Welcome Sparrow Fabrics!

posted on: Saturday, September 10, 2011

Isn't it great when you meet someone who shares your same obsessions?

Hunk usually says that when I find people with similar likes to my own that they're often enablers of my bad habits. I can live with that because if you love something (a LOT) why not share that love with others?


One of my favorite obsessions is fabric.

I love walking through quilt shops and softly grazing my hands over the rows and rows of fabrics.
I love the sound of new fabric being cut into yards.
I love the smell of a fresh bolt of fabric being removed from its' plastic caccoon. 
I love taking home nice tidy piles of folded fabric and imaging all the beautiful projects that I will create.

I thought I was obsessed until I met Maranda. 

Maranda's obsession with fabric would make even the most elite fabric conoissseur jealous. Seriously, this chick has crazy style when it comes to buying not only the best but the highest quality fabrics.

Recently, Maranda opened a new shop called Sparrow Fabrics.

Last week I was able to go get the tour of her studio.  

She has bolt after bolt of some of the most amazing fabrics!

I seriously could have stayed in her studio for hours but Punk had other plans in mind. Most of them included running amock in her studio.

Bad Boo Boo.

 She had a wide array of fabrics from the Joel Newberry Heirloom Collection which in my opinion is one of the hottest lines out there.

And my opinion often becomes fact. hahaha. Well, in my house that statement works ;)
 She also has a large selection of organic fabrics that are not only cute but safe for the planet! Now isn't that a wonderful idea?!

We actually used these organic fabrics for a wonderful photo shoot we did earlier this week. Kind of giddy to show you pictures but I think I should wait for the magazine article to come out first!
 I seriously can't get enough of Heirloom Collection? Isn't it gorgeous?

And as a tiny little side note. Maranda has the coolest shop ever where she uses all these wonderful fabrics to making the most amazing bags ever.

Now that is a fact ;)

And if you are really ambitious or if you want to check out Maranda's full line of fabric, believe me, she has tons! Stop in the studio and say "Hi!"

 While there pick up a bag or two. Try on a few dresses..
 Buy some baby shower gifts or presents

....and don't forget to pick up a few patterns to make your own beautiful masterpieces!
Now everyone blow a few kisses in Maranda's direction and welcome her back (again) to the Spunky Junky family!

We love you Maranda!

And if you are local you can totally score!

Right now you can get FREE shipping on all your orders by using the promo code:



  1. Does she ship to Spain? I loved the fabrics!! It is my obsession too!!!

  2. All of those fabrics have me drooling on my laptop! I would love to have that orange and turquoise bag on my shoulder. So beautiful! Going to check out her shop right now. :)


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