flowers. My bedroom had a massive one until not too long ago of random mixed and matched things. I like it when it isn't all pictures too.
    Good luck! I love the fabrics you've got for the pillows. They'd be cute framed or stretched over canvas. :o)

  4. I love the bench, so cute! The color is fab, I can't wait to see what you do to the wall! I posted the paper flower wall, I just love the colors and the layering!

  5. You did a great job on it! I would say that maybe you could use those fabrics to create a 3x3 (or some size) block of frames with the fabrics in it. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Love the pew! For some reason the linky party won't let me join. :( So I'll post my link here!

    I love this arrangement you pinned on Pinterest. You could incorporate the fabrics from the pillows into the backs of the boxes, and put pictures or vintage kitchen items in them!

    Can't wait to see what you pick!

  7. Great job on this! I never would have guessed a pew could be so darn cute! The colors make it so fun! Who'd of guessed!?! Love it!

  8. Ok - so I don't have a photo to 'linky' but remember our grad student Asa when we were in Hamilton Hall? I bought a bunch of fabric from her that she had from where she's from in Africa. I took one of those pieces of fabric and bought large stretcher bars (from MSU Bookstore) and simply stretched a piece of that cool fabric on the bars and put it up on the wall. So just find a really awesome piece of fabric and hang it up for awhile. If you get tired of it, get a different piece of fabric...very easy! Jamie V

  9. Very cute pattern, Halsey! It looks so much better than the original fabric used on this pew. The fabric isn’t too girly. And the paint color you chose is just the right shade, and won’t hurt your husband’s sense of style. =D

    Earnestine Kettering


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